Just a fuck hole

cunt on a leash

Waiting for my Masters arrival

Cunt fingers her ass and cleans up afterwards (video)


Sleeping in my cage

For the past week I have mainly slept in my cage.
Since I have served my Master again this morning I am allowed to sleep there again tonight.
The odd time I have slept in my bed this week I felt out of place and it was hard to fall asleep right away as I do in my cage.

In a few days Master will be sleeping next to the cage again.
I simply adore these times, hearing Him breath next to me, feeling His strong presence and I fall asleep peacefully with the promise He will wake me up by stepping on and slapping my face.

I will then eagerly beg for HIm to piss down my throat.

Infinite bliss


This slave-cunt is always to present her mouth-fuckhole when she is with her Master.
This drooling wet hole's main purpose is to suck His cock, lick His balls, clean His ass, serve as an ashtray or as a spit, piss and cum receptable.
Only with permission I may use it to speak.

The only word I may use without permission is to 'OINK' repeatedly when my Master gives me an orgasm to emphasize what a filthy pig I am.



We have had some issues with comments we received not being posted properly and disappearing.

The following was received for the 'Cockworship Video' post my cunt put up;

You never fail to disappoint. I think you subjugation is a thing of pure beauty.
I concur with the previous statements.
Sir K's submissive(rachel) 

Sir K's submissive is someone who has been commenting here for quite some time, so I wanted to make sure we posted her kind thoughts.

If anyone else notices that their comments have not appeared as expected, please let me know.

Notes; all advertisements, abuse, and attempts to convert my slave to your religion and thereby 'save her' will be summarily deleted.

Master of V



36 hours after the beatings the marks have turned black and purple.
It has been a while since I have been marked to this extend and I'm very happy with them.
Especially since I thought I wouldn't mark so nice anymore as I use to.

Wearing these marks not very often makes them special and I relive the wonderful moments they were given to me when feeling the soreness and by just looking at them, while the blissful feelings come over me again.

Thank You, Master, for giving me these lovely marks.

Another ritual

Wearing the big fat butt-plug while having a bath.

Cockworship (video)