Entertaining my Master (video)


I am my Masters piss-hole

With the choker-chain around my neck He led me in between the poles.
After I begged to be degraded He slipped the tip of His cock between my lips and slowly started to void.
I wanted to consume every drop so bad and had Him fill my mouth just enough so I could swallow it easily without letting His cock slip from my mouth.
I felt joy and gratification that no drop was spilled and even when He tightened the chain around my neck I urged myself to concentrate on being His urinal.
With His lasts drops still in my mouth and the chain closing in on my throat I lost control.
I forced His cock as deep down my throat as I could and felt my own juices being pushed out uncontrollably in response.

The orgasm became even stronger when I stuck my tongue out to lick His balls and heard Him moan.

Fuck...I love being treated like this.

Stupid drooling cunt (video)


Marked property

Chained cunt


'10' (video)


Cunt straps

Today I am wearing the cunt straps all day, as ordered by my Master.
At first it was uncomfortable to feel them pulling on my pussy-lips, but after a while I started to like the sensations to the point I am now...HORNY.

Having my pussy spread wide open and feeling my piercings pull with every movement makes me soaking wet and longing for release.

Release that won't come until Master grants it later today (hopefully before I go CRAZY !)

Under His chair


Pulling the clamps off

My pussy was making that sobbing sound again and I wished for once it wouldn't give me away so easily.
With every thrust of His hard cock however it seemed to get worse and although not having a cum, I produced small amounts of squirts anyway, which made the noise while being squeezed out of that fuck-hole.

It was impossible not to be so extremely horny, my cunt was spread open by chains attached between my labia-piercings and my ankle-cuffs and fucked hard, my nipples were clamped too and that chain was attached to my collar, so that they were pulled mercilessly while being on my hands and knees as I was being pounded.

He pulled out, but only to shove it deep inside my ass in one fast movement and started to fuck me there.
He simply took it, because it is His, and my body exploded.
He grabbed my hair and forced my head backwards, making my back arch even more and the nipple clamps pulling even harder on my tits.
I could feel the tension and knew at one point they would come off.

...not yet....I was hoping, I wanted to endure the pain there and the pleasure of Him fucking my ass so divine at the same time just a little bit longer.

I screamed through my gag when my ass gave me one hell of an ass-gasm.
Totally unexpected my body tensing into it caused the clamps to pull so hard on my nipples that one at a time they were pulled off and with each new explosion of pain in my tits the orgasm became even stronger.
Not even giving me time to pull myself together, He pushed my head down roughly, so my face and my sore tits were pressed on to the bench, while my ass stayed high up in the air.
He then placed His foot on my head (a domination which made me gasp from pure joy) while maintaining the pace He likes to fuck me in.

I reached in between my spread legs, touched my still spread cunt for a second and then started to gently stroke the whole area behind His hard rod.
I could feel that part throbbing and getting harder and harder, while His cock kept on sliding all the way in and out of my ass.

With my fingers I could feel Him unload deep inside my ass and when He pulled out I could feel His cum slowly dripping out.

While He left me in this position for a while all I could think of was...this was the best torture fuck EVER!


Cunt in distress

While I was getting ready for Masters arrival, I wondered if I would get a beating
It was scaring me and I felt as if I wasn't up for a heavy one.

I inspected my ass in the mirror after I got out of the shower.

All clean, freshly shaved, enema taken, and nice smelling. An unblemished ass except for His mark on it, a permanent reminder for me and everyone who sees it that I am His property.

Soon I'll be dirty all over, covered in His spit and piss, and my own squirt and drool.

I fantasized about him degrading me, and calling me names to suit how filthy I am, so I will not only be physically a dirty pig but genuinely dehumanized.

The thought excited me so much, but it didn't keep my mind off the potential of a beating...

It has been a while since I have had a good beating and I simply knew it was that time again.....

I started pacing while braiding my hair, unable to sit still, checking my make-up from time to time, but for what.....soon I'll be a mess again with run down mascara allover my face, my hair all ruined.....

I collared myself and put the cuffs on hands and ankles, it calmed me down a bit, but I was still unsettled.

I checked my ass again, while imagining how it would look like after He was done with it.....trying to remember how good it feels having it red and warm.....but instead I only felt anxiety.

I decided to go to the Temple early, maybe being there I could recite for a bit and settle.
Sitting there on the floor I thought it doesn't matter how many beatings you get, you forget the pain afterwards, you only know how it can bring you to places few people would understand but you can't actually imagine how that feels until it happens.

The time He would be there came close and I recited my Mantra, then took a deep breath and went down on my knees into position.

After He arrived He chained me spread-eagle between the posts while blind-folded.

I knew it, I was right.

The first blow with the belt was a hard stripe of fire across my ass.

I loved it....

Another sleep in my cage

For the second time this week I was allowed to sleep in my cage.

This time however I had permission to finger-fuck my ass as soon as I woke up.

 Still covered in His spit and piss, I thought about last night and how He teased my ass so deliciously while I kissed His feet. I started to finger myself.

My ass was perfectly sensitive the from constant rough use the evening before, making each movement a heightened pleasure. Face down in the cage, with my fingers working my ass, I came fast.

Lying there spent, I made myself comfortable to linger with the feelings for just a little bit longer, reluctant to leave my cage.

Soon I'll be sleeping at His feet again.

Torture on the beam (video)




Caged and abused

While only wearing the panel-gag He led me into my cage, where He tied my hands above me to the bars.
I was to sit there, legs spread wide and He told me to watch myself in the mirror across the room.
The floor felt cold and hard and yet I felt comfortable.
I could grab the bars next to where He had tied my hands and it re-enforced the feeling of being confined in my cage.
The sensation of being awakened by Master stepping on my face while sleeping in my cage came back, as well as the my insatiable thirst to drink His piss.
I closed my eyes and drifted away in the moment.
I could only feel and not think and it felt wonderful, like I was sitting on a cloud.
He gave the command to cum and without thinking my body started to obey.
My senses returned when I started to feel the pool of my own juices I was kneeling in turn cold.
Then He had me sit on my ass and I shivered.

He then elevated my feet and tied them through the bars just outside the cage and I loved it even more then just being tied with my hands.

When I opened my eyes for just a second I saw Him grab His cock and a second later I felt Him pissing allover me.
I wanted to yell ' Fuck Yes'  through my gag, as there wasn't any better moment to cover me with His piss then right then, helpless and spread before him.
The warm piss felt so good in contrast to the cold juices underneath me and for a moment I wished my hands were free so I could touch it and spread it even more over me.

After He finished using me as a toilet, He started to torment my feet, first beating them with a dowel, then by using the Wartenberg wheel.

Incredible pain, yet so much pleasure, trying to pull my feet away while they are tied solid made me feel even more vulnerable.

He alternated from one foot to another and the seconds between them made my heart jump.
I wanted this so bad.
It was as if my whole body was tortured, every nerve inside me was touched and stimulated.

I couldn't stop cumming.

What do you do......(video)


....when you've got the anal-hook in and it is tightly attached to your gag, leaving you struggling until He finally orders you to cum?

You cum ! Hard !

....then your convulsions force the hook deeper into your ass, fucking it so nicely.....so you keep on cumming !


With ' dumb cunt' written on my chest, dried piss allover my face and body, my hair and face sticky from the numerous times He spit on me and with my own drool covering my tits and chest from being gagged constantly, He left me behind, filthy and degraded in the Temple.

He told me I wasn't allowed to shower and had to go to work smelling and feeling like the filthy pig I am.

I also had to lock my cunt with two locks as soon as He left, so I would be locked until upon His return.

And that's how He'll find me tonight when He returns, a filthy degraded piss-whore on her knees for Him while spreading her fuck-holes, still wearing His piss, cum, and spit, with pride, and with her pussy locked to remind her it is only His.