My last post and my last pictures in public

I haven't forgotten you , all my online friends, but it's time to say goodbye.
My life is good the way it is and I still have many adventures to live, just not on here.
I have the opportunity to travel now and take it easier, life is too short and I want to enjoy it while I still can.
Just recently I lost my best friend in Holland (where I'm originally from ) and I decided that money or material stuff isn't worth it.....She was one of the rare friends I had who knew about my lifestyle and accepted me for who I am.
May she rest in peace and watch over me.
She traveled the last two yeas of her life and although I'm still healthy I'm going to do similar.
I'll always have lovers and as of lately I've reconnected with an ex boyfriend, whom I've become very fond of.
He loves me for who I am and also loves to share me with other men.
I'm taking it slow but he is a good man and treats me right.......he will make me happy.
Last pic of me not a naked one (LOL) so you know I'm just as normal (well......) as any other girl next door.
That it;s just my mindset , openness, love for sex and above all sense of adventure and spontaneous desire to explore it all that makes me special in you eyes.
And I thank you for it.
You helped me more then you will ever know.


Life as it stands today

Hello !
Time for an update.

Currently I'm enjoying my freedom  and the company of several lovers, toy-boys and encounters.
One of my toys is rather sub to me, which comes as a surprise, but he is an incredible lover and I really enjoy the fact that he does whatever it takes to please me.
With him I'm on the other side and surprisingly comfortable with that.
He has amazing stamina and is able to satisfy me fully, we have great play times as well as down time, watching movies, cuddling and sleepovers.
I like falling asleep in his strong arms and waking up to his hard cock in the morning.

Then I've got some nice lovers aside from him, each one of them have something I find attractive, a nice body, sense of humor, intelligence, or something else.

Drama has no place in my life and all lovers are aware of that.
With the boy-toy I will start exploring more since he is open to that, we will be adding couples or other singles to the play once in a while just for fun.

Other then that I work hard, try to take care of myself and I feel good about my current life.
I'm happy the way I am and not really looking to change anything at this point.

Hopefully I'll have some more pictures to post shortly , but for now just a few of me :-)