Instead of kneeling before Him, the way I usually do when I drink His piss, with His cock close to my mouth so I can drink heavily, He had me lie on the floor on my back, legs wide spread.
I begged Him to degrade me as He towered above me, making me feel even smaller than usual.
I closed my eyes when I felt the first warm drops hit my face and I opened my mouth hoping I to catch as much as possible.
The taste was strong, as it always is the first time, and I knew I would carry that taste for many hours to come.
He then sprayed His hot piss all over my face, I felt it dripping in my ears, nose, neck and flowing under me.
My hair became wet from His golden shower and lying there I rubbed my cunt-piercing.

After just a few moments my orgasm squirted from me in a blast of cunt juices.

 Later that evening He had me lie down on the same spot again and I knew He was going to give me the same treatment as before.
The towels on the ground were still soaking wet, cold and uncomfortable.
Despite these distractions I obediently opened my mouth again, spread my legs and again played with His piercing over my clit. 
I tried to swallow as much as I could, but He insisted on pissing all over my face and tits.
When He was done I was literally covered in His piss, my hair was dripping and I could feel it cooling everywhere on my skin.

The next morning, when I woke up in my cage, my hair was still damp., and I could still smell it, taste it and   feel it allover me.
I smiled.

I am His filthy toilet.

His slave

I am His personal toilet
I am His fuckmeat
I am His ass to destroy
I am His painslut
I am His ashtray
I am His furniture
I am to be degraded and humiliated by Him
I am trained to obey Him
I am His throat-hole to choke-fuck
I am to worship his balls with my pierced tongue
I am His filthy ass licker
I am to eat any and every cunt He orders me to
I am to be used by others as he pleases
I am His cum slut
I am always wet and ready for Him
I am to be spit and pissed on
I am marked as His property
I am pierced for His pleasure

I am owned

I am His slave

Cleaning my filthy juices off my Masters boots


Fucking my Masters boot