Freedom through slavery

During my slave training I became more and more aware of how liberating this was for me. I learned to be honest with myself and to acknowledge my needs. My Master introduced me to so much during the process, I could hardly imagine. With each step further He took me deeper into my slavery, and each time I became more and more the girl I used to be and the slave I wanted to be. And now I feel totally freed of all the crap I was carrying around and discovered what I am, a slave, one who flourishes by knowing Her Master owns all of her. The mental feeling is overwhelming and when I am being physically restrained by my Master, this feeling is tremendously reinforced. I have no control, I don't have to think or make decisions, I can let go, Master will take care of me, I feel safe, I feel free......I am His. 'Life is short, and ecstasy once tasted must be relished, cherished, and savoured'



Florida Dom : "Tell us more about how you love that feeling of being owned."

When I became my Masters property, I could never have imagined how it would feel to be truly owned, but gradually my mindset started to change.
Not because my Master told me too, not because He wanted it, but because I discovered that it was me who wanted to give myself completely to Him more then anything else in the world.
My body was the easiest to give, he gave me so much pleasure and satisfaction as I had never experienced before.
I learned the more I listened to His needs, the more fulfilling it became for me.
And so obeying, waiting for His permission to orgasm, etc. became essential.
As His property I feel most comfortable in obeying His commands and do whatever He wants me to do, including orgasm at the moments He chooses.
My mindset changed gradually and it was not until later I realised that He also owned my mind and my soul.
With this I do not mean I became a non thinking bimbo, only good for fucks, in the contrary, I do have a mind of my own, make my own decisions, in my vanilla life that is, and live a fulfilling life.
But also then I can always come to my Master for advice and I never make decisions which would not carry His approval.
It is far more difficult to explain how it feels to be owned mentally, and it is not about asking permission for the most common things in life.
No, it has to do with giving without expectations, putting His needs before mine, I want Him to be happy and satisfied at all times and all that without thinking of myself.
I want to please Him.
That gives me the ultimate happiness and fulfillment, makes me warm inside and makes me strong, confident and secure.
And by that He has given me everything I will ever need.

"For my Master, who's collar I wear, my mind my body, my soul, I swear..."


Sex in the backseat of my car !

Since we had no place else, Master used me in a back alley, in the back seat of my car.
It reminded me of the first time I met my Master and how we had sex right away in the back of my van.
After not seeing my Master for nearly two weeks and no orgasms for the same amount of time, the lack of space did not stop me from having some amazing orgasms.
God, I missed that !
I feel like I am reloaded again, I came three times all over His boots, twice sucking His cock and a really, really special one when I was sitting on Him, fucking my ass.
I cannot explain how good that felt, but I almost lost it, I wanted to keep on bouncing hard and never let go.
Then he came again in my mouth, and I am always amazed how huge and hard it gets right out of my ass, I simply love it!
He ejaculated deep into my throat - I love that feeling, the cum hitting my throat, the taste....
Master had me plug my ass and  wear my collar as I went home.

As I drove I was already thinking thatI wouldn't have to wait very long before my Master could once again take what is His and give me the best feeling in the world.....the feeling of being owned.



I opened the tickle trunk today to store some of the porn I had been watching and there it was, the still unused spreader bar.....
OMG.....it drives me crazy thinking about all the things Master is going to do as soon as I have it on me.....

I have been so very horny for the last few days, so seeing all the toys did not help in any way in trying to ignore it.
Blogging, cleaning the new piercing, everything makes me long for my Master.
Even searching for a new place makes my mind wonder off, thinking about how He would just barge in and just take what is His....
Yesterday evening Master made it even worse, by having me tell Him a story to excite Him.

I woke up this morning throbbing


A video Master showed me long time ago that still turns me on. I love to see squirting from a different perspective!

Nice gagging ! Nice cage ! Spanked and fucked...lucky slave!
(I only wish she wasn't so loud)



I have daily rituals, directed to me by my Master.
Although we don't live together I still am His slave 24/7.
I am what I am and cannot be somebody else when He is not around.
I am to wear His chain around my ankle, 24/7, except when showering, it feels wonderful to have it on all day.
Also I am not to wear any undies ever, that is for common housewives Master told me.
The only times I am to wear them is when Master punishes me, He knows I simply detest them and instead of physical punishment He prefers to have me wear them, since He knows how much I hate them.
On three occasions He had me wear them, it worked, I will not make those mistakes again.
Then I have my Mantra, which I am to recite every evening before going asleep, and it makes me feel so much at peace saying those words.
It also gives me the power when needed during the day, it helps me to go on in times of distress.
Most evenings I talk to my Master online and He wants me to be either plugged or when I have no time to do so, I am to clamp my nipples.
So when talking to Him I can either feel my Master in my ass or hurting my tits.
Maybe some will not call this a ritual, but for me it is; showering and shaving each day, and if possible twice, to keep myself clean at all times for my Master.
My Master wants me shaved at all times and as for me, I hate having a hairy pussy, brrrr.... makes me shiver and think back at one time He had me grow it for a week as punishment.
I think this was even worse then wearing undies, I hated myself, could not even look at myself during those days and felt terrible the whole time.
But I deserved it and I will think twice now before doing something like that ever again.
My Master does not believe in physical punishment, besides it would not have an as good as an effect as those mentioned above, since I am a true painslut.
I like it when He hurts me and I can go there where nothing matters anymore, just Him.
I hate punishments, I will never do something intentional to get punished.
I have this huge aim to be the slave He wants me to be, I am driven by desire to please Him, because that's what makes me happy and whole.


Three days ago.....

.....my Master was here and I had the most amazing experiences.
He fucked my ass, cunt and mouth hard and repeatedly, driving me to the ultimate orgasms.
Although I love getting fucked in all three, I must admit I just adore anal.
During a session it always gets better and better and I cannot get enough of it.
My ass is well trained by my Master and never gets sore, just nicely sensitive which makes it even better.
My anal orgasms are usually the most intense ones.
He let me drink His piss several times...I love it and if I taste His cock during or just after, an orgasm is inevitable.
Of course I got tied up several times, got pussy spanked, spit upon, called names and He made me gag on His cock.
At a certain moment Master started to work on my ass, while I was kissing His feet. I had my ass up in the air, and He fisted my pussy - I simply love the feeling, but although He has worked on my ass many times He could never get further then four fingers.
This time it felt nicer then before and I was fully relaxed.
He moved, what I thought were His fingers around in my ass and all I could do was enjoy the moment and try to concentrate on kissing His feet.
Then He pulled out and started to work on my pussy, fucking it with His fist as soon as it was inside me.
I tried to postpone my orgasm for as long as possible, since I just love the feel of His fist in me, and when I thought I could not hold it any longer I begged for His permission to cum. 
When He granted it I had already started to squirt and when He pulled His hand out of me, I came, soaking the bed.
When Master told me later on I had taken His whole fist in my ass I simply couldn't believe it !