I am a degraded service hole


About being stupid

anonymous said:
Cunt, are you able to explain how being degraded in a non sexual way, like being called a pig or stupid, etc is a turn on? Is a turn on for both you and Master? I get the connection between pain and arousal as well as degradation name calling degradation (slut, whore, fuck hole) connection to arousal, but am struggling with this one. Thank you for what you do, you are certainly a great cunt with nice set of fuck holes for us to see abused, I am just not sure you are stupid :)
interesting question…….When Master started to degrade me this way it were pure sexual comments and names at first but gradually He started to call me other names too  like ‘pig or stupid cunt’ even have me ‘oink’ instead of begging for permission to cum (I actually am allowed both, but rather ‘oink’ because it is so much more degrading), It was highly arousing for Him seeing my response (smiling, getting wet, squirming etc.) and when I feel His excitement, it has it’s effect on me too.It is a huge turn-on for me to be able to do/take something that is considered ‘difficult’ and feel His cock harden in my hands or holes because of it. Now He even tells me at times to call myself filthy degrading names as well, which took a while to get used to but  now I can do this without even thinking about it and it makes my cunt twitch :P
So yes, W/we love it both.
Of course I don’t ‘believe’ I am REALLY stupid, I am high functioning and intelligent :-) but simply love to be used as a stupid cunt and treated accordingly.
Hope that answers Your question