Bruised again

My bruises weren't even fully healed before I got spanked and whipped allover again.
The part that was bruised the most the previous time hurt the most and welted up almost immediately.
I could feel my skin react to each slap with His belt and it turned me on.
I had touched the welts many times the week before and imagined I would feel that pleasure allover again for the next few days.
I hadn't been bruised so badly for a long time and was even afraid I would never get them so pretty anymore because my body has gotten used to the abuse.
My pussy started to loose fluids and with every slap I felt drops of it spreading.
The release felt good, the slaps on my wet skin felt more painful and made me scream through my gag.

I was free.


A waterfall of squirts

I just cleaned the mirror wall.

It was literally covered with my cum squirts.
I can't believe myself squirting so much and so many times after each other.
The new sex sling is awesome, He fucked me while I was restrained in there, ass fuck...pussy fuck...it didn't matter, I blasted my juices each and every time.
Then He beat up my pussy and ass while I was fully spread and tied by hands and legs, unable to move, unable to close my legs not even a tiny bit to make the hurt less.
Of course, this made me cum lots too....
Then He fucked me again and I still was not drained, my pussy and ass felt warm and sensitive from the beatings and even my clit piercing felt tender and painful.
Again it didn't take very long for me to cum again, the hard pounding against my sore pussy... the warmth I felt on my ass....being totally surrendered as a piece of fuck meat....I came in waves...and with each of them came the squirts again...