It hurts beyond belief being forced to spread on a piece of wood like this.....
With my feet up there is no way of finding relief for my ass and pussy and every movement presses harder - especially on the area between my fuck-holes.
Fortunately, I had been freshly whipped, and the sensation of the fresh bruises and welts on my ass provided some relief and distraction though and I welcomed it.

After a forever of suffering, He started to spank my tits with a mean dowel. It became too much and I orgasmed uncontrollably. I felt my pussy getting filled up with my own juices. Juices which were unable to escape due to the pressure of the beam.
I so desperately wanted to feel my warm cunt-juices flow and struggled to get that feeling that is the ultimate release.
I wanted to dirty myself, feel it flow out of me, drip over my thighs.

I tried to push them out with all I had, but was left frustrated since the orgasm wasn't complete.
I needed the feeling of my juices flowing so desperately, no orgasm is complete anymore without.
Soon I felt another one building up and my body found a way out...I pulled up my legs on the beam, a reflex so I was able to release the warm juice finally...

Afterwards my Master told me He will find a way I cannot pull up my legs again next time.


Squirting cunt


I am being used as I should be.
A wet, faceless, fuck-hole.

My hands mere instruments to stroke His cock into a rock-hardness until He decides to take my ass without preparation.
My pussy is just a warm-up hole, occasionally used before he He takes my favourite hole. 
The only lube He uses to enter my ass is saliva or my pussy juice. 

Sometimes He is gentle but often His entry is hard and deep in one sleek movement.

Often it is so intense I cum right away, even before He starts the rough fucking.

I am being taken as a piece of fuck-meat, just a hole for His pleasure.

Sometimes He spits on me, and forces fingers into mouth. Others, He steps on my head with one foot and pulls my hair while he slams into me.

He calls me the most degraded names.

It makes it all the better.

 I need to be used like this, crave for it daily, and when it finally happens, 
I'm the happiest slave ever....



In service

After being throat fucked



Masters new toy

I was already blindfolded when He came in.
He had me stand up and I heard Him moving around with something that sounded unfamiliar.
Then He had me climb one leg over something and it lifted me so far off my high heels that I barely could touch the ground.
The support was only temporarily, because He then raised my feet of the floor and tied them behind me.
My hands were tight above my head, my tits were clamped and then if that wasn't enough my nose-ring was leashed and tied, and threaded underneath my clamps. The weight of the clamps would now pull down on my leashed nose, and raising my head would tighten everything and cause the clamps to move deliciously.

My whole weight pressed on the unknown object between my legs.
I was naked the first time, (aside from my stockings and high heels) the jeans came on later when I was seated for a second round on the new torture device.
It was highly uncomfortable, strangely enough though, I never wondered exactly what it was, never tried to figure it out.
Instead I tried to get used to the strange sensations it gave me.
At first It was painful, then unexpectedly arousing.
The unknown exited me, as well as the crushing pressure between my legs that forced my pussy violently apart and made me soaking wet.
The hard surface pressed against my cunt-ring and with every move it rubbed hard against my clit.
I never once felt fear. I thought about my lack of it, found it amazing that I let anybody do this to me, fully blindfolded and tying me down on this thing.

But at the same time it comforted me, knowing my trust in Him is so complete.

Eventually He removed the tit clamps, and the nose leash so He could properly whip my tits.

I struggled helplessly.

I could not stop cumming.

Humiliation on display


cunt services her Master

cunt tortured