Master....may I please cum ?


Anal slut

Before I met my Master I had very little anal experience.
Enough though to know I liked it.....really liked it.
Since my Master (fortunate for me !) is very into anal, He trained me intensively and thoroughly.
I had to wear a butt plug every evening, and gradually He increased the size so that now I can comfortably wear even a large plug.
I still wear this plug every evening, so that if I talk to my Master, I can feel Him inside me.
He also trained my ass so that I can take any pounding, no matter how hard, how long and how deep.

My ass never gets sore and the more I get ass fucked the more I like it and the more I want it.

I am now a greedy pig for His cock in my ass. 

Master is the first person to ever give me anal orgasms.
These orgasms are more intense then vaginal ones and they also can occur together at the same time, which is extremely hot and satisfying.
Usually I will squirt during them, which makes it even more pleasant.

One time Master managed to fist my ass. It felt so tight that I thought I was going to be ripped apart, but at the same time gave such an intense sensation that it cannot be described!

It made me float, very relaxed, partly going into subspace and I enjoyed it tremendously.
It was only that one time I could take His whole fist in my ass, I must have been super horny and very relaxed.
The other times he tried he came as far as four fingers until the knuckles, but WOW, does that feel good !.

Master has transformed me into a total anal slut - and I  feel very, very spoiled :-)) 


May I please worship Your cock Master ?

Tits Double Clamped

As if the crocodile clamps weren't enough, Master also used the cloverleafs on my tits.
The pain was again the most unbearable at the beginning, turning into a warm feeling that traveled through my entire body, making my cunt soaking wet.
I wanted to slide over the big dildo which Master had shoved into my cunt, or grind that amazing butt-plug I was wearing....
Instead I sat still, trying not to enjoy it to the extend I would orgasm, because Master told me not to.
But how could I not enjoy having my holes filled, with them moving inside me with every breath ?.
Feeling four clamps on my tits with the chains hanging down as weights or Master pulling at them ?.
Having my hands tied behind my back, which made me even more excited....vulnerable, restrained and unable to do anything.
And then the state of mind I was in....excited and longing for the belt, which I knew I was getting, but did not know when.
Then my horniness, which is always there but felt unbearable now, sitting there, waiting....telling myself 'no' to the urges, trying to ignore my body's need to have an orgasm, hoping soon Master will allow it and how wonderful it will be...

Cumming on command

When my Master gives the command 'NOW' I cum, instantly, intensely, while I feel my pussy squeeze and the squirt dripping down my thighs.
The orgasms are always unexpected, because my attention is completely focussed on what happens at that particular moment, most typically I am focussed in some way on His cock.

I adore these orgasms, they confirm he owns them and I like that feeling.
Last weekend I had some even more amazing experiences.
I was not involved in anything that could lead me to an orgasm.
I was wet, but I always am when Master is with me, always ready for Him, no matter what I am doing, cooking, eating, sitting beside Him massaging His body, etc, but not aroused or on my way to an orgasm.
Master had gave me several orgasms already and I was unloaded and relaxed.
I cannot remember what exactly happened, but He grabbed me by my collar, pulled me towards Him and whispered in my ear 'NOW'.
For a second I thought 'No, this is impossible', but I felt my body responding and ruthlessly being drawn into this orgasm.
My mind was blank, I felt every muscle in my body and it took me a second to realize what just had happened.....Master made me orgasm, by His voice only and while I was not even ready.......

He truly owns my mind, my body, my soul, my orgasms, everything...


Early Sunday morning I woke up, knowing I was at my Masters feet.
I peeked at the clock and it was almost six o'clock.
I had slept only a few hours after servicing my Master the previous evening.
I was not sleepy anymore and just lay there still as not to wake Him up, listening to His breathing, enjoying my place at His feet, soaking up the moment.
In a little bit He would wake up, as always before the alarm clock, slap my face hard and order me to the towels to feed me His piss.
I daydreamed about that moment that would come soon, thinking how good it would taste, how hard I would make His cock with my mouth, how good it would feel to have Him inside me merely after a few hours since I felt Him.
I suspected I was wet already and when I quietly moved my hand in between my legs I felt my warm juices.
I knew I would squirt again, while drinking His piss and would feel both running over my pussy.
I would hold my hand there and feel His piss and my juices come together.
I would rub it allover my pussy and ass and have His cock in my mouth, still releasing piss while I would orgasm.
My mouth started to water, I licked my lips trying to taste some of what was left from before.
Part of me wanted Him to wake up and give me what I was craving for, but I also wanted this moment to last.
I pictured us, a Master sleeping with His slave at His feet, waiting for Him.
Her body ready for Him, her mind only with Him, craving to please Him.

Then suddenly He woke up and I heard His hand sliding through the air before it landed on my cheek.
I smiled and all I could think of was.......finally...........


Juicy Cunt

I crawled towards my Master, wearing my collar, stockings and my loyal ankle chain.
When I reached Him I moved into the kneeling position but instead of greeting my Master properly I stayed quiet.
He motioned slightly and I hurried to beg Him 'May I please be Your cunt Master'.
He asked why I forgot.....and I admitted that my mind had been busy with other things....
He responded by giving me several slaps to my face, followed quickly by Him holding me by my throat and spitting all over my face (my slave kiss!). He then asked me if that helped.

With my cheeks still burning from His hand and His spit dripping down then, I stumbled to say 'yes Master' ashamed of forgetting saying the words I so love to say, over and over again.

Then he shoved His boot under my cunt and ordered me to fuck it.
I was already soaking wet and I slid over the leather, grinding my pierced ring against the laces with every move. 
I had missed this more then I realized. My guilt at being slow to greet my Master melted away and I wanted this pleasure to last. So I made slow strokes with my eyes closed trying to take my time. But I was too excited, and my body betrayed me and I had a squirting orgasm allover His boot, mere seconds after He forced it against me..

Fucking the second boot felt even better, the tension I had with the first was gone and I could let go.I took my time.

By the time my orgasm came, I had squirt even larger than the first. His boot was dripping and on the floor small puddle formed.

I then cleaned His boots with my mouth and reveled in the taste of my own cunt. Proud of how I could taste myself on my Masters boots. 
For the rest of the night, I squirted with practically every orgasm (I lost count how many early on), but my cunt was even squirting during the anal orgasms!

Even when I was not allowed to cum I could feel the juiciness of my cunt, leaking down my thighs. 

When I was given the chance I would grab my pussy to feel the jets of fluid during the squirt.

On one occasion after I had squirted a great deal over my Masters hand (he was playing with my ass), He smeared it all over my face to show me what a juicy cunt I had.

I even fantasized how it would feel if instead of my own hand there was a mouth that would catch my juice, drink it all up and then lick me clean.......

The bed was soaked.