My Submission

Submission is beauty.
It is a beauty that comes from my very soul.
It is a breaking down of the walls built up in my lifetime, allowing the beautiful, sensual slave to come through.

My submission is about sensuality.
It is about trust, communication, vulnerability, caring and honesty.
It is about being a graceful, devoted and committed slave who serves her Master unconditionally.

My submission is about knowing who I am and what I want.
I am not a weak person but just the opposite.
I am strong.
I am strong in myself and in the knowledge of who I am.
I could never submit out of weakness or desperation.
I submit out of strength, love and trust.

My submission is freedom.
It is a letting go of myself, knowing that my Master is there to catch me if I falter.
It is about pushing to be the very best I can be, not only as a slave, but also as a woman.