Spanked and Fisted

He had my legs spread with the spreader bar while I was laying on my back with my labia pinched and spread with the cloverleaf clamps. 
He then tied my feet above my head to the bed end, so I was folded in two, completely immobile and helpless with my ass fully exposed, and my cunt clamped and open. 

I grabbed the bars with my hands, not knowing what would happen to me, not knowing what was going to happen to me, but knowing I loved it already.

I had my eyes closed to feel everything more intensely.
He could have just left me there and I would have cum for Him, since being tied up helpless and completely narrated to His will is one of the most intense experiences for me.

He pulled on the clamps as to spread my pussy wide open and I prayed he would penetrate me like that.

Then I felt something land sharply on my butt cheek, first on one and then on the other....
I suspected the belt but refused to open my eyes so as to not disturb this wonderful state I was in.
They blows landed in a hard steady rhythm.

He did not hold back and started to vary his targets including my pussy and thighs.

I moaned in pain and pleasure through the cock-gag he had forced and strapped into my mouth. 

I did not count the strokes. I wanted to float away in sub-space and feel that pleasure, that victorious feeling of pride, the overwhelming warmth that said 'More...please more, Master, I can take it'.
And then I was gone and with it was the pain.
I had given myself completely to my Master, leaving only trust and happiness.
All was in my Masters hands.

When I came around again, I am not sure if I had orgasmed (very probably), but my thighs felt sticky-wet, so at the least I had had a hard squirt.
I felt Him rubbing His lubed hand over my pussy, penetrating it with some fingers, spreading me slowly as to make His fuckhole more relaxed and wide open.
I knew He was going to fist me and I willed myselef to open up to make it easier and less painful. The first fisting is always hard, it seems my body does not want to cooperate and I have to really push against His fist as to get it inside me.

Then I felt the pressure of His four fingers in me and my body protesting, my pussy feeling like it was tearing open but my mind set to have it in me, no matter what.

Finally there was the overwhelming sensation when His fist finally slides in.

Once He was in me, He started to pump His fuckhole - slowly.

The pressure was still there, but the feeling was now nothing short of sensational.
I was completely filled up and could feel my juices wanting to come out, but there was no room.
I screamed of pure pleasure despite of the cock gag, grunting and barking like an animal.
My body finally began contract in the most primal way, nothing that could stop it from responding anymore to His abuse.

Then He pulled out he tugged on the clamps to keep my hole open.

I screamed again and soaked myself and the bed.

The second fisting came shortly after He retracted. I had just enough time to catch my breath.
This time it went right in so nice and smoothly and felt even better then the first one.
Sensing this, He began to fist fuck me harder and faster. Master's closed hand roughly thrashed inside His clamped hole. There was no resistance from me., and my hips arced upwards to receive his pounding fist.

Even though I could still feel my first fist orgasm fading away, I came again even harder. And again I screamed around the cock-gag.

I never felt Him leaving me. Just His two fingers steadily milking my pussy as to make me squirt and squirt and squirt.....
The river of juices that came out of me flowed down over my belly, my tits and my neck and I could almost taste them, but they were just out of reach.

Polishing His Boot


A rainbow of slave

'Can Master please pick one of these ?'