I am now very used to it.....being leashed all the time by my nose-ring.
I miss it when it is off and even dislike the feeling when He takes it from me.
I love to suck His cock or lick His balls while He pulls it, and crave for Him to tie me to the cage like a dog before fucking me.
He pulls me up by it when needed or leads me to wherever He wants.
I respond to the slightest pull and know almost immediately what He wants.
I love the feeling of deep connection to Him while He holds it.

I adore being leashed this way, it makes me feel more His property then just about anything else.

Well used

Pain and more pain today....I can still feel my freshly beaten ass and my burning pussy, which had hardly been touched for weeks.
Not used to being hurt there again (I had to wait for the new piercings to heal) but it feels wonderful now, as if it was the first time.
The piercings stayed in place and added to the sensations, much more then I expected.
Bound to the post, the pressure of a thick chain on my already sensitive clit, and caught indefinitely in between the labia piercings, made me cum over and over again.

He rubbed it (twice) with Hot sauce, it was beaten, flogged, and squeezed, and it was already very sensitive.
Hours later when He slid His hard cock in it, I could still feel how sensitive it was due to all that abuse.
The pussy is not useless anymore and it feels better then ever !

The anal hook

Master recently got me an anal hook and I enjoyed it quite a lot!
I had never wanted one, or even been that curious about them really.
On the contrary in the pictures I saw, they looked rather cruel and uncomfortable.

However this one is very comfortable and gives a nice smooth, solid sensation while wearing it.
When He moved it around at times it stimulates wonderfully, but the real surprise was that it feels REALLY awesome when I orgasm and squirt!

The feeling became so intense during a vaginal orgasm one time that an anal one followed on top of it.
I haven't been pussy-fucked yet with the hook in my ass, but I'm sure also this will be an awesome experience!


Again Master closed my pussy, this time with a carabiner.
Until He returns I shall feel His confinement during work, grocery shopping, sleeping and everything else that comes with life....



Tied on top of my cage (video)




Before He left He locked my pussy rings.

'Now you are ready for work.
You may take them off tomorrow evening just before I arrive and put the locks back on your handcuffs'

I must have looked surprised because He asked if I had any concerns.
I told Him I didn't and He assured me I was allowed to take them off in case it caused any trauma to my piercings.
Meantime thoughts of fear, excitement and visualising this ran through my head.
I wanted this more then anything, but.......

.....would it show through my uniform ?..... would it make me extremely wet to the point that it would show wet spots ? .....would anybody hear the locks bounce together as I walked ?.......

I knew I would love to experience the feeling, the thought of Him locking my pussy in daily life, not accessible for anyone but Him.

My concerns in regards to it being visible to the outside world were offset as soon as I got dressed for work after He left.
It wasn't visible, but I could feel them more then being naked.
My excitement grew with the minute.

After a few hours I got used to the feeling and felt pleasantly reminded of them when I sat down or had to bend to the floor.

When I got home and undressed myself I noticed how wet it had made me all day....my pants showed a huge wet spot in between my legs !

Seduced by my own words

My cunt was spread wide open by the new cunt-spreaders.
It took a while to get used to them since they had never been attached to the latest piercings before, but I appreciated everything that was done to my cunt, a cunt that is useless right now, barely touched, a fuckhole burning and aching for everything that I am missing right now.
Sometimes He squeezes it or put just one finger in to tease me, giving me just a taste of what I am missing, making me squirm and suffer.
Making me want to beg for it, plead to please fuck me rough and hard and to release me of this terrible useless feeling.
But I won't...I know He will not grant it and that will make my suffering even worse.

He had me lying on the fuck-bench, and ordered 'number 8'.
I started to degrade myself.
Telling Him what a dirty filthy pig I am, that I am a worthless piece of shit, only good to be pissed and spit upon and used as a couple of fuck-holes.
The more I degraded myself in front of Him, the wider I spread my legs, making the degradation even worse by exposing myself that way.

When he asked 'What do You want me to do to your cunt' I answered, 'Fuck it, Master'
because that was the one thing I so desperately want, to receive Him, to feel His hard cock thrusting inside of me, feel His body press on my piercings, while I continue to degrade myself in ways I could never have imagined.

Instead He just left me there and I kept on degrading myself, while I moved my hips, ready and aching for a real fuck.
My own words drove me further into ecstasy and my movements made the cunt-straps pull my labia so I could imagine a little bit how it would feel being cunt fucked like that, spread wide open.
The more I craved to feel Him fucking me like that, the closer I came to orgasm.

Finally I heard Him say 'Now'...
... and I obeyed.



As if I needed a reminder....that I'm owned, that my body is His, that my mind should be focused on my slavery, He gave me some extra marks!

Where ever I look on my body or touch I can see and feel the marks and slave piercings.
But now I feel it all day long, even under my clothes, in my bed naked, even while sleeping.

The pussy piercings are still healing and itching, the burns do so even more.
I suffer and enjoy them at the same time.
The itching can be so bad that I hardly can't keep myself from scratching, but at the same time it reminds me of the sensations the burns gave me and that it is His body He marked so deliciously for His pleasure.
The itching piercings do this even more, they are there to stay when the burns are long gone.

I love being marked, I like the physical feeling of Him owning me completely, that I can surrender so willingly and that He can do to me whatever He pleases.
I felt deep pleasure when He burned me, marking me over and over again as His property as if He was telling me with each burn.....you are mine....you are mine...you are mine....

Owned fuckhole

Locked pussy

Two of the pussy rings are healed enough to be used and Master decided Yesterday to keep my pussy closed by clipping them together.
My pussy isn't ready to be fucked for another three weeks, due to the other three piercings, which need to be healed properly, so He closed it, emphasizing it is a useless hole.

I hated it and loved it at the same time.

I didn't like to be reminded of the uselessness of my fuckhole.
But I had to feel it for hours.
I loved the torment, the sensation of the feeling of actually being locked there.

But most of all I loved feeling His power to lock this fuckhole just because He decided to, to make it unavailable, to see the sadist in Him, totally enjoying taking away my cunt as a fuckhole and making me feel how he owns it.

When my other fuckholes are stuffed I know He can remove either the butt plug or the gag and fuck me there any time He wishes to do so.
Having them controlled like that creates another sort of sensation.
It makes my mouth water, my ass longing even more, when He makes me wait for Him to use them.
Even if He would decide not to use them at all, I would suffer and crave happily, and simply savour the cruel refusal of His cock.

This is different.

The hole can't be used right now, whether it's locked or not.
Halfway through the healing time, it frustrates and turns me on at the same time, realizing I'm not only a physical masochist but that I also get highly aroused by this kind of mental torture.

I know as soon as His hole is ready to be used, I will love it, I will embrace the denial, the sensations, and totally adore every minute of use and abuse.

But for now I only have the anticipation.....

....it's going to be a long three weeks....

Nose ring