Cunt spread open (video)


Tied to be fucked


On my toes

When I'm with my Master and allowed to walk, I always walk on my toes as He taught me.
This became such a second nature to me that I always walk like this, even outside the Temple. I prepare His food and drinks like this in the kitchen and I bring it to Him on my tiptoes.
Even when I am all alone in the house I am usually barefoot and move around like this, not even thinking about it.
It may not seem very significant, but to me it is.
It comes as intuitive as being on my knees or holding my eyes down when I am with Him.
I enjoy and need the consistency to behave as who I really am, a slave, His slave.


'Do you have hot sauce in the house, such as Tabasco...' He asked....
I said ' Yes Master, I think so.......' and I knew instantly it was going to be gruesome.
I had read about the use of it in play a long time ago and I remembered the horrific stories about the unbearable burning effect it has when being put on genitals.
I went to get the sauce, not knowing what to expect, yet curious what He was planning to use it for and about the effect it would have.
He had me kneel before Him with my legs wide spread, then blindfolded and gagged me. He then told me to hold my pussy wide open with both hands.
I shivered, but obeyed and I felt Him touch my clit and inner-labia.
I shivered again just from His touch on those parts that haven't been used for two-and-a-half week now, due to the healing piercings.
I wasn't worried about the sauce anymore, I was hoping He would continue to touch me there, because it felt so good.
But as soon as He put it where He wanted it, He took His finger off and had me lay back on my back in front of Him, legs wide spread.
The burning started suddenly and was severe.
I tried to cope with it, but it was hard, almost intolerable and yet still I just lay there.
I wondered if it would wear off at a certain time or if it had to be washed off. I wondered if it would diminish in time.
It didn't and it even felt as it was getting worse.
I started to cry, not from sadness or despair but sometimes when things get too hard, I find release in it and it seems to help bear the torture.
I also believe it is my way of showing my submission even in such a painful situation and that I am not afraid to show Him my tears.
It comforts me knowing that He can break me at any time, but doesn't. Knowing all He does makes me stronger.
Suddenly I got calm and allowed the sensations to take over, the heavy burning was still there but it made me feel as if I was whipped hard there to the point I couldn't take it anymore and yet that next swat with the whip pushed me over the edge.
I started to orgasm, squirming, squirting, probably yelling from underneath my gag.
It continued as the burning didn't stop and it made my orgasm go on and on.
When I was finally done. He had me sit up and asked 'do you want to wash it off ?'
I responded 'No, Master' and He started to laugh out loud....



Ass whipped



Just a tool

Whilst searching for pictures for my Tumblr I stumbled on the writings of a sub describing one of her experiences.

She was being pimped out by her hubby to a couple.
Although being pimped out is not one of my fantasies, what attracted me in the story was how they treated the sub.
At one point the woman ordered her to suck his cock, while she placed her foot at the back of the sub's head, pushing her face to take his cock all the way down her throat.

It was the woman who was getting him off using the sub's mouth as a tool, and by dictating the rhythm.
The husband was moaning out loud at what must have been the ultimate sight and feeling.
After he was fully erect they ordered the sub on hands and knees and the woman told her to eat her pussy while her husband would fuck her.

What was so damn hot about this was the fact that they again used her to get each other off, the husband even held back until his wife was cumming under the subs mouth.
The sub was blindfolded the whole time.

The story made me relive that feeling of objectification I felt so strongly yesterday.
I was blindfolded and wearing the new spider gag.
To make the hood and gag fit better I was wearing pig tails (there is a center strap on the spider gag that gets interfered with by my regular pony-tail).

At a certain point Master grabbed both tails and forced my mouth down over His cock, and then began pumping my throat long and deeply over it.
I had no control, He was simply using His fuckhole the way He wanted to.

The spider gag added to the feeling of having no control, as you can't open or close your mouth, or even put your lips around His shaft. All you can do is move your tongue over a limited area of His cock.

I simply surrendered, and it brought me so much pleasure that I can still feel it to the deepest of my core.
In one simple act He proved His Dominance over me and made me feel exactly how I needed to feel.
Overpowered, taken, used, all control taken away, all decisions were now His.
I no longer had a choice, even if I wanted one.

Having no choice, no matter what happens, and to be able to surrender so delightfully, makes the moment so intense that you feel your slavery deeply rooted inside of you.

It is the most amazing feeling that my Master gives me - over and over again.

Hand on my throat

My pierced pussy

It was decided a long time ago.
Master wanted my pussy pierced with six piercings, so I would have ten piercings in total for His pleasure.
I had to take the HCH ring out a little while back, since it was torn and having my pussy totally naked like that was an awful feeling.
So last week I went to a recommended piercer, since my regular one does not do genitals and had two labia rings done and a VCH.
I have to go back in a few weeks to have the last three done, two more labia's and a triangle which goes under the clit (which should provide pressure on it from underneath!)

No pussy sex, pussy spankings or even the slightest touch for four weeks.

It feels horrible, the healing process has begun and it itches.
The itch makes me want to touch it, but I'm not allowed which makes me even hornier.
So I burn and ache and above all I suffer and long.

I comfort myself with the thoughts of being used while I would feel all the piercings.
I can't imagine how wonderful it would feel when He makes me cum again, just by touching me there.
How He would use the rings to tie me closed or to spread me wide open.
How much more pleasure He will have feeling the rings sliding over His cock when He penetrates me.

I could feel the rings move while He fucked my ass Yesterday and can only imagine how much better every ass fuck will be as soon as it is all done and healed.
I felt them sliding over His legs too for a bit while I was riding His cock and it was sensational.

I even felt them moving slightly during a spanking, which made me even more desperate, knowing they are not to be used for what now seems like forever.

I felt Him examine them without touching, while I was tied down and wished it was that time, that they were all done and He could go all the way.
When that moment finally arrives, I will truly explode.


Filthy whore

Being dressed with my dress pulled up, exposing my sex, makes me feel more naked and vulnerable then being naked as usual, only wearing my collar and cuffs.
It gives a strange kind of sensation, being displayed like this.
The moment He pulls it up, is one of the most breathtaking moments I have ever experienced.
I never feel naked when I am naked around Him, but this is different.
I feel my dress partially covering me, I am not fully naked nor fully dressed.
I like the thrill of it, the difference.
I feel like a whore, who was dressed but Her Master just pulled up her dress for everyone to see.
For His pleasure.
Tied so I can't do anything but let Him watch me getting soaking wet by just the feeling of being partially dressed, by being forced to feel the chain on my cunt, not able to control rubbing it in front of Him.
It confirms that I am His property and He can do with me whatever He wants.....even when I am dressed.

First session with the spider-gag


This is how I entered the new year

Happy New Year everyone !