My moment

My mind in complete surrender and I feel it so strong, kneeling at my Masters feet, cleaning His boots, worshipping them.
All is quiet and I don't think, I only feel.
No moment makes me feel more His then this one and it makes me smile because of that.
It feels beyond everything else, to feel what I am and who I belong to is such a wonderful moment.....my moment.

I love the way this make me feel.........

When pain becomes pleasure......

Orgasm denial

Over the course of my slavery my Master gradually began resricting my orgasms.
In the beginning it was granted regularly when I was not with my Master.
He permitted them quite often and instructed me how and where He wanted me to have them.
Then Master began to exercise total control over them and they were only permitted occasionally, making them a luxury for me, making me more aware of who owned me and that He owned all of me.

When I am with my Master I am not to have them without permission either and Master expects me to hold them until He grants it.
I also have to beg for them, except when my mouth is gagged or otherwise filled.
Sometimes He denies them, even after I have begged for Him.
In the beginning it was hard to stop myself from cumming and more then once I have had orgasms without permission.
I was punished for this.
So I learned to control my body, at all times, under all circumstances. Doesn't matter if I am being fucked hard, have Masters cock in my mouth, am being spanked, when I am being deliciously hurt or just rubbing my cunt over Masters boots, I can't lose control..

Holding them was and still is one of the most difficult things for me.

There have been many moments I thought I could not make it.
So many time I have come so close to losing control.
I have had to bite my lip and clamp down on that amazing feeling that brings you there were you want to go over and over again, which gives you the release you so desperately long for. 

Sometimes when I am so close, so loaded but still able to hold it, Master orders me to cum, and I cannot explain what happens when I finally hear Him say...NOW....
It is like I haven't had one in months, that all the orgasms I had craved for and were denied are packed into one.
It more than makes up for the wait, it makes all better, the energy that comes from my body, the satisfaction, and the excessive squirting.

And I feel grateful, so grateful for what He has given to me......


Forced to Orgasm

A couple of days ago Master decided to tie me up on the slave bench, sitting on my ass, hands tied behind me and my legs spread wide tied at the ankles.
My pussy couldn't be more exposed then this and still felt very warm and sensitive after the treatment it got with Masters crop.
Master went for the super vibrator, and placed it right in the middle of my pussy.
My body started to respond right away, the intensity of the vibrations made me crave to be penetrated really deep and hard the one moment, but wanted to escape this torture on the next.
Being tied like that I had no way of closing my legs, not even for a little bit to make the contact on my pussy less direct and Master made sure He pushed it hard onto my now soaking wet cunt.
Then when He moved it and placed it directly on my clit the orgasms came.

And came. And came. 

They were hard, but when Master turned up the vibe to the highest setting they became almost unbearable.

I hated them and I loved them.

They were hard, ruthless. They came whether I liked it or not, whether I was ready or not, my body orgasmed and did not listen to me anymore.

But I did enjoy them, they gave release, in a cruel way, and I loved it when one faded into the next one.
I also love them because Master gives them to me, without me pleasuring Him or being used by Him and I love the feeling that only He is in control of my orgasms at that moment and not me, since there is no way I can either stop them, choose the moment when I have them, or even postpone them.

Of course Master owns all of my orgasms, however these are forced upon me by Him, which is a significant difference with the orgasms that usually build up inside me untill they reach a certain height, like when I am being fucked, fingered, pleasuring my Master, etc.

At that point I beg for release, but always makes sure I am still able to withhold it, if permission is denied.
There is no way of controlling or even having the slightest bit of influence over these.

Master had me gagged before He started, so I did not have to beg for permission to orgasm.
I am always very happy when He does this, since I have no control over these orgasms and begging would be very hard if not impossible.
The orgasms do not built up, they are more explosions and therefor I have no warning, no time to beg.
They made me wanted to be penetrated more then ever, I felt every muscle in my body tense, my wetness drip out of me, and orgasm after orgasm were torn from me.
I felt my lower body move as if I was getting fucked, shaking with every orgasm that was ripped out of me, till finally it stopped.
I felt my pussy throbbing, thinking with mixed feelings if this was just a break or the end.
My body longing for more as if it was addicted to the orgasms while my mind was yelling please stop....

It was truly a very intense and memorable experience.


Cock worship

When I am allowed to worship my Masters cock, I get really excited and can even say I am addicted to rubbing, sucking, having my throat fucked by it, feeling it grow in my mouth, and even just tasting it.

I often think about it.

Sometimes He makes me wait for it and that makes my drive to taste it, feel it or touch it, worse, almost uncontrollable.

I really want to taste every inch of it, lick every spot, touch it from top to bottom.

I crave to stroke it with my hands, lick the head with my tongue, kiss His balls, lick His groin and taste everywhere.

If I taste His pre-cum and get a taste of what is coming it makes me even more driven to do whatever it takes to please my Master.

When I am all into it my body goes crazy and all I can think of then is to have it jammed down my throat as deep as possible, to be mouthfucked, choked by it and finally have His cum deep inside me and taste it over and over again before I swallow it.
During my cock-worship I often orgasm - usually more then once and this can be so intense that I even squirt.

I am driven to worship His cock, and to bring joy to my Master by kneeling between His legs, with His hands on my head, pushing my head over His cock or pulling my hair so I have no control over my own movements, all to make it even better for Him.

I crave for Him to use me. Hard. And till He is content.

I am there for His pleasure and His satisfaction and if my Master wishes it , I can do it for as long as He pleases (even hours at a time).. I never get tired of it and every taste of His cock is as wonderful as the first.

When the time comes, I will again kneel before Him and I will beg.

I will beg Him to fuck my throat. Beg Him to use and abuse my trained fuck-hole as He pleases.

I will beg Him to please, please let me worship His cock.

Strapped and told to spread

I know I am a slave at heart

....because I've been thinking hot thoughts about Master shaving my head .....


Discipline and self-discipline

After wearing the undies for 24 hours, I finally could take them off this morning.
I took a nice hot shower and shave and felt much better.
I know it had to be done, Master needs to fulfill His responsibility.
Not punishing me would mean that Master would allow me to be disobedient, which is unacceptable.
That it was not a direct order I did not follow up on, does not change that.
Master expects me to have enough self-discipline to fulfill certain tasks without a direct command and to keep remembering things He taught me.
Same as He expects me to be on my best behaviour in public especially at munches, since I, as His slave, represent Him.
I also have to keep my appearance up at all times, fulfill my daily tasks, do whatever needs to be done without a word from Him, take initiative if its in the best interest of my Master and follow up on His commands without Him having to repeat Himself.
My internal desire to serve Him completely is motivating me to do so and from there I find the self-discipline to do whatever He is expecting from me.
Of course there are also the disciplinary actions that are brought upon me if I should fail to do so, of which I am fully aware and which drives me too.
That Master cannot possibly see all the times if things are being done as He wishes, does not change things, my desire to serve and to obey Him stays the same.
For example, Master does not want me to drive crazy anymore or speed.
I use to have a bit of an aggressive style of driving, which was not very much appreciated by Master.
But after a word from Him about it I would not dare to drive like that anymore or speed.
That Master never sees this, does not change anything, I am obeying and have the self-discipline to do so.
This was also the case when Master helped me to stop smoking.
He disciplined me very strictly in smoking only four a day at the beginning, later on diminishing the amount,  expecting the self-discipline from me to obey, even though it was and still is very hard.

As for other failings that occur without him, I tell Master, because I need and want to be honest and obedient.
This is far more important to me then any punishment and allows me to move forward.
My desire is to serve Him the best way I possibly can, and both discipline and self-discipline are very important in achieving that.

Hard spanks....no marks !

Yesterday Master gave me the belt like I never had before.

I was loaded with excitement as this day came closer.

This time He gave me short series of about 10 /15 spanks, but they were all very hard, full blows.
Normally I would count them by myself, not this time....I was just enjoying them, and was not up to anything else other than feeling them, all of them, no matter how hard and painful, I wanted to savour them.

It felt even more painful because I have not felt His belt in four weeks.

Master stopped spanking me before I felt the pain diminish due to endorphins, so each time He started to give the hard smacks again, after short breaks, I felt them as if they were the first ones He gave me.

It felt great! I had missed the belt and when I finally felt the leather come down hard on my butt I smiled, cried, yelled and let go....totally (you can see the wet spot between my legs in the picture).

Master had gagged me and I thank Him for that, because most likely I would have been unable to beg for permission, I was too much into it.
I had three orgasms during the spankings, true paingasms - my ass felt warm, red and eventually my cunt exploded from the heat - I wished it would feel like that forever.
The positions Master spanked me in felt different, I even got them while Master sat in a chair He put over me, it felt like the belt hit different part of my butt, parts that hardly had ever been spanked before.
Also I had some serious smacks on my cunt, very painful, but the warm glow it gets afterward, Yummy!

The unusual thing is that checking my ass in the mirror today, I saw no marks !
I don't know why, normally I even get them with minor spanks, but...one thing I still have ...PAIN ! This slave ass still hurts !! :-)

Thank You Master




In the beginning of my D/s relationship with Master, He talked to me about limits.
We agreed that the obvious things; kids, animals, scat and dead people were definitely off limits and He wanted to know what other things I wanted to add.
Since I was new to the lifestyle and had hardly any experience or exposure to the many facets of living it, the list was rather short and I think rather obvious for a newbie as myself.
Things like no piss, no other women, and the like.
Later on I added no Mistresses, since they all looked very cruel to me in the clips I had to find during my training.
Since I had not experienced pain other then a slap on the butt I could not define what my limits might be and Master said He would expose me to all different kinds of kinky stuff so I could decide what I liked or not.
He gave me a safe word, which I could always use if things were not bearable or for any other acceptable reason.
Master found out, even before I did, that I liked pain, that it was an extreme turn on for me and that it could even give me orgasms! 
He had me feel all sorts of pain and I liked them all, even crave now for certain kinds, like getting whipped with His belt, or a nice over-the-knee-spanking with His hands.
Master knows exactly how much He can spank me though, how much pain He can give me.
Now of course far more then in the beginning, but He always seems to know exactly how far He can push me.
I also love it when He hurts my nipples, although it took a while before I could endure it the way He hurts them now.
I like it when it is hard and I am on the edge of using my safe word, how my mind functions during those moments and then to realize that I actually could bear it and how doing so makes me soaking wet.

Anal was never an issue for me, I had experienced it before and knew I really liked it.
Master has trained me further anally since the only thing I had ever had in there was a cock once in a while. So Master trained me to take his very large and thick cock for long periods of time, had me train the muscles with different sizes of butt plugs etc., and as we went along I became even more fond of anal, to the point I have reached now, where I am craving for it most of the time.
At a certain point I even started to have regular anal orgasms and they are even better than the vaginal ones as far as I'm concerned.
So far we had not discovered any really hard limits but during this learning process I started to change.
Limits became not that important anymore and the more Master exposed me to things, guiding me through all, directing me and monitoring every step of my way into submission, the more I trusted Him.
He always asked a lot of questions and I know now that was very important.

He needed to know how far He could carry me, how it made me feel, if I liked it and how to makes things even better.
At a certain point He could anticipate my responses either physical or mental better then I could and I learned that I could trust Him to keep me safe, sane and healthy.
I knew I could rely upon Him to make the right decisions and that He would never make me do something I would really resent.
So my limits disappeared as the trust grew, and in the meantime I have been exposed to many new things, even things that were off limits in the beginning, some things that I didn't even know existed and things that used to scared me.

I can say in all honesty that I am now a piss drinking slut! I crave for it and I love how Master uses me as His personal toilet.
I would never have suspected that I would feel this way and would wake up happy knowing that Master will dump His morning piss into my mouth.
I now love feeling His piss over my naked body and having His cock in my mouth while He empties himself.

And so there are multiple things He did to me or with me that I became to like.

As far as playing with another woman, my mindset also changed and with the right one I think I would enjoy it tremendously. I am secure in my relationship with Him, I am His slave, and from that security I can accept anything.
I am actually looking forward to the experience, curious as I am and with the right one it can add so much more pleasure.
Master did conditioning me for this though, knowing I was scared and insecure.
Again I can feel that what was once a limit has disappeared, because I trust Him to do right and not let something bad happen to me or have me treat badly by another woman (other then what's ordered by Him of course :-)).
As for Mistresses.....it so happens that I came to know one personally after Master exposed me to other people in the lifestyle. I came to like her and on request, with permission from my Master, she even flogged me - and I loved it....so much for my fears and resentment against Mistresses!

In the beginning of our relationship Master suspected that one day I would have few limits and that made Him want to push me further to find out where and what they were.

But so far nothing has really surfaced, but I have learned a lot, about myself, about what I really like, who I really am, and my needs and my cravings.
I learned to trust Him unconditionally and with that all of my fears disappeared. I welcome the unknown now, it excites me because all  that He has given me so far has brought me the most intense pleasure and deep satisfaction.
It is truly very rewarding and fulfilling to be able to give yourself completely to somebody else and let Him lead you, knowing everything will be OK, no worries, no limits, just the bliss of obedience and service.



Finally....after almost two weeks without my Master and only one permitted orgasm in the meantime Master made me cum...lots.
It was so built up inside me that it did not take long polishing His boots before I desperately begged for it, hoping it would be granted because I could no longer hold it.

The second boot was not any different and made me cum even faster, squirting even more....

My body calmed down after that and I could think a bit more clearly again. My mind had been a disaster the whole day I was waiting for Him.

Master had His supper while I cleaned His boots under the table.
It felt good, so good....I soaked up the moment realizing how much I had missed it.

Then I heard Master unzip.....and He ordered me to suck His cock, while still being under the table.
I jumped to it, as typically He makes me wait...makes me crave....suffer.
I felt so grateful, so amazingly fulfilled already...and again I tried to drink in the moment, down on my knees, where I belong, sucking my Masters cock....knowing this was only the beginning of the evening... and to be followed by the morning.

Spread her open

Very hot fisting.....makes my cunt twitch !


"Master, please hurt me"

........And He did, many times.
After I polished His boots, He ordered me on my knees on the slave bench and threw me on the bed by my hair.
He gave me a hundred with His belt, and had me count them.
No breaks, no relief.
They even seemed to come faster after the first fifty.
I loved it, first the pain, Master always start the same as He finishes....hard, then the wonderful feeling of acceptance, total submission....
Counting means I have to concentrate, and for me that is not going into subspace, which I really don't mind, I like feeling the whole thing and to be fully aware of how my body reacts to it.
Of course at a certain point the pain recedes, usually when I feel my ass burning.
But then back to reality.....more delicious pain, till the end.
The feeling when it stops is amazing - the warm glowing of my butt cheeks, the effect it has on my cunt, which throbs like crazy and gets dripping wet, the satisfaction of how hard it is to endure and yet also so easy....
Usually spankings work me up to orgasms, wonderful paingasms. When I am to count I still have them, but they are much harder to achieve since I am so focused on not losing count.
This time I did not have one, but I did not miss it, this was perfect.....feeling every spank to the fullest, peeking at my Master at times when He abused my ass, the struggle to stay focused.....I loved it !

Master also abused my tits until the point I cannot wear anything over them without feeling all the abuse over again. .....as if I mind :-)

A few weeks back He removed the plastic covers on the crocodile clamps, the adjustable ones, so they are now two rows of tiny sharp teeth. Once placed on my nipples, they are hard to endure at the beginning but within half a minute they settle and are actually nice to have on.
The true torture comes when Master pulls on them, takes them off or they get ripped off......

I accidentally ripped them off myself when, during an orgasm, Master ordered me to remove a set of regular clamps which He had placed on each side of my clit, with the nasty ones on my tits.
Pulling my hands up while removing the clit clamps (while still in restraints) I forget the others were still attached by a chain, and without thinking I pulled them off....

Having those sharp clamps on multiple times, left my nipples very sensitive, even a breeze causes an intense sensation now.
But.....Master was not done torturing my nipples, spanks, slaps, followed by twisting them with His fingers, all inflicted sharp pains, that travelled through my whole body.
Painslut that I am, this also this made me dripping wet. 

Master told me I had to beg for everything from now on, not only for cock worship or letting me have an orgasm, but everything. So I did.
I begged to worship His cock, which was the easy one, since Master already trained me to do so long time ago and I simply crave having His cock in my mouth for hours.
So now I was also to beg for Him to hurt me, to degrade me and to fuck my ass.
Of course it was up to Him whether to grant any of these things as well as the particular way He would hurt me or degrade me.
Begging for an orgasm I have always had to do too, and after a severe punishment for forgetting this once, I will never ever neglect this again.
Begging for ass fucks are not really a problem since I always get plenty of those, if I beg for them or not, but I must admit.....begging for them adds a new dimension....

During the night when I slept at his feet, I woke up a few times. I held His feet close to me and fall back asleep.....happy as a little girl who holds the most precious thing in the world.


Used until raw

It is Sunday afternoon, and my Master left me a few hours ago. My body hurts all over; my nipples are raw  (even a T-shirt over them is too much), my cunt can still feel my Masters fist in it and my ass feels empty without His cock.

Master did exactly what He had promised. He used me, abused me, hurt me, and fucked me over and over again. He was rough and demanding, emphasizing that there is no doubt about who my owner is and that He can do as He pleases with me. 
As resourceful as always, Master had some new things for me in mind.
He wanted His supper alone at the supper table, He expected me to have finished my supper before His arrival.
Before Master started to eat, He sat me backwards onto a chair with my ass plugged. My cunt was then filled with the huge dildo and my tits were both clamped and then attached to the chairs back. If I moved even an inch in any direction my tits would feel it.
He then gagged me, had my ankles tied together under the chair with his belt and my hands tied behind my back with the leather restraints.
The only thing I was capable of now was to grind my wet holes down on the plug and dildo.
So I sat there, quietly while Master finished His supper. At first I was very uncomfortable because the dildo had been bluntly shoved into me and I felt more invaded then pleasured by it.
I concentrated instead on grinding down on the plug in my ass. Master had already fingered me there and by the plug was a nice continuation.
Gradually, I relaxed and the dildo's movements became more and more pleasant, so I wiggled back and forth, rolling my hips to alternately fuck my ass with the plug and my cunt with the dildo.

Finally, I came so hard the dildo was forced out by my contractions. Mmmmm.

Helpless, I felt my wetness dripping onto the chair seat while Master finished His supper.

I was still wearing my high heeled over-the-knee boots when Master ordered me on to my back and to grab my heels.
With one movement He shoved His cock as deep as He could into my cunt, and all I could do was gasp.

My body  is very well trained by my Master. It is always wet and ready when Master is with me, no matter what we are doing, no matter how many times He has fucked me or however many orgasms I've had, it stays wet and ready for His cock to use.

Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night at His feet, and I can feel this wetness coating my thighs.

So He had no trouble thrusting in deep and hard and I was surprised that it felt even deeper than when He enters me from behind.
He pushed one leg way over my head so my ass was high up in the air and He kept on slamming into me, while I desperately held on tight to my heels. I was determined to stay in that position and to let Master have His way.
The poundings were so hard I felt my piercing pressed into my clit with every stroke and I could savor every inch of Him going in and out.
Then all of a sudden he withdrew His cock and quickly forced it deep inside my ass. He then began to fuck me, deep and hard, before eventually switching His pace with slow and gentle strokes.
I melted. I gasped.. I am still amazed every time at how good this feels .
My anal orgasm was inevitable and out of this world.... eventually when I recovered my senses, I thanked my Master for it.

I was awoken this morning by my Master brutally slapping my face.

I begged Him to let me drink His piss and to my delight, He snapped His fingers twice.

I crawled onto the towels which are always ready for when Master wants to use me like this. Whether it is to feed me His piss or just that he wants to piss all over me, I can't wait.

I knelt down at His feet with my eyes closed, and head up,  shivering with excitement for Him to piss down my throat.
As greedy as always I tried to drink every drop and when I had my mouth closed over His cock, I could feel Him unloading His piss deep inside me.
I swallowed each load and from the pleasure in doing so, I felt myself orgasm and squirt.

When I am alone, I wake up craving for Him to degrade me like this.


Lucky me !

Yesterday was the first of the three times I am going to be with my Master this week.
In a few hours Master is coming over till tomorrow and then again Tuesday till Wednesday morning.
I am going to get spoilt, get very sore, most likely black and blue, but oh so satisfied and happy.
Master told me to write a post for this blog after each session, so here comes Yesterday's experience.
Master had to work, so I drove up there and met Him in the back of my car in the alley we have been a couple of times before.
Unlike myself, Master does not like to fuck in public, He prefers His privacy but sometimes there is no other option, so then the back seats works for a few hours.
I like it when people pass by and I have to keep my head down, while having His cock in my mouth.
Nothing beats the feel of His cock deep down my throath, and believe me its going in all the way.
Usually I always arrive plugged and wet, without any underwear (which I never have to wear anyways, eccept as punishment :-( ) or bra, only wearing jogging pants and a dark T-shirt.
It does not attract attention and has easy access for my Master.
I always have the clamps with me, my collar and lube, the collar is put on right away and this time Master told me to clamp my cunt both sides.
After I was allowed to worship my Master cock many times with my hands and mouth, He told me to remove the butt plug and turn around.
Within one second His cock went as deep as it could into my ass and it felt wonderful.
I started fucking Him while the clamps kept on moving and made my cunt even wetter then it was before.
The whole world could have seen me, but I never look outside and honestly I could not care less who would be out there watching.
Then Master reached for the ring in my cunt and started rubbing it onto my clit.
Electric vibes went through my body....His cock in my ass, the clamps and then this, I was ready to explode right there and then.
I wanted to ask permission, but I know as soon as I ask it the orgasm is even harder to hold, and instictively I felt it would not be granted......
I concentrated on pleasuring Him instead of feeling my body fighting this and for a little while it worked.
Then I asked, begged Him to let me have it and I could......
I got both, I started to orgasm vaginally and the anal one came right when the first one was at his height.
I love it when my body responds like this, and although I have to wait before I can have one, I know it makes it so much better.
It was intense and I even remembered to thank Him properly for this orgasm !.
In only a few hours Master will use His property again.
He told me He is going to abuse each inch of my body, let me drink His piss over and over again, fuck and fist all His holes over and over again and make tons of pictures for this blog !
So hopefully soon all you lovely readers will be able to see how I've been used this time !



Freedom through slavery

During my slave training I became more and more aware of how liberating this was for me. I learned to be honest with myself and to acknowledge my needs. My Master introduced me to so much during the process, I could hardly imagine. With each step further He took me deeper into my slavery, and each time I became more and more the girl I used to be and the slave I wanted to be. And now I feel totally freed of all the crap I was carrying around and discovered what I am, a slave, one who flourishes by knowing Her Master owns all of her. The mental feeling is overwhelming and when I am being physically restrained by my Master, this feeling is tremendously reinforced. I have no control, I don't have to think or make decisions, I can let go, Master will take care of me, I feel safe, I feel free......I am His. 'Life is short, and ecstasy once tasted must be relished, cherished, and savoured'



Florida Dom : "Tell us more about how you love that feeling of being owned."

When I became my Masters property, I could never have imagined how it would feel to be truly owned, but gradually my mindset started to change.
Not because my Master told me too, not because He wanted it, but because I discovered that it was me who wanted to give myself completely to Him more then anything else in the world.
My body was the easiest to give, he gave me so much pleasure and satisfaction as I had never experienced before.
I learned the more I listened to His needs, the more fulfilling it became for me.
And so obeying, waiting for His permission to orgasm, etc. became essential.
As His property I feel most comfortable in obeying His commands and do whatever He wants me to do, including orgasm at the moments He chooses.
My mindset changed gradually and it was not until later I realised that He also owned my mind and my soul.
With this I do not mean I became a non thinking bimbo, only good for fucks, in the contrary, I do have a mind of my own, make my own decisions, in my vanilla life that is, and live a fulfilling life.
But also then I can always come to my Master for advice and I never make decisions which would not carry His approval.
It is far more difficult to explain how it feels to be owned mentally, and it is not about asking permission for the most common things in life.
No, it has to do with giving without expectations, putting His needs before mine, I want Him to be happy and satisfied at all times and all that without thinking of myself.
I want to please Him.
That gives me the ultimate happiness and fulfillment, makes me warm inside and makes me strong, confident and secure.
And by that He has given me everything I will ever need.

"For my Master, who's collar I wear, my mind my body, my soul, I swear..."


Sex in the backseat of my car !

Since we had no place else, Master used me in a back alley, in the back seat of my car.
It reminded me of the first time I met my Master and how we had sex right away in the back of my van.
After not seeing my Master for nearly two weeks and no orgasms for the same amount of time, the lack of space did not stop me from having some amazing orgasms.
God, I missed that !
I feel like I am reloaded again, I came three times all over His boots, twice sucking His cock and a really, really special one when I was sitting on Him, fucking my ass.
I cannot explain how good that felt, but I almost lost it, I wanted to keep on bouncing hard and never let go.
Then he came again in my mouth, and I am always amazed how huge and hard it gets right out of my ass, I simply love it!
He ejaculated deep into my throat - I love that feeling, the cum hitting my throat, the taste....
Master had me plug my ass and  wear my collar as I went home.

As I drove I was already thinking thatI wouldn't have to wait very long before my Master could once again take what is His and give me the best feeling in the world.....the feeling of being owned.



I opened the tickle trunk today to store some of the porn I had been watching and there it was, the still unused spreader bar.....
OMG.....it drives me crazy thinking about all the things Master is going to do as soon as I have it on me.....

I have been so very horny for the last few days, so seeing all the toys did not help in any way in trying to ignore it.
Blogging, cleaning the new piercing, everything makes me long for my Master.
Even searching for a new place makes my mind wonder off, thinking about how He would just barge in and just take what is His....
Yesterday evening Master made it even worse, by having me tell Him a story to excite Him.

I woke up this morning throbbing


A video Master showed me long time ago that still turns me on. I love to see squirting from a different perspective!

Nice gagging ! Nice cage ! Spanked and fucked...lucky slave!
(I only wish she wasn't so loud)



I have daily rituals, directed to me by my Master.
Although we don't live together I still am His slave 24/7.
I am what I am and cannot be somebody else when He is not around.
I am to wear His chain around my ankle, 24/7, except when showering, it feels wonderful to have it on all day.
Also I am not to wear any undies ever, that is for common housewives Master told me.
The only times I am to wear them is when Master punishes me, He knows I simply detest them and instead of physical punishment He prefers to have me wear them, since He knows how much I hate them.
On three occasions He had me wear them, it worked, I will not make those mistakes again.
Then I have my Mantra, which I am to recite every evening before going asleep, and it makes me feel so much at peace saying those words.
It also gives me the power when needed during the day, it helps me to go on in times of distress.
Most evenings I talk to my Master online and He wants me to be either plugged or when I have no time to do so, I am to clamp my nipples.
So when talking to Him I can either feel my Master in my ass or hurting my tits.
Maybe some will not call this a ritual, but for me it is; showering and shaving each day, and if possible twice, to keep myself clean at all times for my Master.
My Master wants me shaved at all times and as for me, I hate having a hairy pussy, brrrr.... makes me shiver and think back at one time He had me grow it for a week as punishment.
I think this was even worse then wearing undies, I hated myself, could not even look at myself during those days and felt terrible the whole time.
But I deserved it and I will think twice now before doing something like that ever again.
My Master does not believe in physical punishment, besides it would not have an as good as an effect as those mentioned above, since I am a true painslut.
I like it when He hurts me and I can go there where nothing matters anymore, just Him.
I hate punishments, I will never do something intentional to get punished.
I have this huge aim to be the slave He wants me to be, I am driven by desire to please Him, because that's what makes me happy and whole.


Three days ago.....

.....my Master was here and I had the most amazing experiences.
He fucked my ass, cunt and mouth hard and repeatedly, driving me to the ultimate orgasms.
Although I love getting fucked in all three, I must admit I just adore anal.
During a session it always gets better and better and I cannot get enough of it.
My ass is well trained by my Master and never gets sore, just nicely sensitive which makes it even better.
My anal orgasms are usually the most intense ones.
He let me drink His piss several times...I love it and if I taste His cock during or just after, an orgasm is inevitable.
Of course I got tied up several times, got pussy spanked, spit upon, called names and He made me gag on His cock.
At a certain moment Master started to work on my ass, while I was kissing His feet. I had my ass up in the air, and He fisted my pussy - I simply love the feeling, but although He has worked on my ass many times He could never get further then four fingers.
This time it felt nicer then before and I was fully relaxed.
He moved, what I thought were His fingers around in my ass and all I could do was enjoy the moment and try to concentrate on kissing His feet.
Then He pulled out and started to work on my pussy, fucking it with His fist as soon as it was inside me.
I tried to postpone my orgasm for as long as possible, since I just love the feel of His fist in me, and when I thought I could not hold it any longer I begged for His permission to cum. 
When He granted it I had already started to squirt and when He pulled His hand out of me, I came, soaking the bed.
When Master told me later on I had taken His whole fist in my ass I simply couldn't believe it !


chain slut waiting

My marks.

Not long ago I received my Masters mark, a tattoo on my left butt cheek, the Roman 'V'.
I was longing for His mark for as long as I knew that one day He would give it to me and getting it was one of the happiest days of my life.
Before the mark Master had me pierced twice.
The first one was a HCH (Horizontal Clitoral Hood) not even two months after I became His property.
I remember that day as if it was yesterday, Master holding my hand, probably even more nervous then I was.
It did not hurt and before I knew it I was pierced.
After this I was no longer afraid of getting genital piercings and a few months later when Master could not see me for a while, He gave me permission to have another one, this time a fourchette.
Fourchettes are one of the rare piercings, because not many are built to have one.
Fortunately, I could and it was a piece of cake to have it done.
Unfortunately my body would reject it and six weeks later it fell out.
I am supposed to go back to the piercer to have it redone-  if possible, but that would mean Master could not use me for a few weeks, so He decided it is best to wait until there comes a time when we cannot be together for a while.
Aside from these marks I wear an ankle chain 24/7, which I only take off for a shower.
I sleep with it, work with it and even adapt my clothing so I don't have to take it off.
It reminds me the most that I am owned, since I always feel it, either move around my ankle or digging into my flesh whenever I have to hide it under a sock.
The HCH is the most wonderful clitoral stimulant, it touches my clit at all times, digs into it when I get pussy spanked, and the movement feels great during intercourse.
I wear both with pride, but I have to say, the mark on my butt cheek is the one I am the most proud of and grateful for.....my Masters mark, forever tattooed on His ass.


My name is cunt............


......That was my ass after 250 plus with the crop, Masters hands and His belt.
He made me count with the belt, told me I could not move my hands while I was standing holding a railing.
The crop was first and hardest, no endorphins yet and still full blows from the start.
The begging for release was even harder, feeling it built up, unable to speak, but yet still knowing I have to speak up, a cum without permission means punishment and I hate punishments.
The belt felt nice on my already very warm ass, I like the belt, the feeling of it, the sensation it gives me.
At the end of the count I begged out loud, knowing I could only ask once, because I was too far into it.
He granted it and still standing I squirted while I had the orgasm.
The next day my ass was as blue as my darkest jeans....