Now !

After I had clamped both my tits and my pussy, Master gagged and hooded me.
I was still leashed and He pulled the leash so I would follow Him on hands and knees like a dog.
Not exactly knowing where He have me stopped, He ordered me to put my head to the ground and my ass up in the air.
The clamps on my tits touched the ground and made me moan.
I was excited, not knowing what to expect, wondering what my Master was planning to do with me.
The wait excited me, maybe even more then the pain inflicted by the clamps did.
I rubbed my tits against the hard floor and I was hoping I would get fucked or beaten soon....or both.....anything that made me cum, anything that would release me from that craving.....that horny feeling that made me want to beg, which I couldn't because I was gagged.
My pussy was so hot that I started to feel the bloodflow go through it as if it was hurt.
I tried to control my breath but it got even heavier.
I pushed my ass higher up in the air as to say 'Please, Master.....'
But all stayed quiet.

Then suddenly I heard Him say 'NOW' loud and clear and automatically I pressed my upper body as close to the ground as possible while my pussy contracted and I felt my juices being forced out of me.
The pain that came off my clamped nipples was incredible and feeling both the intense pain as the wonderful orgasm made me squirt even more.

I moved my arms against my tits as to push them even harder on the floor.
They now also pulled on the clamps on my pussy and while the pain travelled in waves through my body I kept on squirting and cumming....

Squirting on command



Thank You Master

Maybe it reflects in my posts, but I still would like to express my deepest gratitude to my Master, who built an environment in which He allows me all that I am, in which He lets me grow, gives me the confidence that I can do much more then I ever could have imagined, that He rewards me when I deserve it but also punishes me when I have displeased Him, that He continues to bring out the best in me and gives me the greatest joy in life..... serving Him.

Master's fuckholes

A happy slave!

It has been three weeks since I wrote here and I have missed it terribly, but I had permission from my Master to  postpone things until I was settled into my new place and connected to the internet again.

I have moved to the same city as my Master and I could not be any happier!

The whole time I have been owned, we have had to commute an hour just to see each other but now that I live closer by, Master has much more opportunities to use His slave whenever He wants!

He told me that after the move He would pass by regularly,  if only for a few minutes, to use me.

Sometimes He would visit and just have me suck His cock and swallow His cum, just so He can then leave me, my only satisfaction the taste of His cock.

He promised to stop by just to feed me His piss.

He told me he would throw me on the floor and take my ass as his fuck meat, his hole to sodomize brutally.

He has visited once for about fifteen minutes and He managed to fuck all His holes, make me squirt in my pants and then swallow His cum - leaving me stunned and in total ecstasy at what had just happened.

Yes.....I do like my new place, but I love being used anytime He sets His mind to it!



Sometimes Master wants me to drool over His cock while I worship it with my hands.
The clothes peg is not my favorite clamp and when He asks me to get a couple, I always shiver.
I find them hard to settle in with, the pain they cause stays and usually gets worse during the time I have them on.
Master uses them on my nipples, cunt or tongue and all of these spots stay painful while they are on.
But when on my tongue, I drool - a lot - and if I have more pain inflicted on another part of my body, I drool even more.

I love the feel of lubing His cock with my own spit while I touch it, stroking it slow, wetting each inch, feeling it getting firmer.

Last weekend He put one on my tongue, while He closed my pussy with some more and even clamped my tits with them.
Clothes pegs everywhere.....and pain too.
I had to pull myself together, make myself concentrate to properly stroke His cock.
It was not until my spit actually flowed out of my mouth that I had regained total control of myself.

So I kept on stroking and drooling.....



......' Lean over and plug your ass' He said......

With my knees on the hard wooden floor I leaned over, let my head rest on the ground and slowly guided the toy into my ass.
Meanwhile I heard Him move a chair and grab some items, and then He grabbed my hair and dragged me over the chair and put the hood over my head.
While I stood there with my legs spread over the chair He shoved the dildo inside me, rough, not even give me time to get used to it.
It felt cold and big for my wet but still untouched pussy.
He made me sit on it, which drove it even deeper inside, then He told me to put my arms sideways and started to tie up my legs to my wrists.
I held my feet up as close as I could to my hands, to accommodate Him, while I still felt the discomfort of the dildo who has been in His car while it was freezing.
My whole weight was on the chair pushing against the toys and it was impossible to find relief from them thrusting deep inside me.
While He tied my arms to my ankles I heard His breathing become heavier and more excited.
I wanted to lean into Him and beg for Him to fuck me, instead of sitting on the toys.
I wanted to feel Him hanging over me, thrusting deep inside me, feel His breath in my neck, feel His pleasure.
But I kept quiet, knowing it would not happen, He had other plans for me.
He clamped my nipples and going by the devastating pain He must have used the crocodile clamps on me.
It took me a while but I settled down, the dildo warmed up in my cunt and my body got a bit more relaxed.
My arms were just hanging down while my legs were held up by the restraints.

He just left me there sitting at the side of the table while He had His supper.

I felt His presence very strong, but I also felt useless, just a decoration for his meal. 
I could have been on my knees under the table, worshiping His cock while He was eating, or He could have had me stand behind Him rubbing His back, but instead I was to sit there, filled, unable to move or see.

As the minutes passed by I started to give in, the discomfort disappeared and the immobility of the restraints felt good.
I leaned back a bit to tighten the chain and felt the clamps pull on my nipples, I moaned and I smiled from under my hood......




He does not burn me very often, but last weekend I had the pleasure of getting ten cigarette burns!

Five on my right breast and five on my right butt cheek.
He told me He was not going to burn me long or deeply as He does not want to give me permanent scars.

But for the time they are there I am enjoying them, knowing they will heal and slowly disappear.
When He gave me them I was hooded, I could not see them coming and the first one was quite the sensation!
At first the shock, not realizing what had caused the burning on my breast. 
Then when I recognized the feeling, a jumping heart, knowing I would get some more and I would be able to see and feel them for a few days at least!

I wanted to lean into them, badly.....
I wanted to feel each burn much longer, but I stayed motionless.
The fight within myself to control that urge and to obey His wishes, to let Him give me the extent of pain He wanted to give me, made me feel even better.
Obedience is fulfilling.....very fulfilling.

He calls me a painslut - but it does not really hurt.
The sensation is actually the opposite, I love that first touch that makes a rush travel through my body, before it sends me over into a state of deep relaxation.
For a busy girl like me, the extreme calmness that I experience is rare.
In that moment nothing matters, there is nothing else but my Master who can give me that peaceful feeling.

And now, a few days after they have been given to me, I still experience the sensations while looking at them, touching them or feel them underneath my clothing.