Chained open and squirting

My ass today

A few days ago when my Master was fucking my ass He started to spank me as well.
I like it when He does that and it makes me crave to fuck harder and harder while enduring the pain.
I begged him to hurt me harder, and felt heavy blows hammer my flesh in response.

Somehow He felt that wouldn't cut it.

All of a sudden I felt a very painful sting/burn on my ass, He was burning it with His cigarette.
I started begging again for more and each time as soon as I had His cock in all the way He marked me this way.

The stimulation from feeling him rape my ass deeply while burning my ass was....excessive.

I kept on pushing my ass back as hard and far as I could to feel His cock go in all the way each time, while I felt my pussy dripping unbidden down my spread thighs.

My orgasms came close to one another, in ever deepening waves, and it seems I could not stop (not that I wanted them to).

I could feel Him getting rock hard inside me and I reached for His balls, stroking them at the same pace as He was fucking me.

When He had me turn around to suck His cock and taste my own ass, my pleasure wasn't done yet...my pussy exploded in a tremendous squirt as I throated his thick cock, and I was rewarded by the taste of His cum.

The creature within

Behind the soft, pink mask of this girl lives a far more sinister, powerful creature.

Unlike the demure lady who exhibits proper etiquette and polite embraces, this creature is all wants, needs, and cravings, and it growls and hisses in blatant sexual delight.

This girl, although diligent in keeping it hidden knows the true strength comes not from her, and it is only a matter of time before it surfaces, before it unleashes its brazen, unlimited, need.

Unapologetic for its lusts or cravings, fearless in approach, in desperation, it forever succumbs to the heat between its thighs, to the infinite insatiable lust that fills its mind.
It is never satiated, it always wants more, deeper, it wants to deplete the girl completely and forever.
Always both predator and prey.  

It bathes in mindless speech, devoid of everything except its hunger.
How this creature relishes in the fear the girl feels, slowly consuming her, poisoning her to embrace, no control what lives beneath the surface.

It grows stronger each day and this creature laughs while this girl is devoured by its endless hunger.

Saddle Ride

i am a filthy ass-whore


It may not come as a surprise....but I love ass fucks more then anything else.
Sometimes He decides to spit on it before He thrusts deep inside me.

I love how he makes me feel raped, telling me what I am and what I am for.

He likes to tie me up by my nose-piercing to the cage by a leash like an animal, making me feel helpless and at His mercy while He fucks me, making me feel completely controlled.

If I am lucky He pulls my hair and adapts the pulling to the rhythm of the pounding.

If I am very lucky He will sent me straight to slave heaven by spitting in my face during the fuck!

Sometimes He likes to lube His cock in my pussy first and I love to feel him grow that way.

Now part of my excitement getting fucked in my pussy is the thought that when He is fully erect He will pull out and enter my ass deep and hard, so I can feel His power.

Many times I will orgasm the moment he breaches my ass, making me sensitive and desperate for more.

When tied to the cage, I try to push my body backwards as far as possible, to feel Him as deep as I can inside me and every time I am amazed by how good it feels, how much I love getting fucked like this, begging Him silently not to stop.

I moan, I squirt, I cum over and over again....the ass slut that I am......



There is nothing that can put me straight into my place like when He slaps my face.
He can call me a million filthy names, but that still cannot even come close to the effect a simple face-slap has on me.

I find this form of humiliation and degradation one of the greatest insults that I can receive, after being spit on.
For most people it expresses hatred, frustration, anger, disgust which can cause a backlash of resentment and anger from the receiver, as well as fear and sadness.
But for me He simply provides a desperate need to be put in my place, to be manhandled so roughly that my head spins and that I reach the point that I cannot think for myself anymore.

It has never caused me any of the negative feelings, but always has given me intense pleasure, makes me surrender in a way that is so direct, so pure that it leaves me stronger.

I love getting my face slapped.

I crave the echo of His vicious hand connecting with my delicate flesh, the ringing in my ears and the vision blurred by my own tears, the burn of my tear stained cheeks and I can feel Him looking at my hungry eyes begging for more.

A slap can say a thousand things, without uttering a word.
It can shake me in my boots and humble me in a split second.
It can transform me into a sobbing puddle of misery, give me orgasms that are so intense that they leave me trembling often deep into sub-space.

Sometimes He just gives me a simply single face-slap, as to get my attention or to bring me back  to reality.
When I get slapped around, it has the reverse effect and after a few I usually drift away in the moment.
When treated harshly and I start to cry, the impact of His hands on my wet face become even more painful, but at the same time I become more and more agreeable.

Soon enough I reach that point where I don't flinch and not just receive the slaps but simply welcome them and all I can do is smile.....or beg for more.


My daily life

My Masters personal life changed significantly 6 months ago, and these changes have had an impact on mine.
On a almost daily basis I am serving Him now, not just sexually but also domestically.
When W/we discussed these changes I was pretty hesitant about the house chores.
I used to dislike cleaning up and usually leave it to the last minute.
Now all of a sudden I was to be a house-cunt and did not know what to think of it.

At the beginning it made me feel uncomfortable, but soon enough I came to enjoy it.

I do my chores collared, naked and plugged which emphasizes that whatever I'm doing for Him, I do it as His slave.

It pleases Him to find His house clean, His dishes and laundry done when He comes home from work and it reflects on me, the service became very satisfying and fulfilling and I've learned another thing; it does not matter how and where you serve your Master, anything that pleases Him made me happy.

When He is home serving Him (aside from being His fuck-slut) is even more amazing.
The thrill I get from cooking naked, Him walking into the kitchen, plugging my ass or pushing me down on my knees to piss down my throat is indescribable.

The relief I can bring to Him when His body is sore and I relax His muscles with my hands, or the quality time W/we spend together simply watching a movie, with me simply sitting at His feet or kissing them, is unexpectedly divine.

And then at the end of the day when He leashes me and takes me crawling to His bed, falling asleep while reciting my Mantra while holding His feet, I couldn't feel more peaceful.

My reservations about being a house-cunt dissapeared and living like this makes me even more appreciative of my consensual slavery and how much I savor it.
Although it takes some accommodation from my side to make it work between my job and my family, I wouldn't want to change it for the world.

Tied and left (video)


Tied by the new hood to the post, Master left me there, but not after He put the hot sauce allover my pussy, inside and out...excessively!

I tried hard not to cum, knowing my squirting would reinforce the burning and it was already beyond brutal.

I dribbled a few times and even that heated up the sensations.
I knew as soon as I could not control myself any longer I would pay the price for that orgasm....until He said 'NOW'....and I suffered soooo happily!