Cage treat

My Master has given His permission to sleep in my cage tonight.
All day long my mind wondered off and on to that moment I could crawl in there and surround me with the magic that is called slavery.
Sometimes I wonder how it would be if I could be in there to sleep always, eat, drink and waiting the rest of the time until Master needs His slave to please Him.
But life interferes and cage time is limited.
Therefor the time I am to spend in there is valuable and cherished.
Stripped from all, as if I have nothing, I will lay down, under my simple blanket and smell the scents we left behind today.

Boot worship




Present your tongue


'Still dripping .......?

......the question He texted me, a few hours after He left a full load in my ass.
I was....
The whole day I felt His cum slowly dripping out of my ass, and as if that wasn't enough it made me so horny again that my pussy started to drip.
I had to check my pants regularly during work to see if my wetness was showing.
I decided to wear jeans that day, regular work clothes would definitely have given me away.
As if that wasn't enough, I also felt my brutally violated ass with every movement and I I loved it.
At times my thoughts drifted away, thinking how much I enjoyed cleaning Him up right after He fucked my ass, licking all the spilled cum from His groin and cock. Tasting my filth on him, and loving it.
I slid my tongue over my lips and teeth to catch the last taste of His piss and spit both of which flowed over my face and into my mouth so generously that day.
I still could feel how it was having his hot piss running over my naked body and smiled knowing it was still there, dried onto my skin.
When I swept some hair away from my face I felt his dried spit stil there and my mind drifted away to that moment when I was last at His feet looking up to Him, when He spit on my degraded face, just before leaving.

The little girl

Sometimes the little girl comes out.
Stripped from all that is unwanted, the negative influences in life are blasted away and you become pure and innocent.
All that is left is the desire to be comforted, to be taken care of, to feel safe.
Just by feeling His hand on her cheek, on her head, her face in His lap or when she holds His legs while she is on her knees, is enough to let her out.
His touch comforts you, makes you feel safe and needed, you are His and He will take care of you, protect you, provide all you need.
The feeling is almost indescribable, a deep, blissful peace.
No words are spoken, there are no thoughts, just the feelings, the magical feelings.


Master told me He was going to mark me.
I wasn't going to see Him for a few days and He wanted me to wear His marks and feel the pain.
It has been a while since my ass was so severely bruised.
Also the marks on my thighs, legs and pussy are very visible and Master very rarely marks me there.
The aches the severe beating caused reminds me constantly of my Masters hand on me.
I don't need marks to know who owns me, who I belong to, I feel that every day of my life.
Still the marks have a deep impact on me, it tells me my place in life, teaches me humility.
They show me pain and pleasure shall be with me always - in my thoughts and my fantasies - for the contrast strengthens me to behave in the manner my Master expects of me.
They bring the memories I have from the last time I was in the presence of my Master and ensures me He is with me, always.
The beatings are also necessary to train me further, to discipline me and for Master to teach me to be able to take more and I trust Him to take me past my limits when He expects that I am ready, so it will please Him more.
I want to suffer for my Master in ways that please Him.
I am proud to wear the marks upon my body given to me by my Master.



Tormenting a piss-slut

Sometimes He will gag me and then piss all over my face.

Part of me doesn't like it, because I crave to have my head tilted back and mouth wide open, to have Him piss deep down my throat, and to drink every drop - and the gag eliminates this possibility.

He knows how much I crave to swallow it, and He enjoys watching me struggle for a taste through the gag.

And so I feel its degrading heat on my face, before rolling down over my tits and my shaved cunt, where its then left to dry.

Bootfucked while chained

Master had me lay down on my back on the bench and told me to insert the chain inside my pussy.
It was still sensitive from the baseball bat and it took all of my self control not to orgasm during feeding the chain into my fuck hole.
I had to take it slow as to let my body get used to another invasion of something that felt so good I could cum over and over again.
After I was done and the 3 feet chain was fully inside me, Master placed His boot right on top of my pussy and started to put pressure on it.
The boot felt hard and uncomfortable against my sensitive pussy and yet I started to fuck it slowly.
The pressure of the boot moved the chain gently inside me and I started to drift away from the pleasure.
I am not sure how long I have been laying there, rubbing against the boot, working myself slowly up to an orgasm, from time to time feeling His boot alternating putting pressure between my ass and pussy.
I also don't remember how many times I actually did cum, I only know I was in subspace, laying down, so immensely relaxed, feeling the chain move inside me, feeling His boot rubbing me on the outside and I wanted to stay there.
When He finally removed His boot and ordered me up, my first reaction was to grab His boot and press it back against me, but I didn't.
I obeyed and sat before Him.
Much later when He finally decided to pull the chain, I orgasmed from it followed by a stream of squirts which soaked the bench and towels.
When it was over I felt exhausted and drained, even my mouth was dry but it didn't matter...I was still flying high......

Brutalized in the sling


Pussy spanking