Begging for more

I was getting face slapped and it felt so good, I wanted more - but He didn't gave it to me!

Instead He started to torture my nipples.
I pushed them forward as to give Him full access.
He started to squeeze them and I loved it.

I felt myself climaxing and I craved for more pain.
My whole body was aching for more torment.

No shame, no holding back, embracing my nakedness and simply feel.
I needed Him to drive me over the edge.

'Harder please, Master' I begged Him over and over again.

A hard face-slap was his answer.
I begged again and His whole hand cupped my breast and started to squeeze it, viciously, relentlessly.
Then the other one....

When my relief came, it was uninhibited, shameless and so powerful that it left me trembling.

First time zipper


Although I have had clothespins on my tits, clit, and pussy-lips many times before, I had never experienced a 'zipper'.
Master put one on my tit and the expectation and anticipation grew.

The feeling was ecstatic when He ripped them off - I simply loved it!

I fought off the orgasm, I wanted to cherish the pain, just feel the pain, just enjoy what just happened.

Then He grabbed my tit and squeezed it hard.

This was more then I could handle and my climax came almost immediately.....

Punishment day 8

Probably the worst part of my punishment...showing myself here with the granny undies and hairy cunt.

For my Masters pleasure


The punishment is over and how !

 It was the twelfth day of my punishment and the hair was really showing now.
I was glad He blindfolded me immediately so I didn't have to see Him look at my hairy cunt.
Having a hairy pussy was bad enough and I barely could handle it Him looking at it.

He tied me to the chair with spread  legs and I felt deeply ashamed.
Ashamed of what I've done, ashamed of how I've treated Him and ashamed of Him having to see me like this, hairy and ugly.

I heard him fondle around and put a wet hand on my pussy.
He started to rub it with something and it was not until I felt the razor I realized He was shaving me.

With every stroke I started to feel better, no more itching, no more avoiding to look at myself, no more shame.
He took it all away and made me feel like a slave again.

He could not have made me happier!

When He was done He checked the area thoroughly with His hand and I could feel how smooth I was again.

'Your punishment is over, cunt, and I have forgiven you.....' He whispered.
'Thank You, Master.....' I replied.

 I was relieved, but I was even more grateful.


Riding the chain (video)


Tortured on the beam (video)


Stroking my Masters cock (video)


Not many times cunt is allowed to touch herself.

This time however Master let her while she pleasured Him with her other hand.



I stayed motionless this time, when He gave me the burns.
It made it even more overwhelming.
My breath stopped each time He put His cigarette on my breast.
I could feel the sensations traveling through my whole body, arousing me, captivating me, dragging me deeper into my submissiveness.

After the fifth burn there was nothing else but Him and me.



Another "Devil's hand" (video)


After Master put the hot sauce allover my hand He told me to touch myself....

cunt's place to sleep

......"Make your bed" , He said, and while He was getting ready to leave I grabbed the small mattress, a pillow and the little fluffy blanket and made my bed in the cage.

I waited in position, on my knees, legs spread, hands behind my back, eyes down, until He was done.

I felt Him towering above me, gasped when He grabbed my hair and pushed me rough into the cage and locked the door.
He turned the lights off and opened the door.
....."Good night, cunt"......and then the sound of the door closing.

..."Good night, Master" , I whispered in the dark.


Cunt has disappointed and hurt her Master.
She failed Him deeply and needed to be punished

For two weeks cunt is not allowed to shave her cunt and has to wear big grandma undies.

I will post pictures daily on the private blog.

My humiliation will be shown here by posting these pictures, a set after a week's punishment, and a final pair of pics on the last day.

To those that know me there is no worse punishment then this.

I am deeply ashamed, but I know the punishment is necessary for my own good.
If not punished I would constantly be feeling guilty for what I did to Him.


When the punishment is over, I'll be able to  move forward, beyond what I did wrong.
I know my over-all balance will  improve, and also my attitude.

Knowing my Master only punishes me because I'm worth it, I will bear it with pride.