It is always there...the need for the feeling of being dominated, the desire to be used, to be on my knees, to be tied, to be hurt, to be degraded, and most of all to be allowed to be the slave that I am.

Yesterday, these feelings were stronger then ever.

I needed to be tortured until I cried, I needed to be called names, I needed to be used and fucked for His pleasure, I craved to be abused.

I typically leave a message on the door for Him to see at His arrival.

This time I wrote: ' Master, please make me faceless, beat me senseless and use this slave-meat for Your spit, piss and cum until she is just covered in it, making her feel and smell like the filthy pig she is....'

....And then He did  :-)

Slave meat


He had spit on my face before He put the gag on, I could feel His saliva tense while it dried on my skin.
I just sat there with my legs spread wide open, felt the chains pull on my pussy lips with every move.
Then He pissed all over me - my face, my hair, my tits, my sex, my clothes.
I tried to taste it, but I was gagged and all I could do was to feel the warmth of His piss flowing underneath the gag, close enough to smell it, but unable to taste.
I felt my nipples harden and all I could think of was getting fucked hard and mercilessly while my face and body were still wet from Him.
I imagined His hardness thrusting deep inside me, using me over and over again, as the slave-meat I am.
I could feel my pierced clit throbbing while I was left there, wet and exposed, filthy and degraded, until I couldn't take it anymore and exploded.

Leather and cock


Piss whore

Tied to my cage

Sometimes He ties me to my cage (like in the picture above), but lately He tried it with me standing in front of it, bent over, and my hands tied in front of me.
The last time He did this, He spread my pussy wide open with chains through the new rings, had me blindfolded and mouth forced open with the spider gag.
I was fucked doggie style over my cage like this, then beaten and left there to suffer with Tabasco on my clit.
To complete my torture, my ass was then dripped with hot wax.

The fucks were amazing, I never had such intense pussy fucks EVER, they resulted in truly unbelievably intense orgasms.
I squirted so much that when it was time to make my bed, there was still a big puddle of my juices inside my cage.

I truly hope this will happen again and that it will be filmed so I can watch it :)

Pierced fuckpig comes on command




Before Master arrives I like to spend some time alone in the Temple.
First I have to get things ready as He usually gives me a list beforehand what He wants done and what He wants me to wear.
Second because I need time to calm my overheated and cluttered mind and become centered and receptive to my own submission and the will of my Master.
I need to transform myself from daily life where I often run so fast I lose track.
I need to clear my mind and focus on the here and now.
So I sit there, in position, legs spread, facing the mirror and look at myself and soon I reach that level of serenity that leads to a clear mind and an open heart.
All my energy is turning into anticipation and desire for my Master and His will and I am where I need to be, centered, peaceful, serene and aroused.

He also gives me time to centre myself when He is here.
Whether I am bound, set aside, or performing a simple task like kissing His feet, it has the same effect on me.
Totally exposed and vulnerable, it leads my mind into a place of serenity and acceptance.

This state of mind inevitably turns into the horny anticipation for what Master has planned next for me. I get excited and very wet.

I am focused on Him, ready to give myself without hesitations or reservations, ready to serve.

Boot worship (video)


The triangle piercing

From Wikipedia;

"A triangle piercing is one of several forms of female genital piercing. The piercing passes from side to side, beneath the base of the clitoral hood tissue where it meets the inner labia and under the clitoris. The name is derived from the tissue where the labia meet the clitoral hood, which looks like a triangle when pinched. This is the only genital piercing that can stimulate the clitoris from behind it, although it does not pass through the clitoris or the clitoral shaft. It is said to be one of the more painful genital piercings because it passes through so much tissue and so many nerves.
Most women do not have the proper anatomical features for this piercing. It requires that the back of the clitoral hood extend outward from the body somewhat"

'One day after the piercings were done..still swollen'

Lucky me!... after examining my clit-area thoroughly the piercer and her boss determined my anatomy was perfect for this kind of piercing.
They measured every inch of it with precision tools over and over again, to make sure it was placed correctly.
They even made the jewelry themselves so it would fit me perfectly.
Although not very nervous at the beginning, I started wishing it was done and over with, knowing this would be a very painful one.
Finally there was hard grip of the pliers on my clit, pulling it all the way out.
And then the piercing itself.....halfway first, then repositioning of the pliers, before she could push it through the other half.
It felt as if my clit was being ripped off.
But I knew it was done and that made me bear the pain.
The last two labia piercings weren't as bad and I couldn't wait to see my pussy fully pierced.
She handed me a mirror and I was fascinated by the sight, unable to keep my eyes off it.
Finally after wanting it for so long...my pussy is perfectly pierced now!