Tit torture


Just a small taste of a video taken by my Master where He abused my tits.
The whole session took much longer then showed in this clip and at the end He smacked my tits so hard I had trouble staying in position, on my knees with my hands behind my back.

The pain was unbearable and yet I longed for more.

My pussy was dripping and my body was fighting both the pain and the upcoming orgasm.
I begged for release and when it finally was granted I exploded in the most cruel pain-gasm I could ever have imagined.

Afterwards my tits felt sore for days......yummy!


Throat Fucked

Often when I am worshiping my Master's cock, He starts fucking my mouth while He moves my head at the pace He wants, slamming  it up and down by my hair.
This does not happen gently and I have to get into the rhythm quick if I don't want to lose all my hair!

When His cock is big and hard He likes to thrust it deep into my throat and hold it there until I choke, often followed by hard deep penetrations which make me gag and produce tons of saliva.
When He pulls out for a second I can have a quick fresh breath of air, before He pushes me back over His cock again.
Master trained my mouth so that I hardly have any gag reflex anymore so When He fucks my mouth this way it gives me great sensations.
I like being forced, having no choice, being used as His fuck meat, Often these deep throat fucks result in intense orgasms for me. 

Partly because I simply love it, but also because when my mouth is filled with His cock I have permission to orgasm - and this freedom relaxes me deeply.

I can let myself go and lose myself in my Master.

When His throatfucking makes me cum, I hold my pussy to feel myself squirt.

Sometimes if my hand is really dripping with my juices Master will pause long enough to smear them on my face, or have me lick them up.

And then with the taste of my cunt fresh in my mouth - He will start fucking it again,


Clamping myself

After I had begged Him to hurt me, I had to put the clamps on myself.
First the crocodile clamps on my nipples, then the cloverleaf ones on each side of the ring through my pussy.
It always scares me to have to put them on myself, it seems to hurt even more then when He does it.
Sometimes I hesitate, but then force myself to put them on.....it is difficult and postponing will only make it worse, aside from the fact that Master demands immediate obedience.
Sometimes my nipples are abused before, which makes it the more painful.
When I put them on I tell myself it is Him who does it, I am just a tool.
Then when the pain has settled and I feel the warmth traveling through my body, I smile and quietly thank my Master.