Abusing His cunt



Tied solid on my back, legs wide spread, the only thing I could think of was being taken by Him, hard, ruthless, as if I was only there to fuck, use and abuse.
I loved that feeling of being immobilized and being surrendered to whatever He wanted to do to me.
Feeling so submissive, so enslaved, liberated, euphoric and overwhelmed with happiness.
The feelings surrounded me completely and every time I felt something against my ass or pussy I desperately wanted to push it inside of me, fuck it like I never fucked before....


His filthy pig


Yesterday was 'sling-fuck-time'.
I always really enjoy the sling, with my legs tied wide spread high above and my nose ring leashed to the overhead bar, there is hardly any escape the hard pounding I receive.
I love it, being spread wide open so He can thrust deep inside me, and there is nothing I can do about it but take it.
Sometimes I manage to lift my legs higher and tilt my hips so I can take even more of Him.

It brings on the most excessive squirts I ever had and combined with the orgasms they are pure ecstasy.
When I am not blindfolded I can watch His cock slide in and out of me, which I find very hot to watch and feel it at the same time.
This time I was hooded partially.

He told me I should 'oink' again and continue to do so until my orgasm was over.

I didn't feel the reluctance I had before when He made me 'oink' like a pig and I knew I would obey and even enjoy it.
I realised my nerves had settled and my submission was unconditional.

I felt peaceful, even to hesitate to comply to His demands always makes me feel as if I am failing Him as well as myself.

This time I felt my unwillingness completely vanish.

When He had secured me tightly in the sling, He put Himself between my spread legs and I felt His cock sliding slowly into me.
At first He he viciously pounded pussy and as I felt Him slam inside me, I felt the desire to cum growing simultaneously.
My cunt became so incredibly juicy and I knew I was going to squirt again excessively.
I tilted my hips so I could feel Him ram against my G-spot.

I could not care less if I had to say 'oink' the whole night long, I just wanted Him to keep on pounding me, and make me cum over and over again,

I heard Him say what a slut I am and that I was just a fuckhole, and the more he degraded me the more it drove me to my bliss.

As I had these liberating thoughts I felt I was close and started to say the words I had hated so much before, over and over again, and now they came so easily...
During my orgasm He pulled out, while my squirts were being forced out of me.

My body was still shaking from the orgasm when He entered me again and started to fuck me all over again,  and I loved it even more.

I oinked a lot more after that first one, even after He told me I didn't need to anymore....

When he asked me why I had to tell him the truth, 'because I like it'.

I am His filthy pig. 




'For the rest of the evening, you'll have to 'oink' when you are cumming and continue to say it until you are done......'

I froze up.
I have no problem begging for permission to cum when I feel an orgasm rising, but I detest making that noise.
I was just fucking His second boot and the urge to rub my cunt over it, wet it with my juices and cum disappeared immediately.
I rubbed it, but my motivation was gone.
I'd rather not cum then oink like a pig.
After a while my juices started to drip and I started to 'oink'
My submission and the inevitable urge to obey were stronger then my reluctance and resistance.
I cleaned his boot right after and felt relieved.



Seconds before He lead me off the bench I had two major anal orgasms.
They were so intense that I could not think clear anymore but I felt my pussy contract and willing to cum too.
I reached between my legs as He was dragging me behind Him by my nose-ring, but I couldn't stop it and a trail of juices was left on the way where He wanted me to kneel.
He tied me to the post, facing the mirror and told me to spread my legs, while I was still enduring this orgasm.
I looked in the mirror in front of me and saw Him sitting down on the couch.
My hands were behind my back and I looked at myself.
I felt proud seeing myself like that, not at all intimidated by my nakedness nor the fact that I still was dripping from cumming.
I felt at peace with myself, there used to be a time in my life that this would have felt odd, but strangely enough I found that idea unreal.
I looked at my breasts, marked by my Master with the big rings.
I never used to like them and now I love them, my slave-tits.
My hair was all messed up, my eyes run down from tears and yet I didn't care.
I felt my nose-ring and from time to time I even put some pressure on it, just to feel it.
The only real physical sign of my slavery in daily life and an essential one for me.
Nobody ever asks, but I know and that matters to me.
I felt so comfortable with myself that I was hardly conscious of the orgasms I conceived.
Each one made me feel more sexual and more desirable.
They were not caused by stimulation, neither were they ordered but they were real.
My mind was ordering my body and gave me that pleasure.
Slavery is so much more mental then anything else and I embraced it all over again.

Please fuck my ass Master (video)