Preparing His fuckhole

A Pussy Eating Fuckslave

I had my first threesome Yesterday!
My friend and I have developed a strange chemistry lately and when she told me last week she was going to meet a Dom to see if she would become his slave, it suddenly hit me, what if she would be a good candidate for Master and myself ?
I feel no jealousy with her, I can talk openly to her and I trust her.
So I decided to ask permission from my Master and He decided she should come over Yesterday night.
Before she arrived Master and me had a good long talk.
He knew I was excited but also scared.
I was glad He did, the conversation took most of my worries away and I felt much more confident in the things that were about to happen.
I instinctively knew, although it was not specifically discussed with her that there was going to be some sexual activity.
Master had me dressed in jeans and a shirt, which felt unusual, but He decided it would be less intimidating for her.
While I sat on my knees next to Him, my hand on His knee, He had a good talk with her and she asked Him millions of questions.
I was still a bit nervous but gradually calmed down while sipping some wine and it didn't take long before I was all His again, I felt no different then other times, my mind was all surrendered to Him and it made me feel very peaceful.
The talk was very open and I could see they liked each other.
He asked her if she wanted to see us play and she admitted that she would love to watch us.

Finally, after waiting for her to arrive, and then sitting through the prolonged introductions and questions, He ordered me to take my clothes off and  to fuck His boots....I had literally been craving to do so for hours.

I was allowed to rub my cunt against them when we were alone and waiting for her, but I had my jeans on and was not allowed to cum, leaving me horny and wet while we waited for her to arrive.

I orgasmed quickly - it didn't matter somebody was watching, and I squirted all over His boot and happily cleaned it afterwards as she looked upon me.
I am not too sure about the chronological order of what happened next, as so many things happened, each event even hotter then the last.
I knew upfront He was going to have me eat her pussy and probably expected me to fear this the most.
I loved the way He coached me into this, subtle, ordering me first kiss to and lick her inner thighs.
It obviously turned her on.

When He told me to lick her pussy, I instantly turned my mouth to it and started to pleasure her.
I heard her moan, felt her tremble, and that turned me on in return.
I could imagine a huge smile on my Masters face when He saw us like that!
Later in the play He fucked my ass while He had me eat her pussy again and WOW, was that ever hot.
I never could have imagined this could be so exciting.
He had me fist her, then He fisted her and made her squirt - for the first time in her life.
He had her fist me too and it felt wonderful, I came over and over again with her hand inside me.

He tied me up and spanked me in front of her, had us both suck His cock, I fingered her, she fingered my pussy and the when ordered to my ass, to let her feel how well trained and useful my ass is.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and talks occurred in between the scenes, taking care of both our emotional sides.
He had us kiss together, lick and suck each others tits, had her experience pain, gave me pain - lots so she could see how much I enjoyed that.
He tied her up between the poles and whipped her softly, giving her an idea of what joy it is to be helpless and abused by Him.
So many things happened, it and it was all very intense!

There is no person in the whole world I respect more then my Master, but my respect grew even more yesterday. I am so incredibly proud of Him, the way He handled both her and me, trying not to make me feel ignored or miserable, making her feel comfortable and wanted, not an intruder, doing His best to make this wonderful for all of us.
Although I really was committed and determined to make this work for all of us, I owe it to Him for making this one of the most wonderful experiences I had in my life.

I am now in the stage I know I can enjoy it, I know my Master is proud of me, I know this only adds to our life together and that nothing is ever going to be taken away from my slavery, only added.

My slavery is real and I feel it stronger then ever before.
She noticed it too; the bond we have, the chemistry, the admiration, the desire, the adoration and she told me it was the most beautiful thing she experienced in her whole life.

I believe her, because its true.....my slavery is the most beautiful thing in the world!

I know I have a long way to go in further exploring this.
I know my Master wants me to have a slave sister, but only one that is really going to make me happy.
I know it would make Him happy but He needs me to be happy too, I know that now.
I will have to let this sink in, think about this and I have asked Him to do the same and talk this through.
In the meantime she is going to meet the other Dom tomorrow and I have asked her to keep an open mind, she needs to make the right decisions, for herself, not for us.

She has just started a journey I began two-and-a-half year ago and I can almost taste her excitement...