My slave name.....

....is now engraved on my new bowl!

My bowl is really not new, but an old one from my own dogs.
Master wanted me to pick one of the many they have, clean it thoroughly and have it ready.
Then when He was here He had me carry the bowl around at all times and make sure all my squirt, piss, His piss and spit was collected in it, so He could have me drink it all later.
When the bowl was pretty full He had me on my knees and fed it to me.
At first I was pretty reluctant, but He pushed the bowl into my mouth and made sure I drank every drop.
It felt as if I was drinking my Masters piss, except this was cold.
I felt the fluids spill over my breasts, drops sliding over my pussy onto the floor, and my mind was completely set into serving, drinking it because He wanted me to...and so I did...

,,,until I orgasmed.

From now on I have to eat and drink from that bowl whenever my Master is with me.

Where I Belong

There is something magical about kneeling before your Master, forced to take His cock in your mouth, being throat fucked hard, then feeling it slide in and out slowly...
You feel His hand on you tied hair, your head is moved back and forth, and you have no control over your movements.
Not that you want that....you want to follow His lead, His pace sucking cock, you need to feel that control He has over you.
You feel euphoric that you are allowed to taste His cock, feel it grow in your mouth.
Your whole body is meant to please, your mind is completely surrendered and your mouth is dripping wet.
Your heart misses a beat when He starts choking you with it, forcing it deep. You feel privileged and very happy that He taught you to take it as deep as possible.
Your body is for Him to use and you are grateful for it.
I don't need to look up, I feel Him, towering above me while on my knees below......where I belong.....at the feet of the one I belong to.


Spread wide open

And there I was.....on my back, legs tied wide open, one hand tied above me, the other to my leg, hooded, gagged and my pussy spread wide open with the clamps.
Earlier He had inserted the big strap-on cock inside my ass which was fucking me slowly each time I moved.
Immobile, no where to go and I cannot emphasise enough how much peace this brings me, being tied down, totally surrendered to the power of my Master.
Excitement hits me, what's He going to do to me this time ?
Pain for sure.....He likes giving it to me and I love it when He hurts me.
I wanted Him to touch me, hurt me, fuck me, anything......
Being restrained like that makes me want it all, all barriers are gone....

He whipped my pussy, hard and I whimpered.

I kept my body still, my legs spread, realizing the pain was much better to endure in this position anyways....
I slipped away, I laughed when I did, it means I had reached the point I can take anything....
It started to feel as if the whip merely touched my skin, my pussy lips, the inside of my thighs, caressing them.
It no longer caused pain, but warmth and I wanted to touch the warm swollen skin, feels its softness, but my hands were still tied.
I could feel a breeze before the whip landed on me, and knew I would be very sensitive there for a while.....

Every Last Drop

Leashed Puppies


Ready for the party


Caged Slut