chain slut waiting

My marks.

Not long ago I received my Masters mark, a tattoo on my left butt cheek, the Roman 'V'.
I was longing for His mark for as long as I knew that one day He would give it to me and getting it was one of the happiest days of my life.
Before the mark Master had me pierced twice.
The first one was a HCH (Horizontal Clitoral Hood) not even two months after I became His property.
I remember that day as if it was yesterday, Master holding my hand, probably even more nervous then I was.
It did not hurt and before I knew it I was pierced.
After this I was no longer afraid of getting genital piercings and a few months later when Master could not see me for a while, He gave me permission to have another one, this time a fourchette.
Fourchettes are one of the rare piercings, because not many are built to have one.
Fortunately, I could and it was a piece of cake to have it done.
Unfortunately my body would reject it and six weeks later it fell out.
I am supposed to go back to the piercer to have it redone-  if possible, but that would mean Master could not use me for a few weeks, so He decided it is best to wait until there comes a time when we cannot be together for a while.
Aside from these marks I wear an ankle chain 24/7, which I only take off for a shower.
I sleep with it, work with it and even adapt my clothing so I don't have to take it off.
It reminds me the most that I am owned, since I always feel it, either move around my ankle or digging into my flesh whenever I have to hide it under a sock.
The HCH is the most wonderful clitoral stimulant, it touches my clit at all times, digs into it when I get pussy spanked, and the movement feels great during intercourse.
I wear both with pride, but I have to say, the mark on my butt cheek is the one I am the most proud of and grateful for.....my Masters mark, forever tattooed on His ass.


My name is cunt............


......That was my ass after 250 plus with the crop, Masters hands and His belt.
He made me count with the belt, told me I could not move my hands while I was standing holding a railing.
The crop was first and hardest, no endorphins yet and still full blows from the start.
The begging for release was even harder, feeling it built up, unable to speak, but yet still knowing I have to speak up, a cum without permission means punishment and I hate punishments.
The belt felt nice on my already very warm ass, I like the belt, the feeling of it, the sensation it gives me.
At the end of the count I begged out loud, knowing I could only ask once, because I was too far into it.
He granted it and still standing I squirted while I had the orgasm.
The next day my ass was as blue as my darkest jeans....