On having purpose

Ever since I've been turned into His worthless piece of fuck-meat, I have been truly alive and found the true meaning of happiness.
Serving my Master gives me the satisfaction I truly need, every slap, every degradation, just makes me stronger and eager for more.
While being a slave means something terrible to others, to me it is heaven - I cannot and do not want anything else then being one.
To me it is the ultimate and it makes me proud.
So proud that I can wear my nose-ring out in the open and at work, not in the least intimidated by some peoples reaction.
I giggle when I hear ' did you see that...' behind my back and feel confident, superior and happy, knowing they have no idea how wonderful my life is.

I will never go back to such a shallow life, even if I could.

The urge to serve and please is incredibly strong, and my determination to continue to improve myself is even stronger.
I want to feel pain and cry without remorse, I want to be used in ways He decides, I want to feel controlled, be told what to do, be totally restrained and ever at His mercy.
I want to fly at times,  taken and placed into a state of grace only He can bring me into.

I want Him to take what is His, whenever He feel like, just because I am His property and need to be treated accordingly, I have the uncontrollable hunger for more and feel as if I haven't reached any limits yet.

I found my purpose. I have accepted who and what I really am. I have no regrets, and no doubts.

And there is no way I'll ever be turning back.

And then He told me to masturbate.....

I was wearing the leather blindfold and my ass was hot from a fresh beating with His belt.
He lead me by leash and guided me to sit on the floor between the bondage poles (sitting is unusual, it's either kneeling or squatting).
He forced my knees apart and locked each of my ankle-cuffs to ends of the bench.
My legs were now wide spread and I was fully exposed.
Then He cuffed one arm to the pole above me.
I had no idea what His intentions were, but waited patiently.
Being tied and totally restrained makes me peaceful and I surrendered my mind and body willingly.
I soaked up the feeling of the moment, amazed how much pleasure this simple act of surrendering
gives to me.

Then he took my free right hand and chained it to my right tit ring. My hand was forced to drape perfectly over my swollen wet hole.

'Put your hand between your legs and play with your piercings...masturbate for me...., make yourself cum for me.....'

A shockwave of disbelief.

He has never asked that of me, though I have thought of it many times.

Since I had the piercings done I have wondered what it would feel like to run my fingers over them....rub my clit, finger myself and make myself cum.
The closest I've came is when cleaning and shaving and I always have to control the urge to continue touching myself, knowing I would not be able to stop.
Other then an occasional self ass-fuck in the cage I am not allowed to masturbate.

Early on He trained me that my orgasms are His. Once a week I am permitted to play with my ass in my cage until I cum, (while video taping it for Him), but otherwise my sexual pleasure is His to command. The final set of piercings were only completed a month ago, and it's been years since I played with my own pussy to reach orgasm.

Unbelievably, Master has made me a virgin.

I put my free hand on my pussy, and rubbed a finger over my clit.

The movement of my hand tugged at my nipple ring, pulling it taught.

I felt so wet and was getting wetter by the second.
Fuck, I loved it, just rubbing that clit, caught in between the two piercings, pressing against it from below and above at the same time.
I knew from Him rubbing me there, that I am far more sensitive now and I have to be careful not to cum right away if I want to enjoy this to the fullest.

I explored different angles, and fingered myself while always pressing on that pierced clit.

Then I felt myself contract and thought 'shit, I am going to cum and then it's over'...

I slowed down. I changed hand position. I fought.

But I could not resist.  The orgasm was coming whether I wanted it or not, and I felt my juices gush out of me beyond any control,

Blasted by it I thrashed in my bondage until it's fever left me.
Still rubbing my clit, I waited for Him to tell me to stop, but...He didn't.
He stayed silent.

After that first self-inflicted orgasm, I only wanted more.

'Such a cum-slut!', I thought, and  myself hot..

I am not sure how many times I came after that (I was there quite a while)....I got so lost, but it was wonderful.

It is going to be hard now, not to touch myself more then necessary knowing how good it really feels, now that I have had a taste of it again.....but I am forever grateful to my Master for letting me play with His pierced cunt!


I am......

....a degraded stupid cunt, used for her three fuckholes, or as a toilet.

I love it when He covers me in spit, piss and cum.
He makes me want to be used even more, fucked even harder, and beaten for His pleasure until I am a pitiful puddle of pure ecstatic misery.
I crave to sleep in a cage, eat from a dog-bowl, crawl, beg, and make pig-noises when I cum.
I need to be used, to suck cock for hours, and to clean His ass and balls.
When He hurts me I say 'Thank You, Master'
I am always wet, ready for use.
I've been pierced so He can tie my tits or spread my cunt or lead me by my nose-leash.
I am marked as property.

I am cunt

I woke.....

....up this morning, already wet and horny.
I was in my cage, where He left me the night before.
He had told me I was to fuck my own ass when I woke up and that thought never left my mind.
As soon as I touched myself, I could feel Him inside of me and closed my eyes, thinking how good it felt when He mounted me last night and fucked me like the filthy pig I am.
My climax came soon, too soon and I licked my lips, still tasting His piss upon them.
I lay on my back for a while, thinking tomorrow He'll be back and I'll sleep in my cage again, after He is done using me.
I'll be all sore, covered in His spit and piss, but in my place, where I belong, sleeping at His feet.


A faceless piece of fuck-meat in her place.


It has been a while, since I have been tortured while spread on the saddle.
The first thing that came to mind when I was sitting on it was, oddly enough, that I missed riding my horse, but the second thought was how good the new piercings felt.
The labia rings were pressing softly against the leather and the other two were against the higher part of the saddle.
I thought it was perfect, just enough pressure to keep me wet and if I moved my hips they all rubbed so gentle, no pain, just a soft touch as if it were His fingers teasing me or a tongue moving slowly over my clit, enough to drive me crazy but without giving me release.
My hands were tied as well as my feet, giving me no space to move, other then my holes, which I could move slightly over the soft leather.
I struggled but not to get loosened, but to feel the restraints that made me feel so vulnerable, tied and completely at His mercy.
He could do anything to me at that moment and I felt myself getting carried away with the sensations.

I felt on top of the world and knew that whatever He intended to do to me, I would endure it, with gratitude and grace, hungry for more, thankful for every orgasm that He would allow me to have.

When He was done and released me, I was ready to throw myself at His feet, wishing only to thank Him over and over again.....

How my day started

I was still asleep when I felt His foot press down on top of my head.
I knew instantly where I was, locked away in my cage from the night before.
I also knew what was expected of me, He wanted me to service Him again and I squirmed from pure pleasure, thinking how wonderful it feels to be awoken like this by Your Master.
I tried to stretch my body in the small space and it felt still sore from the night before.
Then I positioned myself as close to the still locked door of my cage as possible, pressing my face against the bars, opening my mouth wide to drink His morning-piss.

The start of a perfect day

I kneel....


.......in front of my Master and show Him just how much I love to serve Him.

Belting (video)


Spread your holes (video)