What I am

I was made a stupid cunt
I am a simple piece of fuck meat.
My only purpose is to service and please my Master in every way He wishes.
I am nothing more than three fuck holes and a pair of tits.
My only value is my body and that doesn't even belong to me.
I am only pretty when I am covered in spit, cum and piss.
I crave dick in all of my holes all of the time.
I am a stupid set of fuck holes.
I exist only for the entertainment and amusement of my Master.
I am a nasty trashy fuck slut.
I will expose myself whenever and wherever I am told to.
I am a receptacle for jizz, a cum dumpster.
I will follow orders because I am a dumb slut and I know what's best for me.
I am a cum craving whore.
My mouth's main purpose is not for talking but for sucking cock, licking balls, cleaning ass holes, swallowing piss, cum and spit and to serve as His ashtray.
My name is cunt, the only name I am worthy of.
I am property and I obey and submit to every command He gives me.
I sleep in a cage, eat and drink from a dog bowl, and crawl instead of walking.
He fucks my holes whenever and where ever He wants.

Thank You, Master for having me as Your worthless slut.

My morning ritual

Dumb cunt

Well marked

A belly full of cum

After He had fucked my pussy, I sucked His cock and enjoyed tasting my pussy-juices on Him, making sure I cleaned him completely.

He came partially in the front of my mouth and my face, and I made sure I to spread all over the inside of my mouth and tongue before swallowing so I would still taste it hours later.

His second load was on the couch and bench while I was cleaning His ass with my mouth while stroking His cock and caressing His balls (and everything in between) with my other hand.
I felt His ass relax under my pierced tongue, His cock grow hard and the muscles contract.
I find the whole combination of bringing Him to orgasm this way the ultimate, where I can feel everything it does to Him.

Feeling his pleasure like this inevitably has an immediate effect on me.

I start dripping, my whole body gets all exited and it causes amazing cums with squirts that don't seem to stop.
It also brings me in a euphoric state of mind, extremely happy that I am being used for His pleasure while not being touched.
After His load sprayed on to the leather couch I licked every pearly drop up.

I simply love doing this!

His third cum was again in my mouth, but deep this time, and right after He had fucked my ass.
He stood there in front of me and I sucked His cock right after He pulled out.
The turnon was amazing! I love cleaning my ass off His cock,  being degraded like this, and when He slowly started to fuck my mouth I was simply in heaven.
He thrust my throat deep and at His pace, having me opening so wide, I was begging Him in silence to take His hole and fuck it the way He likes. He grabbed me by my hair and forcibly stroked himself into me.
He became rock hard again and while my hands kept on caressing His balls He came hard deep inside my throat.

After He left I went straight to bed in my cage with a belly full of His cum.



An unmade bed

Hooded and strapped

Cleaning his boots



Craving for the devil's hand

My nose was itching again as I was in the waiting position, blindfolded on my knees, head down, ass up and holding my fuck-holes open.
I craved so badly to be leashed and feel connected to Him.

It was only a few minutes after He had entered the Temple and yet the wait seemed like forever.
When He finally leashed me by the nose-ring I calmed down and the itching disappeared miraculously.

Later, while I was stroking His cock He asked me what I was craving for that day and my breath caught inmy throat.
The whole day I was thinking about  'the devil's hand', the cruel torture He sometimes puts me through, where I have to touch my sex with my fingers covered in hot sauce.

The privilege to be allowed to touch myself, play with my piercings and make myself cum over and over again while He watches, not be able to control myself and feel, caress and enjoy every spot of myself and the price I have to pay for that pleasure.....the excruciating burning sensation, makes me fear the sauce.

I hesitated to answer and told Him I was afraid to tell Him I was craving the one thing that terrified me like no other but He said  'No, you're not' and the intonation in His voice unmistakeably demanded a straight answer.

He did not laugh when I told Him and I knew He understood.

And it was as terrible and as awesome as I feared and hoped!

Tied to my cage (video)



Spread wide open for hours

Yesterday Master had my pussy spread wide open with chain straps for hours.
This made my cunt drip even more then usual while I crawled for Him, prepared His tea and dessert, worshiped His cock, sucked and stroked His balls, and licked His ass clean.
The chains pulling my sex apart while servicing my Master made me very sensitive, I could feel every breath of air and the slightest touch of His hand made me drip immediately.

The chains were tight around my thighs which made every step or movement highly arousing as if my cunt was being touched and rubbed gently.
The warmth of my squirts running over the exposed inner tissue felt amazing and made me cum even harder and actually felt as if I was in the shower with the warm water running over me while holding my pussy spread.

The piercings held up very well, I felt no discomfort and there is no trauma to the tissue.
They became one with my body and I love the feeling of them throughout the day.
Especially a day like today....when I have to go to work knowing I will feel them more then ever!

Stupid cunt

What cunt is for

Cumming over and over again on the beam (video)


He had sent me out before, collared and cuffed, my tits barely covered and obviously showing my nipple rings.
After I returned He didn't have me undressed but sit on the beam instead, gagged, tits clamped, with my hair tied down above me and my legs tied high above the floor.
The pressure of the beam on my sex wasn't as harsh as being naked but I knew as soon as I would squirt in my jeans it would be worse then ever.
As the beam pressed more and more into my clit, I could feel myself getting more aroused and even the slightest movement would rub the clit piercing over it.
Until it became too much.
I desperately tried to stop the squirt pushing out of me, but it only made it worse.
The feeling of my wetness cooling down on me was even more horrible then I imagined.
I felt like I pissed allover myself and was forced to remain in my drenched clothes, filthy and degraded.
Meantime the pressure of the beam forced me into more orgasms and although the jeans were soaked, every release warmed the cold fabric for a short relief.
After a while I didn't care anymore and I started to feel the clamps pulling on my tits, obviously I must have moved backwards so the chain from the clamps, which was attached to the post in front of me, was now fully stretched.
I longed for the pain while ripping them off myself, feeling them slide off my flesh and tried to move my body as far back as I could.
The pain was excruciating, but the clamps stayed in place.
It frustrated me, I needed that ten seconds of unbearable misery so bad.
I needed it to forget how humiliated and miserable I felt with those soaked pants on.

After He released me and saw how bad I had messed myself up, He mentioned He should have sent me outside after my torture......

Fifteen minutes on the beam (video)