It hurts beyond belief being forced to spread on a piece of wood like this.....
With my feet up there is no way of finding relief for my ass and pussy and every movement presses harder - especially on the area between my fuck-holes.
Fortunately, I had been freshly whipped, and the sensation of the fresh bruises and welts on my ass provided some relief and distraction though and I welcomed it.

After a forever of suffering, He started to spank my tits with a mean dowel. It became too much and I orgasmed uncontrollably. I felt my pussy getting filled up with my own juices. Juices which were unable to escape due to the pressure of the beam.
I so desperately wanted to feel my warm cunt-juices flow and struggled to get that feeling that is the ultimate release.
I wanted to dirty myself, feel it flow out of me, drip over my thighs.

I tried to push them out with all I had, but was left frustrated since the orgasm wasn't complete.
I needed the feeling of my juices flowing so desperately, no orgasm is complete anymore without.
Soon I felt another one building up and my body found a way out...I pulled up my legs on the beam, a reflex so I was able to release the warm juice finally...

Afterwards my Master told me He will find a way I cannot pull up my legs again next time.


Squirting cunt


I am being used as I should be.
A wet, faceless, fuck-hole.

My hands mere instruments to stroke His cock into a rock-hardness until He decides to take my ass without preparation.
My pussy is just a warm-up hole, occasionally used before he He takes my favourite hole. 
The only lube He uses to enter my ass is saliva or my pussy juice. 

Sometimes He is gentle but often His entry is hard and deep in one sleek movement.

Often it is so intense I cum right away, even before He starts the rough fucking.

I am being taken as a piece of fuck-meat, just a hole for His pleasure.

Sometimes He spits on me, and forces fingers into mouth. Others, He steps on my head with one foot and pulls my hair while he slams into me.

He calls me the most degraded names.

It makes it all the better.

 I need to be used like this, crave for it daily, and when it finally happens, 
I'm the happiest slave ever....



In service

After being throat fucked



Masters new toy

I was already blindfolded when He came in.
He had me stand up and I heard Him moving around with something that sounded unfamiliar.
Then He had me climb one leg over something and it lifted me so far off my high heels that I barely could touch the ground.
The support was only temporarily, because He then raised my feet of the floor and tied them behind me.
My hands were tight above my head, my tits were clamped and then if that wasn't enough my nose-ring was leashed and tied, and threaded underneath my clamps. The weight of the clamps would now pull down on my leashed nose, and raising my head would tighten everything and cause the clamps to move deliciously.

My whole weight pressed on the unknown object between my legs.
I was naked the first time, (aside from my stockings and high heels) the jeans came on later when I was seated for a second round on the new torture device.
It was highly uncomfortable, strangely enough though, I never wondered exactly what it was, never tried to figure it out.
Instead I tried to get used to the strange sensations it gave me.
At first It was painful, then unexpectedly arousing.
The unknown exited me, as well as the crushing pressure between my legs that forced my pussy violently apart and made me soaking wet.
The hard surface pressed against my cunt-ring and with every move it rubbed hard against my clit.
I never once felt fear. I thought about my lack of it, found it amazing that I let anybody do this to me, fully blindfolded and tying me down on this thing.

But at the same time it comforted me, knowing my trust in Him is so complete.

Eventually He removed the tit clamps, and the nose leash so He could properly whip my tits.

I struggled helplessly.

I could not stop cumming.

Humiliation on display


cunt services her Master

cunt tortured



Throat fucked (video)


Faceslapped into orgasm

As usual on Tuesdays, my Master grabs my hair to stand me up from the kneeling position I wait in for His arrival.
He positioned me between the poles and tied my hands and feet to them with chains.

The welcome this day was to be a beating rather than polishing His boots with my cunt.

I was still untouched, no endorphins were rushing through my body to protect me, and with my mind still filled with daily crap, these beatings are hard to take.
He started with the whip, which I always find hard, even when I am in the right headspace.
His belt followed soon and I found my ass burning.
He started to hit my tits hard a few times, pinched them and I finally found pleasure in this pain.
When He unchained me, I was to kneel between His legs, my cunt hovering above one of His boots while stroking His cock.
He started to faceslap me, while He had His other hand wrapped around my throat.
It didn't take long before I felt my whole body respond to the abuse, my cheeks felt warmer after each slap and I closed my eyes.
The intensity was overwhelming and I didn't wanted it to stop.
Then I felt juices dripping and before I even realized it, I gushed allover His boot.

After cleaning it with my mouth, I got the same treatment with His other boot and it didn't take long before I covered the second one with my cunt juices, pushed by another amazing orgasm.

Messy cunt

Worshipping my Masters cock


Just feel

It's hard sometimes to turn your head off.
That's part of the joy of being a slave.
None of the decisions are yours anymore.
When you can't refuse anything and can't even move, those voices in your head go silent.
All you can do is feel.

Covered in cum

I was not allowed to consume the cum He had sprayed all over my face, which made me crave it so much that it was almost impossible to control.

After He was done I was allowed to clean the very last drops of Him from His cock, which satisfied me a little and I licked the surroundings of my mouth and whatever was dripping close enough to catch with my tongue.

Later, His second orgasm was in my mouth and I tasted it eagerly and gratefully while I could feel His first load caked and dried on my face.

throat raped

Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed my hair and threw me to the ground, my back against the bench.
Pinning my head to the bench with my hair, he knelt above me and forced His hard cock into my mouth.
Without warning or pause He simply fucked my face hole ruthlessly and all I could do was to lay back and let it happen.

It turned me on like nothing else and my pussy became soaking wet.

He went so deep, but I didn't gag, my throat was fully surrendered and ready to receive everything He would give me.
When He finally pulled out, I was covered in my own spit and slowly came back to my senses.

Everything seemed to have shut down during His assault, except the desire to service Him.
I don't even know if I orgasmed, but it didn't matter.

I felt broken, sore and wasted, but the mindset it put me in was way beyond .intense and amazing.

Fucking the butt plug


Stupid cunt


The 200th post


My Master told me to fill my holes and show myself like this to my followers.
So here I am !
My ass filled with the glas dildo, my cunt with a vib.


The world sees me as a woman in control, but she exists out of necessity, not desire.

Underneath my clothes I am a slave, longing for the moment I may submit to my Master again.
Craving the time I may feel and taste my submission, not just mentally, but in the raw flesh.

So I find myself touching my Mark, feeling my nipple rings through my clothes, my clit piercing rubbing against my jeans, and even my nosering dangling when I walk. I feel the need to play with my tongue piercing as if I was worshiping Him with it, and I take strength and comfort when I recite my Mantra.

All the while longing for the moment He will allow me to be me again, give me the release I so desperately need - and set me free.


' Make it nice and hard, so I can sodomize you again.....'

Everlasting sensations

I was mid-orgasm from helplessly fucking the chain between my legs when He took the clamps off my tits.
The exquisite pain made me cum even harder and afterwards my legs were literally dripping with my slut juices.

They were gone, but I could swear it felt as if they were still hanging from my nipples.

The sensation of my tits still being clamped persisted and I allowed myself to get carried away with it.
They continued to throb through an ass whipping from his belt, some lengthy cock-worship and an ass-fuck.

If I close my eyes I can still feel them....

Waiting for her whipping



Abusing His cunt



Tied solid on my back, legs wide spread, the only thing I could think of was being taken by Him, hard, ruthless, as if I was only there to fuck, use and abuse.
I loved that feeling of being immobilized and being surrendered to whatever He wanted to do to me.
Feeling so submissive, so enslaved, liberated, euphoric and overwhelmed with happiness.
The feelings surrounded me completely and every time I felt something against my ass or pussy I desperately wanted to push it inside of me, fuck it like I never fucked before....


His filthy pig


Yesterday was 'sling-fuck-time'.
I always really enjoy the sling, with my legs tied wide spread high above and my nose ring leashed to the overhead bar, there is hardly any escape the hard pounding I receive.
I love it, being spread wide open so He can thrust deep inside me, and there is nothing I can do about it but take it.
Sometimes I manage to lift my legs higher and tilt my hips so I can take even more of Him.

It brings on the most excessive squirts I ever had and combined with the orgasms they are pure ecstasy.
When I am not blindfolded I can watch His cock slide in and out of me, which I find very hot to watch and feel it at the same time.
This time I was hooded partially.

He told me I should 'oink' again and continue to do so until my orgasm was over.

I didn't feel the reluctance I had before when He made me 'oink' like a pig and I knew I would obey and even enjoy it.
I realised my nerves had settled and my submission was unconditional.

I felt peaceful, even to hesitate to comply to His demands always makes me feel as if I am failing Him as well as myself.

This time I felt my unwillingness completely vanish.

When He had secured me tightly in the sling, He put Himself between my spread legs and I felt His cock sliding slowly into me.
At first He he viciously pounded pussy and as I felt Him slam inside me, I felt the desire to cum growing simultaneously.
My cunt became so incredibly juicy and I knew I was going to squirt again excessively.
I tilted my hips so I could feel Him ram against my G-spot.

I could not care less if I had to say 'oink' the whole night long, I just wanted Him to keep on pounding me, and make me cum over and over again,

I heard Him say what a slut I am and that I was just a fuckhole, and the more he degraded me the more it drove me to my bliss.

As I had these liberating thoughts I felt I was close and started to say the words I had hated so much before, over and over again, and now they came so easily...
During my orgasm He pulled out, while my squirts were being forced out of me.

My body was still shaking from the orgasm when He entered me again and started to fuck me all over again,  and I loved it even more.

I oinked a lot more after that first one, even after He told me I didn't need to anymore....

When he asked me why I had to tell him the truth, 'because I like it'.

I am His filthy pig. 




'For the rest of the evening, you'll have to 'oink' when you are cumming and continue to say it until you are done......'

I froze up.
I have no problem begging for permission to cum when I feel an orgasm rising, but I detest making that noise.
I was just fucking His second boot and the urge to rub my cunt over it, wet it with my juices and cum disappeared immediately.
I rubbed it, but my motivation was gone.
I'd rather not cum then oink like a pig.
After a while my juices started to drip and I started to 'oink'
My submission and the inevitable urge to obey were stronger then my reluctance and resistance.
I cleaned his boot right after and felt relieved.



Seconds before He lead me off the bench I had two major anal orgasms.
They were so intense that I could not think clear anymore but I felt my pussy contract and willing to cum too.
I reached between my legs as He was dragging me behind Him by my nose-ring, but I couldn't stop it and a trail of juices was left on the way where He wanted me to kneel.
He tied me to the post, facing the mirror and told me to spread my legs, while I was still enduring this orgasm.
I looked in the mirror in front of me and saw Him sitting down on the couch.
My hands were behind my back and I looked at myself.
I felt proud seeing myself like that, not at all intimidated by my nakedness nor the fact that I still was dripping from cumming.
I felt at peace with myself, there used to be a time in my life that this would have felt odd, but strangely enough I found that idea unreal.
I looked at my breasts, marked by my Master with the big rings.
I never used to like them and now I love them, my slave-tits.
My hair was all messed up, my eyes run down from tears and yet I didn't care.
I felt my nose-ring and from time to time I even put some pressure on it, just to feel it.
The only real physical sign of my slavery in daily life and an essential one for me.
Nobody ever asks, but I know and that matters to me.
I felt so comfortable with myself that I was hardly conscious of the orgasms I conceived.
Each one made me feel more sexual and more desirable.
They were not caused by stimulation, neither were they ordered but they were real.
My mind was ordering my body and gave me that pleasure.
Slavery is so much more mental then anything else and I embraced it all over again.

Please fuck my ass Master (video)




Instead of kneeling before Him, the way I usually do when I drink His piss, with His cock close to my mouth so I can drink heavily, He had me lie on the floor on my back, legs wide spread.
I begged Him to degrade me as He towered above me, making me feel even smaller than usual.
I closed my eyes when I felt the first warm drops hit my face and I opened my mouth hoping I to catch as much as possible.
The taste was strong, as it always is the first time, and I knew I would carry that taste for many hours to come.
He then sprayed His hot piss all over my face, I felt it dripping in my ears, nose, neck and flowing under me.
My hair became wet from His golden shower and lying there I rubbed my cunt-piercing.

After just a few moments my orgasm squirted from me in a blast of cunt juices.

 Later that evening He had me lie down on the same spot again and I knew He was going to give me the same treatment as before.
The towels on the ground were still soaking wet, cold and uncomfortable.
Despite these distractions I obediently opened my mouth again, spread my legs and again played with His piercing over my clit. 
I tried to swallow as much as I could, but He insisted on pissing all over my face and tits.
When He was done I was literally covered in His piss, my hair was dripping and I could feel it cooling everywhere on my skin.

The next morning, when I woke up in my cage, my hair was still damp., and I could still smell it, taste it and   feel it allover me.
I smiled.

I am His filthy toilet.

His slave

I am His personal toilet
I am His fuckmeat
I am His ass to destroy
I am His painslut
I am His ashtray
I am His furniture
I am to be degraded and humiliated by Him
I am trained to obey Him
I am His throat-hole to choke-fuck
I am to worship his balls with my pierced tongue
I am His filthy ass licker
I am to eat any and every cunt He orders me to
I am to be used by others as he pleases
I am His cum slut
I am always wet and ready for Him
I am to be spit and pissed on
I am marked as His property
I am pierced for His pleasure

I am owned

I am His slave

Cleaning my filthy juices off my Masters boots


Fucking my Masters boot



I am a filthy pain-slut


Cum face

He whispered 'kiss' and automatically my hand closed gently around His cock, while I put my mouth on His balls, to lick and caress them with my tongue, my other hand gently stroking the area underneath His testicles.
The only sounds were His breath, which gave away His pleasure and my soft moaning, which gave away mine.
I was on my knees, legs wide spread, the way He wants it and it made my pussy dripping wet.
I felt my ass empty and started to fantasize how good it would feel that first entering.
How I would push backwards against His body, so I could take His cock in all the way, deep, deep inside me.
How I would moan, how it would make me cum, so deliciously intense.
I felt my nose-ring touching His body and it encouraged me to bring Him more pleasure, taste new areas.
My thoughts drifted away in different directions, but the enjoyment I received from pleasuring Him this way remained.
My body trembled from time to time, when I almost could feel Him inside me, or just out of contentment because I loved doing this so much.
Then I felt some muscles contract and He ejaculated while I held His cock against my face, leading it gently so it would spread allover.
It felt warm and I smiled gratefully, gently started to lick His cock and surroundings clean and after that my hand.
I slept in my cage that night still covered in His cum



Although I have been leashed through my nose quite a lot lately, Yesterday was the first time it was put on video.
I have seen myself a few times in the mirror like this, while servicing my Master or peeking into the mirror as I passed it, crawling, led by Him.
I was fascinated by the sight and found that image breathtaking.
I've seen myself many times in the big mirror of the Temple, but never was I so drawn to it that I hardly could keep my eyes of it.
I've tried to capture several images of one of the video's Master made, to find one image that shows me leashed by the nose-ring, held by my Master, but also one that shows how it really feels.
This is not the image of a slave just kissing her Masters cock.
This is the image of a slave serving her Master, one who looks at her mark each day to remind herself who she belongs to, her Master, her owner, who found her worthy of wearing His ring through her nose, so she can be leashed at all times, held by Him as His property, guided by it as He guides her through her life and holding her tight by that leash, so she feels united, secure and tremendously happy that the one who is holding the leash owns her in entirety.


Saddle raped

With my ass plugged and my pussy filled with the chain I was to sit on the saddle.
With my legs tied spread and my hands secured above my head, there was no way of relieving my body weight that pushed both implements deep inside my holes.
I was gagged and hooded and felt Master putting something on my nipple-rings.
I had no idea what it was, but whatever it was, it felt very nice.
I started to fuck the saddle, moving my hips slowly back and forth over the leather and made sure my cunt-piercing hit the front of the saddle every time I moved forward, touching my clit.
I imagined being fucked slowly in both holes while my nipples were being pulled.
Every move made me come closer, the sensations alternating between pressure on the butt-plug, moving the cunt-chain inside me and my ring pressing against my clit, while I felt the things hanging from my nipple-rings touch my body and cause delicious sensations to my tits and nipples.
I orgasmed a few times and each time I felt fuller and fuller, the juices were building up in my pussy, unable to come out due to the pressure and the chain.
At last I had such an intense one I pushed the butt-plug out and with it some of my juices managed to escape too.
They were warm and I felt them dripping along my inner thighs.
I knew I was still filled with them and I also knew that once the chain would be pulled out it would cause a waterfall of squirts, part of them already inside me, part caused by the intense sensations the removal of the chain would cause.



What I am for



As soon as I was done polishing His boots with my wet pussy and craving ass, He released me from the gag and hood and leashed me by my new nose-ring.
He said I trembled and saw my body react to the leashing.
He thought I was going to orgasm, He saw my excitement, my desire to be leashed, the response of my body to something irresistible.
The moment He clipped the leash brought me into a state of deep surrender, made me feel so intensely His property.
I always feel owned, but this was different.
It was if both my body and my mind were telling Him 'I am Your property, You own me completely' and I felt so safe and so peaceful and most of all thankful, that it was Him who leashed me.
He had me wear the leash during cock and ball-worship, lead me by it to the spot He wanted me to be, then tied me with it to the cage while He fucked me.
Everything felt so in place, as if I have been waiting for it to happen as He had told me so many times.
And although I treasure all of the piercings He gave me, the most fearful piercing became the most exceptional one.
It defines me perfectly, an owned slave who is proud to be His property and submits to His will.

Cunt present her holes

video                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             video



My new piercings

The old and the new nipple piercings

My new nose ring....finally !

Big rings !

I was sure the nose ring would work since it was only going to be exchanged for a closed ring of the same size as the horseshoe I was wearing for a few days.
However I wasn't too sure about the bigger and two sizes thicker nipple rings.
My fear became reality when the piercer could not get the bigger rings in either.
'No problem', she said when she took off and came back with a fat thick piercing needle.
She took my nipple in one hand and slid the thick steel without hesitation through the small hole and although I saw the whole thing happening, I did not realized right away I was pierced again.....
She kept on talking to me while she slid the ring in, while I was trying to cope with the severe burning feeling.
After it was in, she moved right away to the other nipple and again it was fast but very painful.
My tits were painful the whole day, but it was worth it, I've got my big rings in !


Cunt goes public

After my visit to the piercer Master told me to go for coffee and grind my butt plug while drinking it, until I had an orgasm or two :)
Being almost lunch hour and a holiday the place was filled.
I have orgasmed in public before, but always managed to find a secluded spot where I could do my assignment inconspicuously.
While ordering the coffee it also became obvious I was being noticed more then anybody else and people were staring at me, others touched each others elbow and bowed their heads in my direction, young people smiled at me in approval, the big ring through my nose had drawn every body's attention....
I welcomed the pain in my tits, it made me less caring what was going on around me and it felt as if I was sheltered from the rest of the world.
I found a spot with my back to a wall so at least I had nobody there to watch me.
I decided not to look at others, it might be too distracting and stared at my coffee with half eyes closed, concentrating on the delicious pain that burned up my nipples, and those presence of the plug tight in my ass.
I started wiggling as if I was uncomfortable with the chair and held my phone in one hand, coffee in the other so it would look like I was busy playing with my phone.
The thought of my Master fucking my ass became so strong that I could not control my movements anymore and I felt I was close.
I straightened my back as I came, squeezing my pussy in an attempt to control the flow of juices that squirted out of me, (unsuccessfully of course) and my jeans felt warm and wet.
I stood up, my cup was still full and walked to the entrance, head high, smiling....

Nose-tongue restraint

I was wearing the slave-ring barbel in my tongue and knew He was going to leash it to my nose-ring.
I wasn't too sure if I would be able to stick my tongue out far enough to make it work, how it would feel, or if it might pull on my nose-ring too hard.
As soon as He tied them together I felt relief and although it felt strange to be restrained like this, there was little pressure on my nose and I was able to keep my tongue in place.
My concerns disappeared and I started to enjoy it, my mouth started watering and I felt it dripping down allover my body.
I could feel my Masters excitement and it also had its effect on me, the sensations this unusual restraint caused travelled to my tits, which were still sensitive from the new rings and I felt them so clearly now.
My nipples started tingling and longing to be touched, squeezed, abused.
I found it amazing that being tied like this had immediate effect on the rest of my body and especially my state of mind.
More then any other restraint it made me surrender my mind completely and although I have felt this so many times, the intensity of this transition was one of the strongest I have ever felt.