Pissdrinking slut

Happy cunt

Riding the saddle (video)


An older video when I was to fill my cunt with the 3 foot big chain and fuck the saddle until I came.

Riding my Masters cock (video)


Tortured on the bed (video)



I am being degraded regularly in every way my Master can think of.
I love it when my Master calls me names, when He writes what I am allover my body, spits on me or make me do demeaning things.
I crave being diminished to His personal toilet and drink His piss eagerly whenever He feels like using me that way.
My mouth is dry every morning I wake up. waiting for Him to snap His fingers, so I can kneel before Him and have him use my mouth as His personal urinal.

At times He likes it if I degrade myself by telling Him what a filthy cock-whore I am, how much I crave to be His piss-slut, that I am just three fuck-holes and a pair of tits, a piece of fuck-meat or anything else degrading.

It turns me on being treated this way - and I will orgasm excessively without even being touched.

I used to find it hard to humiliate myself in front of Him, but over time, when the last of my shame faded away, I accepted myself for who and what I am.

I am cunt, I am property, I am His slave to use and abuse for His pleasure.
I am a cock-sucking whore and a piss-drinking fuck-hole.

I will never again be a miserable house-wife.

I choose to live my life under His foot, at His feet, crawling, leashed, being treated as a piece of shit.

I can't imagine living any other way, this is what I was meant for.

This, this degradation, is what I want. It is what I need. It is what I CHOOSE.



dressed for His pleasure

Being dressed with my dress pulled up, exposing my sex, makes me feel more naked and vulnerable then being naked wearing only my collar and cuffs.
It gives a strange kind of sensation, being displayed like this.
The moment He pulled my dress up, is one of the most breathtaking moments I have ever experienced.
I never feel naked when I am around Him, but this is different.
I feel my dress partially covering me, I am not fully naked nor fully dressed.
I like the thrill of it, the difference.
I feel like a whore, who was dressed but Her Master has just pulled up her dress for everyone to see.

Tied so I can't do anything but let Him watch me getting soaking wet by just the feeling of being displayed, by being forced to feel the chain on my cunt, not able to control rubbing it in front of Him.

It confirms that I am His property and He can do with me whatever He wants.....even when I am dressed.


"Kiss my ass " He said as He turned around.
My mouth started watering instantly and I buried my face between His butt cheeks, while I put one hand on His already hard cock and the other behind His balls, caressing the soft sensitive tissue between His ass and balls.
Occasionally my saliva dripped down to that area and that made the gentle strokes go even more smoothly.
I heard Him moan from time to time and I caught myself making little noises of pleasure too.
I could feel him getting harder and it made me soaking wet.
I felt his ass relax under my tongue and by that time my mouth produced so much fluid it kept dripping on to Him continuously.
My nose piercing rubbed against Him and that feeling became very intense.

I thought about how I touch my piering every day a few times, just to feel it's presence, how it looks in the mirror and how deep an impact the leashing makes on me every time.

Fluids gushed out of me, even before the orgasm, but I kept on pleasuring His ass.

Then I felt all of his muscles contract and He covered my hand with warm delicious cum.

I kept on stroking and licking Him gently, then when He had enough He stood up and ordered me to clean the mess.

His cum was still warm and I gratefully licked it all up.

My spread cunt (video)


Boot worship (video)


Some outdoor humiliation (video)


How I dealt with the last punishment

I hardly get punished but when my Master thinks I deserve it, it is hard on me.
He always chooses ones that I really can't stand, like wearing undies or growing a hairy pussy.
Both have incredible impacts on me.
A severe beating for example would not work with me, since I simply would enjoy it and that would just encourage bad behavior.
Since I know He chooses punishments that I really dislike and have the worst effects on me, I try to stay away from getting them, question them, or even try to get out of it.

The last punishment however was different.
The offense was too severe to let it go and I really felt I needed to be punished to make things right.
I also believe He needed to punish me as bad as I needed to be punished.
I was way out of line and needed Him to straighten me out, He needed to see me suffer to regain full control over me and to make sure this would not ever happen again.
He needed to remind me that although He is a kind and loving Master, He would not let me get away with it.

I was to wear granny undies and not shave my cunt for two weeks.

He gave me the choice in when to start it and instead of procrastinating it, I wanted it to start right the next day after I picked up the ugliest undies ever.

I felt compelled to go through it, I wanted to show Him I really felt terrible from what I did and take whatever punishment He decided on.
I did not question it and just went through it.

I accepted it fully and with grace and was in total understanding with it.
I actually savored and devoured it each and every day until it was over.
It made me realize that whatever my thoughts were about a punishment, I should not resist it, that's not my task.

I know that when it comes to this, I have to trust Him in doing what is best for the both of us and that it will make me a better slave.