Chained cunt


Position '2'

On Display

cunt wets her pants


Filthy whore


A little while ago one of O/our followers asked my Master if He would let me 'perform' for money and make me a whore.
W/we discussed the idea and performing a sexual act for money really turned me on.
W/we never thought the follower would actually sent the money but when the money came in the mail it became real.

I was to become a real whore.

The request was that the money should be stuffed in my ass and Master decided that I should masturbate and degrade myself while He watched.

I never had sex for money so this was an entire new experience for me.

I remember I giggled beforehand, it was so unreal, but when He tied my legs spread in the chair and shoved the $100 bill in my asshole, I became a bit unsettled.
Usually I get into the right mindset right away especially when I'm being tied up, but this was different.

When I have to 'entertain' my Master,  I am focused on Him and will do the very best I can to please Him, I can let go and enjoy whatever He asks of me.
Now I had to please somebody else for money, although not present, but mentally it definatelly made a difference.
I was whored out, used for the pleasure of somebody else then my Master, and I felt dirty and used, vulgarized and diminished to the lowest ever possible, but at the same time I loved it.

Off and on I would call myself a dirty whore, but from now on it is actually true.