The delicious abuse

I was wearing my collar, ripped stockings and high heeled over-the-knee-boots.
He sat in a chair, and He ordered me over His knees.
My butt fully exposed, my upper body dangling down. I already loved it.
He touched my clit, started rubbing it and I moaned, He caressed my pussy and all I could think was that I wanted to be fucked so bad.
Instead He simply played with my clit, pinching it and teasing until I was close to an orgasm.
Then He pulled His hand away and left my pussy soaking wet. I was contracting, twitching and above all unfinished.
I felt His hand raise high and land on my ass, I gasped and smiled.
I don't get to feel His hand often, but when I do, I welcome every spank.
They came down on me hard - a series on one butt-cheek, then the other. A pause, and then he would start again.
I felt the warmth of His hand explode against me. My butt got hot till it was glowing.
I wanted to stick my ass up in the air and beg to say 'more please', but my body was in such a nice relaxing pose that I stayed still, hoping it would not stop, not now.
I closed my eyes and plunged into the moment - I felt myself saying 'Thank you Master' after each blow quietly to myself.

For hours afterwards I could still feel the sensation with every move I made.

At night I lay down at my Masters feet, and let the feeling of my ass, still heated by Master's delicious abuse, carry me into sleep.


Master, please degrade me

Getting pissed upon, being used as His toilet, being spit in the face, being face slapped or having my mouth being used as His ashtray.....degradations.
Master have done them all to me, many times and never have I experienced any of those as humiliating or degrading.
Neither does crawling, sleeping at His feet or anything else that others might find as such.
My place is at His feet and to crawl to Him, walk as a slave if I am bringing Him food or other things He need.
I am His slave and want to behave accordingly, this feels natural to me.
Even if I was allowed to walk normally, it would make me feel uncomfortable and I would beg my Master to let me move in the way that suits me as His slave.

Drinking His piss is a service, I am His toilet and swallow His piss till the last drop, it makes me proud to be used as such while the spills run down my body as a warm blanket, dripping all over my pussy before they hit the ground.
The overall feeling is extremely sensual and the wait at His feet until His piss starts to flow always seems to be forever.
I want to taste it and feel it run down my body, I want to swallow as much as I can and have His cock inside my mouth so I can feel Him unload Himself.
I am craving for that.
Even when I beg Him to degrade me, I feel only pride and excitement and the willingness to serve Him, to do whatever He asks from me, eager, joyful and over and over again.
When He spits in my face, I feel honoured, Master just kissed me.
And when He slaps my face,I get all warm inside because He just has been caressing me tenderly.
Even when I have to kneel down between His legs, stroking His cock with my mouth open, so he can use me as His ashtray, I feel needed and full filled.

Nobody has ever been able to do degrading or humiliating things to me, I would not have accepted it and I have never met anyone yet who could possibly get away with doing it either.
Only my Master, I am His property and only His, therefor He can use me in any way He feels like.
And when He does, I feel grateful for what He is giving me, because it is much, so much more then just piss, a slap or some spit.

Good girl........


Confessions of a painslut

Sweet, delicious pain, I love it, I hate it, I crave it, I want it, I need it.
When I met my Master I did not know I liked pain.
But I found out soon enough it was something that could make me feel good, very good.
I discovered sub-space and I learned what kind of pain I crave for at specific moments.
During my training my Master increased the pain gradually and the more He gave me the more I liked it.
Although I like sub-space I prefer to stay with it, I like to feel every slap, spank or blow.
The transition my body makes from extreme pain to delightful warmth still amazes me.
I like to be brought there and still be able to feel it, see my Master from the side of my eye torturing me, feeling the difference between relaxing my muscles or tightening them, mourn with pleasure, digging my nails into the bed or railing, knowing that after it is all over I will have that warm glow for a while and hoping I will feel Masters hand caressing my warm, sometimes swollen flesh.
It is quite surprising that the pain I dislike the most and barely can endure, gives so much satisfaction.
When I know what's going to happen my breath stalks and I feel like I cannot endure it, but when I am getting it, the reward is out of this world and it is often that I smile through the pain.
Happy that I can do it, pleased that it feels so good, thrilled about the after-effects that I am going to have.
Examples for these are the crocodile clamps and the crop.
I had the crocodiles on my nipples a couple of times and they do hurt, really hurt, the screw is 3/4rs the way down, which gives extreme pressure.
It is always a pain wave beyond everything that travels through my body when they are being put on.
But as much as they hurt, just as fast does the pain becomes pleasure.
Master has also put them on my pussy once, one of each side of my piercing, I thought those spots were going to be ripped off, the pain was almost too much, but then the complete turn around, my pussy turned warm and sensitive and became wet, very wet.
Every move that made the chain between the clamps move made me crave.
Usually Master puts the cloverleaves on there, they make me crave for penetration, getting fucked hard, so that I would feel the clamps dig in and I hope I may take them off during or before an orgasm.
The pain that comes from releasing them is severe, it can bring instant orgasm, or intensify one that is already there.
Sometimes I crave for that and I beg, beg for my Master to please hurt me......




The perfect memory of a delicious spanking

Watching myself getting fucked

I was ordered on all fours, the taste of His cock in my mouth, my pussy dripping wet, and my ass.....I cannot even explain how my ass felt.
I felt like begging, I wanted to beg my Master so desperately to fuck my ass, but there are moments I just can't, knowing I could not bear the possibility of denial.
This was one of them and all I could do was just hope He would thrust deep inside of me and release my ass from that aching feeling.
As soon as I assumed the position He wanted, I felt Him enter and slowly start fucking my pussy. I was slightly disappointed that He did not enter my ass, but I was smiling as I knew He would do so many times that night.
Suddenly He grabbed my hair, pulled my head backwards and told me to look into the mirror to watch myself getting fucked.
I saw Him making long slow strokes into me while I felt them.
I saw every inch going in as deep as possible, sliding slowly back out, only to thrust deep inside me.
Over and over again I stared as He pumped His cock into my pierced cunt.
I saw Him pulling my hair, forcing me to watch and all I could do was keep quiet and hold my body still.

I did not want to disturb this moment, this view, in the slightest.

I could not tear my eyes off of it. It intensified every feeling, and it felt a million times better then getting fucked while watching porn.

At first I felt like I was watching somebody else and that it felt so intense that I could feel it myself. Then my mind locked in that it was me who I was watching and I became so intrigued by the sight of it that I did not want an orgasm, I only wanted to keep on watching....