The other side of pain

I am a pain slut and yet I don't like the ordinary pain of stubbing my toe, just like most of us.

But I adore being hurt by my Master, I will even crave it.

It really doesn't matter which implement He tortures me with. Whether He is using clamps, wax or anything else, the first minutes they all hurt in the familiar way my body tells me:  "hey..get away from this....this hurts...." , but my mind resists that sense it it is Him who hurts me, He owns this body and can do with it whatever He wants and I settle quickly and easily.

After the first handful of strikes, an amazing form of pleasure will suddenly kick in, but the amount of time before that happens can vary, depending on the situation, mindset, etc.

That is when then the difference of implements becomes relevant.

For example if Master is spanking me, the strikes can be harder to endure and the pleasure longer in arriving but eventually the endorphin rush hits, my flesh heats up, and the blows feel as if I am being caressed in the most erotic and wonderful way.

I must admit that, although I love being put in sub-space, being fully aware of the torture I'm being given, to fully realize everything that is going on,  and to conciously feel the intensity of the impacts, is my preference.

To conciously feel being brought to the very edge of what I can take, thinking with each blow that I can't take it anymore and yet, also longing for the next, is heaven.

To then be able to take it, as I scream through my gag, squirm, struggle, even cry, is pure liberation....freedom in it's purest form.....

Layers of suffering and delight

When I was forced to masturbate while having the Hot Sauce on my fingers, my tits were also painfully clamped and, if I remember correctly, I was caned on my them as well.

It was then I came to the conscious realization that when being hurt in several different places at once the initial pain diminishes significantly and transform into a very pleasant sensation. Eventually it becomes so strong that I orgasm all over the place.
In this particular case my pussy burned so heavily to the point I cried out loud, something I only do if all other resources to cope with the pain have failed.

But when He started to hurt my tits more intently, the pussy pain disappeared as the new pain concentrated in my tits.
I could still feel the Hot Sauce but instead of trytong to avoid rubbing my clit and other sensitive or psinful areas (which BTW didn't work), now it was nice and warm and made me want to keep on finger-fucking and stroking my tortured wet hole.
Initially I thought the sauce had worn out, but as soon as the caning stopped and the pain in my tits diminished it came back and felt even more severe, possibly due to the heavy squirts I had which made my pussy soaking wet and reignited the chemicals in the sauce.
Days later when the session came back to mind, I remembered this phenomenon has happened many times before. but that I never really thought directly about it. Master layering pain and pleasure on top of each other, sometimes cancelling each other outm sometimes feeding back into rach other, until I am overloaded completely.

Mmmm pain...really can be such a pleasure


I had been bound on the wooden pony for a while, blindfolded, gagged, and my toes could barely touch the floor.
The pressure between my legs was almost unbearable, and I struggled with it, making the pain worse.

Finally, I surrendered to my torture, knowing there was no way of finding any position that could give me relief.

I had cum several times, hard, my legs were still wet from the juices that I had pressed out of me, and the big butt plug was ruthlessly driven into me by the pony.

The first burn came unexpectedly and I yelped in shock, but quickly settled, knowing what would follow, I held motionless while I felt four more burns eat into my flesh, followed by five more on the other side. By the end I felt myself pressing into the burns as they arrived.

Again I stayed motionless, and  drifted away in the wonderful physical suffering, fascinated by the effect it has on me when He hurts me....

Clamped squirting cunt (video)



Craving this....To be leashed and worship His cock on my knees before Him, while He tells me what a degraded, filthy fuck hole I am.


The choice of torture

He made me choose, being tied up and forced to masturbate with my hand covered in Hot Sauce (He calls this 'The Devil's Hand') or a ride on the wooden pony...

I chose the first, but shivered at the thought of that awful everlasting burn on my pussy.

Blindfolded and gagged, on my knees with my feet behind me tied together, He bound me to the post both by my collar and my left hand. Then He took my free hand and started to put the sauce on each finger tip.

Between my spread legs He positioned the dog bowl

With my hand on my pussy, it seemed it started to burn right away and I started to rub my clit, hoping the sensations would diminish the heat that was increasing rapidly.

It was the second time He allowed me to touch myself  and I started to enjoy the sensations I could give so intensely to myself.
Still intrigued by the piercings and their effect on my sexuality I started to explore them a bit more.
I found that rubbing my clit, which is permanently caught in between the VCH and the Triangle, has such a striking effect, it sends electrifying waves through my body that are simply breathtaking and they brought me quickly to the edge.
I squirted during each orgasm and hoped it would flush part of the hot sauce away but found it increased the intensity of the heat instead.
Coming out of an orgasm also made me more aware of the torture, which made me go back to rubbing as soon as I regained some of my senses.
I rubbed the area between my pierced labia often and loved it! Rubbing the labia gave me not quite enough stimulation to get an orgasm, but feeling the slave rings was enough to keep me dripping and on the eager.
As soon as I touched the clit area again it ended in another orgasm. The dog bowl filled with my juices.

The orgasms didn't stop, instead they increased in intensity and the sauce kept on tormenting me violently.....
I felt close to exhaustion, like I had been raped for hours.

After a while I felt His presence in front of me followed by His warm piss allover me. It too ended up in the dog bowl beneath me, mixing together with my own juices.
When He was finished, He took my gag off and slowly fed the whole bowl to me.
The taste of O/our juices mixed together was pure heaven and I swallowed as much as I could, while the rest spilled over my body.

Later on that evening He made me ride the wooden pony anyway and I realized He had meant for me to choose how He would torment me first.

Chained pussy

 He told me to wait for Him blindfolded, with my pussy chained wide open and to have the pussy chain ready.
The pussy chain...it has been a while since He had me filled with it.
I tried to remember how good it feels to slide the lubed chain in slowly, shackle by shackle......how fully filled I feel when it is done and how it shifts inside of me with every movement.

After I had been used thoroughly for a few hours He finally gave the command to fill my pussy with the chain, while I was on my knees on the bench with my back towards Him.
I started to feed my pussy with the lubed chain, wondering if He was watching and if He liked what He was seeing.
The chain went in smoothly all the way, and I clenched my pussy not to let it slip out.
It made me extremely wet and horny and when He told me to turn around I almost orgasmed just from the shifting of the chain that movement caused.
Then He had me worship His cock while on my knees with my ass up in the air.
I was worried I would lose the chain and tightened my pelvic muscles.
I felt His cock harden in my mouth and I wanted to cum so bad, feeling His hardness fucking my mouth while the chain was tormenting my cunt, but I didn't wanted to lose the chain, knowing the orgasm could push it out.

I lost the fight but managed to keep it inside of me by pushing my heel onto my cunt.
Then He turned around and I begged Him to let me worship His ass.
The position was much easier to hold the chain and I was able to concentrate on my service instead of worrying about pushing the chain out.

Then much later when He finally told me to pull the chain out, the release was incredible and I lost all the juices that had accumulated inside of me during my service in one big rush.