Throat fucked (video)


Faceslapped into orgasm

As usual on Tuesdays, my Master grabs my hair to stand me up from the kneeling position I wait in for His arrival.
He positioned me between the poles and tied my hands and feet to them with chains.

The welcome this day was to be a beating rather than polishing His boots with my cunt.

I was still untouched, no endorphins were rushing through my body to protect me, and with my mind still filled with daily crap, these beatings are hard to take.
He started with the whip, which I always find hard, even when I am in the right headspace.
His belt followed soon and I found my ass burning.
He started to hit my tits hard a few times, pinched them and I finally found pleasure in this pain.
When He unchained me, I was to kneel between His legs, my cunt hovering above one of His boots while stroking His cock.
He started to faceslap me, while He had His other hand wrapped around my throat.
It didn't take long before I felt my whole body respond to the abuse, my cheeks felt warmer after each slap and I closed my eyes.
The intensity was overwhelming and I didn't wanted it to stop.
Then I felt juices dripping and before I even realized it, I gushed allover His boot.

After cleaning it with my mouth, I got the same treatment with His other boot and it didn't take long before I covered the second one with my cunt juices, pushed by another amazing orgasm.

Messy cunt

Worshipping my Masters cock


Just feel

It's hard sometimes to turn your head off.
That's part of the joy of being a slave.
None of the decisions are yours anymore.
When you can't refuse anything and can't even move, those voices in your head go silent.
All you can do is feel.

Covered in cum

I was not allowed to consume the cum He had sprayed all over my face, which made me crave it so much that it was almost impossible to control.

After He was done I was allowed to clean the very last drops of Him from His cock, which satisfied me a little and I licked the surroundings of my mouth and whatever was dripping close enough to catch with my tongue.

Later, His second orgasm was in my mouth and I tasted it eagerly and gratefully while I could feel His first load caked and dried on my face.

throat raped

Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed my hair and threw me to the ground, my back against the bench.
Pinning my head to the bench with my hair, he knelt above me and forced His hard cock into my mouth.
Without warning or pause He simply fucked my face hole ruthlessly and all I could do was to lay back and let it happen.

It turned me on like nothing else and my pussy became soaking wet.

He went so deep, but I didn't gag, my throat was fully surrendered and ready to receive everything He would give me.
When He finally pulled out, I was covered in my own spit and slowly came back to my senses.

Everything seemed to have shut down during His assault, except the desire to service Him.
I don't even know if I orgasmed, but it didn't matter.

I felt broken, sore and wasted, but the mindset it put me in was way beyond .intense and amazing.

Fucking the butt plug


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