There is not a moment throughout the day when I am not Masters slave; however, work and bills and all the hurdles and misadventures of life often occupy my mind these days and I find by the time I retire to bed, weary from the day, I crave to serve.
I do not have to be sexual with Master, I do not have to have him smack me or use me physically but I do ache to find that calm within me and reconnect with the slave Master brought to life so many years ago.
This image only reminds me that it would be best for me, for the relationship I share with Master to pause at the end of my day and take some time to recite my Mantra, (preferably in the Temple), to regain that strength.
The strength that lives inside of me, helps me to flourish and be the powerful, creative, pleasing, fulfilled slave I am.
The slave I want my Master to be proud of.


Because submission is not for the weak

 Because submission is not for the weak, by choosing to submit to You, I believe that I am made a stronger woman.

Because submission is not for the weak, I will resist at times, I am not a doormat.

Because submission is not for the weak, I will sometimes be told to do things that I will not enjoy. I will have to trust You.

Because submission is not for the weak, there will be times I will be punished, and I won’t like it. I will have to understand You're not doing it for fun.

Because submission is not for the weak, there will be training that I won’t want. I will have to believe that You have a plan, a reason for why.

Because submission is not for the weak, I will have questions. I will have to ask. You are not a mind reader, and communication is the most difficult thing of all.

Because submission is not for the weak, and You have chosen me as Your slave, I know You will take responsibility for me, cherish me, nurture me, understand me, be proud of me and love me without question.

Because submission is not for the weak, I will serve and love You with all of me, generously and unselfishly, with only Your pleasure, happiness and well-being in mind.

Because, submission is not for the weak.

Lost in the moment

My ass was still sore from the first beating when I felt the whip on me again.
I was tied to the cage, blindfolded and gagged and during the first beating I already had squirted excessively during orgasm.

I felt the mean sting for the first few slaps and then I got lost.
I didn't feel the whip anymore, I was somewhere else.
I didn't care where or what was done to me, I was in a beautiful place and it felt safe, warm and amazing.

Master told me afterwards I took 50 strokes in that second whipping and orgasmed exactly at the last stroke.....I could have sworn it was at most 10!

Piss slut

Sometimes He orders me in this position, my mouth open while He rises above me.
He likes to see me drinking His piss that way.
He likes to cover my face, tits and body..
He likes to see me struggle to catch as much as I can into my mouth.

He likes to see me squirm as I go into orgasm with the taste of Him in my mouth.


Barely awake I reached for my ass and started to caress myself.
It was still soft and sensitive from the night before when He took it rough and deep, while pressing me down on the bench.
My tits were still sore from rubbing the bench in the rhythm of His poundings while they were clamped with the crocodile clamps.

The thoughts made me move my body over my hand and fuck my fingers.
My whole being started to feel the same again as during that fuck...overwhelmed, completely at His disposal and will.

Before I even knew it I gushed allover my hand and the bedding and while recovering from the orgasm I already felt my body reload with intense desire for Him.
The hunger to serve never stops, it only becomes more each time He touches me.

He has ruined me forever and I am eternally grateful for that.

Cunt spread wide open (video)




When I am positioned precisely where He wants me yet nothing more has happened.

A time when the imagination runs wild and anticipation eclipses reality.

An opportunity to question the decisions made that lead to this moment.

A grasping for understanding, introspection and perhaps even a silent rehearsal of my Mantra.

An affirmation of the trust that carries me forward into the unknown.

A knowledge that He is without question the center of my universe.


Ass Hook

Piss slut (video)


Fuck hole (video)



Tonight I'll be sleeping in my cage again.
I am allowed to since I have served my Master this morning after He woke me up in my cage.
He stepped on my face and pissed down my throat before He opened the door and had me service Him.
I kissed and licked allover His balls and cock to make Him hard so He could use me.
The taste of Him after a night sleep always drives me crazy with desire and I am always thrilled  if I can find that one untouched spot that still carries His scent and taste.
Just licking it clean can set me off.

I am an animal who follows her instinct and no longer thinks about reason.
I serve from the same perspective, because it is my nature and it is the only way I can live a fulfilling life and be truly happy.

I am a slave and proud of it and with that thought I will fall asleep in my cage soon.

Dumb cunt

Cock worship

 I'll humble myself before You.
 I'll become ravenous, insatiable.

I am not concerned with my dignity.
Instead I will loose myself completely.

I love to worship Your cock. Smear it across my face.
Nuzzle it like a kitten to her Master’s hand.

I will degrade myself to a filthy, cock-starved whore.
And once my makeup runs, I’ve been covered in spit, cum, sweat and tears,
You will turn my face to the mirror and make me confront and accept who I have become for You.

And You will tell me 'this is My good girl'.