Nowhere to go

The instructions came before He arrived, I was to chain my cunt, fill my ass with the strap-on dildo, wear jeans, a sleeveless T-shirt and high heels, wear the ballgag and the black-out hood.
All filled up I was to wait for Him in position 2 between the posts.
Minutes seemed like hours, the position, crouched on my heels with my knees far apart, was most uncomfortable. There seemed to be hardly any place in my ass for the dildo due to the chain in my cunt and I had a hard time finding a position to keep it in as comfortable as possible.
I fell on my knees a few times and when He entered the room I could hardly stay in position.
I was relieved to hear Him command me to stand up, this felt much better.
He had me stand against one of the posts and tied my hands together behind them.
I felt out of place, my Master was with me and I could not greet Him properly, it made me feel as if I had done something wrong, but I simply could not follow that protocol being restrained like this.
I felt a belt going around my neck still unaware of what He was planning to do to me.
Then a strap between my legs, which he pulled hard, pushing the dildo further back into my ass making me feel as if I was ass raped sadistically.
Then He left me for a little bit, only to come back and clamp my nipples with the chain around the strap so that they pulled on them.
I heard Him sit down and eat, playing with the TV remote.
The strap was so tight against the dildo in my ass and my cunt that it gave me barely room to move.
I was happy to feel that the dildo started to feel nicer in my ass and I started to move my hips, pleased to find out this made the chain move in my cunt and the dildo sliding a bit in and out my ass.
My ass started to relax and my body started to respond to the abuse, I could not do anything else then fuck, thinking about getting fucked, hard.
I felt myself filling up with juices, which could not escape from my body, the chain was sitting too tight in my cunt.
I found out that I could pull the nippleclamps by stretching my body and I loved it, I even managed to pull one off a few times, causing incredible sensations to that one tit, followed by even worse pain again, because Master put it right back on.
And so I was left to fuck myself for who knows how long.....


Thank Y/you all !

A word of sincere appreciation to all the members, followers, friends and loyal readers of this blog.
Y/you and Y/your lovely comments mean a lot to me and I am pleased to find that my posts, pictures and video's entertain and please Y/you.
I am happy to have my exhibitionist side satisfied and want Y/you all to know that without Y/you this blog would not exist.
I write from my perspective as His slave, honest and open and hope my Master will allow me to keep posting for a long time to come.

Thanks !