May I please worship Your ass Master

Usually I am to lay on my back, my head positioned right under His ass, my legs wide spread.
I kiss it, lick it clean and find great pleasure in doing it.
While doing so I stroke His cock and my other hand is in between where I feel the muscles of His perineum react to what I am doing.
I feel the pleasure I am giving Him with both my mouth and hands, I feel His body respond to it and sometimes He orgasms from it.
My mouth can feel when it starts, feel the sperm being pushed out and land on my hands and face and it makes me incredibly happy.
During the pleasuring also my body responds to it and it doesn't take long for me to squirm, feel my pussy contract until I orgasm while I feel my juices flow.
Sometimes I fantasize that there is someone in between my legs too and the orgasm that follows feels like there is.
Sometimes I also am to kiss His ass while we are both on hands and knees, so I can bury my face in between His cheeks.
I can see myself in the mirror that way and I love seeing myself servicing my Master like that.
I see myself stroking His cock, feel my saliva dripping down my chin and use it as lube to pleasure His cock even more.
Being this the usual position Master fucks me, seeing myself worshipping His ass in the mirror, makes me dripping wet and also then it doesn't take long before my body takes over and explode in an uncontrollable orgasm.



Please degrade me Master

Down on my knees, legs spread, Him towering above me, I open my mouth and wait until He feeds me His piss.
He spits on me and I feel it dripping over my face.
I smile.....
I feel myself getting wet and seconds seem to be forever.
I begged to drink His piss, begged to be degraded, and now I'm waiting, anxious for it's taste, excited to feel it flow over my naked body until it reaches my pussy where I can rub it together with my own juices.
It always comes unexpected and tastes wonderful every time, feels amazingly warm too running over my body.
I want to drink it all and sometimes He lets me put my mouth over His cock so no drop is spilt.
Sometimes though He pushes my head away and pisses all over my face, tits and body.
And I just sit there, my back straightened, my head up, eyes down, as a proud slave who has just been degraded but feels non as such, she solemnly feels pride and honour by receiving Her Master's piss.


May I please be Your cunt Master

Every time I see my Master and as soon as I am at His feet I greet Him by begging if I please may be His cunt.
This way I show Him the proper respect and it also confirms I still want to be His and acknowledge Him as my Master, His property, His cunt.

My slavename is cunt and I've always been proud of that name He gave me.
He didn't let me choose when He gave me that name, I was cunt, he decided so, period.

Over time I became more attached and connected with that name then my given one.
I rather be called cunt and hearing people call me by my given name sounds like they are addressing to another person.
She is from my former life, the life I left behind.

I identify myself as cunt, I know this is part of the changes I went through, I was stripped from all old believes and habits and being given another name was part of that process.

Cunt is not just a name.
When I became cunt I started a new life, a much happier and fulfilling life, therefor I am always proud to greet my Master by saying 'May I please be your cunt Master' because of everything it means to me.



May I please worship Your cock Master

Hmmm....Cock worship....

I knew all day I had to write this post and it made me wet and horny just thinking about it.
I simply love to feel Him in my mouth, taste Him, feel Him grow, take it as deep as I can, being gagged by Him, bury my face into His groins....
I can do it for hours and never get tired or bored by it, it feels as if I am getting fucked, the same sensations go through my body and even though not directly stimulated I often orgasm just sucking His cock.

I am allowed to beg for it and sometimes when I have my hands on Him and my mouth is watering terribly I do, desperate to feel His hard cock in my mouth.
Sometimes it is granted, but not always and when that happens I start craving it even more.
I hate this feeling, it drives me insane because I want it so bad, but Master decided and I'll have to have patience....

When it finally is permitted the relief is incredible....


Harder please Master

Sometimes I just NEED to be fucked harder or hit harder.
The desire can be so strong, to feel Him take me as hard as He can, to be hurt as much as possible, to feel His power over me, to feel Him do this to me.
I am on speech restriction - always, but I am allowed to beg for certain things and this is one of them :

Harder please Master


Master, please fuck my ass

I never had anal until a few years ago, when it was introduced to me by a lover I had at that time.
He told me many woman adored it and preferred it over vaginal penetration.
I became curious and started experimenting anal sex with him.
I loved it from the first time he fucked me like that, so when I met my Master and found out He was very much into anal, I thought this was wonderful.
The lover was well endowed, but my Master even more, so when He fucked my ass the first time, I wasn't sure if I could take Him.
Although not very well anally trained I could and I remember the pressure of His big cock entering my now favorite fuckhole.
I loved it, although He was hard to take and I had to go through many ass fucks and training sessions before my ass was completely used to his abuse.
The ass fucks itself were painful at times, but especially the days afterwards my ass did hurt in the beginning of my training.
Also wearing a buttplug wasn't very pleasant in the beginning, but over time I could feel my ass getting used to it.
Now I can insert it without pain and wear it comfortably, it even pleasures me highly.
Ass fucks became more and more pleasant, I started to love getting fucked as hard as possible there, over and over again and the more I was used that way the more I wanted it.
I found that the more sensitive my ass gets the more I enjoy it, so each fuck gets better and better.
After my ass was fully adapted in taking my Masters cock in any way He wanted it, I started to crave it, more then anything else.
When I get excited I do feel my pussy getting dripping wet, but I feel my ass longing terribly to be fucked and the feeling there is hard to explain.
All I can think of is feeling His cock deep inside me there and it has driven me crazy many times waiting for it to happen.
Many times I have begged Him to please fuck my ass, because I could not take it any more.
I have become a total ass slut and there is absolutely nothing that comes even close to that feeling of having my ass fucked by my Master.