Bath time

We can't change who we are, we can't help what we need , we might as well embrace it and fly.

Fucking my ass in the cage (video)


A belting from a while ago (video)


Cock worship

"Kiss" He whispers, and I lower my head in between His legs.
While my one hand surrounds His cock and the other finds its way underneath to caress that whole area, my tongue starts to lick His balls.

That first taste of Him.

I stroke Him gently, I want Him to enjoy it for the longest time.
I want to hear Him gasp and moan.
I need to feel Him harden slowly.

My mouth is wet, wet from desire, wet from the deep rooted eagerness to please Him.
I feel myself dripping.

My tongue finds it way up His shaft to lube it with my saliva.
My mouth reaches the tip and I cannot resist taking it in my mouth, gently move my tongue over it until I taste some pre-cum.

Intoxicated by the sweet taste of His nectar I slowly lick my way down to His scrotum, while I notice how much His cock has hardened.

From time to time I drift away, I just taste, feel and smell Him.

"Suck that cock"  He orders and  my head moves upwards only to lower it down again over His hard cock.
I inhale deep and suck His cock entirely into my mouth, slowly fucking it.
My one hand is still underneath caressing, my other at the base of His cock stroking it simultaneously deep into my mouth.

I can feel the slightest change, His balls tighten, the throbbing of His perineum.
I can't resist moving my hips, slowly as if I was fucking Him.
It drives me closer and closer to orgasm.

I adjust my movements when I feel He is near to unload.
First I need to taste more, feel more, touch more but I never seem to get enough if it.

Sometimes I just suck the head, I can't help myself from just softly sucking that smooth part for a while and touching the ledges thoroughly with my tongue.
I trust Him in giving me a few minutes in my trance.

When He grabs my head with both hands and takes all control back, I lose it.
He decides the pace now, He fucks my mouth now and I get lost in that amazing feeling that He is in control and was all the time even though He let me suck it my way for a bit.

He unloads while He pushes my head all the way down over His cock.
It is in so deep that I am unable to breathe and at His mercy.

I've got no free will, no control and it feels so strong, so right, so incredible that I lose it again...


Plugged and spanked (video)


A video from last year when I didn't have the labia rings yet.

Yeah ! (video)


Clip made the same day as the one before.


When I am at my Masters place I am always naked and collared.
When I am not servicing Him, I am usually sitting at His feet and feel serene and gratified here.
When I walk around, it is on my tiptoes with my hands behind my back and chores are being done on my tiptoes as well.
When certain chores needs to be done, Master wants me to do them with my ass plugged.
Usually I do the chores when He is away, I plug my ass with the two balls as soon as He leaves and can feel Him inside me doing the dishes, laundry and other things that need to be done.
The other day however I was making Him pancakes and was of course naked in the kitchen.
As soon as He walked in He pushed me on the kitchen counter, spit on my ass and plugged it.

With one simple action He demonstrated His dominance over me.
With one simple action He made me weak at the knees.

Again I felt the infinite bliss of my submission and it was stronger then ever.

When He walked away I stood there for a few seconds, eyes closed, savoring the feeling, before I went back to the pancakes.

Off to work !