His girl

The blindfold was hanging at the door, just as He had said.
I hesitated putting it on, not knowing what was going to happen next.
My desire was bigger then my fear and I took a deep breath.
I knocked on the door as soon as I slipped it over my eyes.
Warm hands touched mine as soon as the door opened, and I was led inside.
His lead was determined and calm and He sat me down on a chair, then tied my hands behind my back.
The restraints felt soft, like satin.
His fingers ran over my face, mouth and neck, they felt comforting and caressing.
He moved away for a second and I smelled the wine from the glass He held underneath my nose.
'Drink, My girl'
I zipped carefully before He took the glass away.
Then I felt Him move behind me, running His strong hands over my neck towards my breasts, squeezing them tenderly.
My tied hands could feel His excitement through His pants and I shivered.
'That's what My girl does to Me....'
'Now W/we will eat...I will feed you....'


The mark

By next week the mark will be gone from my lovely ass.
I've decided to have it covered up by a pretty design and my tattoo artist is going to erase the last of what reminds me of what has been.
Part of me is sad about it, for a long time this was my connection to the one I thought was for real.
Despite I'm very excited  and wanted to share this last picture of it with you all.
Of course I will show the result as soon as it's done !


After the gang-bang

The fun didn't end with the gang-bang... I went to the hotel with my friend for the night and had a shower.
While I was in there my Bull arrived and I invited him in the shower.
I washed him slowly, sensually touching him everywhere and when I went down on my knees I slowly started to wash his by now erect cock, first with my hands, then with my mouth, while my other friend was laying on the bed listening to his moaning.
I sucked him slowly until I felt he couldn't hold it anymore and then increased depth and speed.
He came with a bang deep inside my throat and it tasted delicious !.
After he left I laid down on the bed and let my fuck buddy take full advantage of me.
My pussy was still sensitive from all the cocks I had taken before and it made the fucks even better.
The perfect ending of a great adventure !

Soon both my Bull and the British couple are going to come over here for a night over in my Dungeon.
The bull does some excellent rope work, so that should be fun :-)