First beating with the 'cat'


My first time with the cat-o-nine-tails.
Master went slow on me since neither one of us knew how the long-term effects would be.
I already loved the cat and was eager to find out how full blows would feel.
A few days later when W/we were in the Temple I found out....

A more serious beating with the 'cat'

Picture taken right after the beating:
 These the next day:




The 'share'

Here it is, the 'share' made by the Fun-factory, a truly ingenious toy.
The thick shorter part fits my vagina perfectly and it actually feels I have a 'cock'.
When on my knees servicing my Master's cock I can wiggle on it or sometimes when I get carried away I actually fuck it, giving me great orgasms.
It is made of silicone which gives a warm and smooth feeling inside which comes closest to a real cock of all the toys I've had inside me.


Playing with her new toy


Recently purchased a 'Share' strapless strapon in a kinky shopping spree.

Here's our first video of it.


abused (video)


Boot worship (video)


In my place

He senses when I'm not in the right place.
Usually I've been running around  getting things done or just came back from work.

Is it my breathing I often wonder, the trembling when I rush down on my knees before Him, place my arms behind my back and present my mouth-cunt, eyes downwards ?
Or is it so obvious that I'm trying to figure out if I haven't forgotten something?
Does He reads my face and see tension ?

He asks 'How is my cunt ?' .
'Very good, Master'  I answer humbly.

Maybe my voice gave me away.....


I try to stay motionless, knowing there is more to come, much more....

And the slaps continue, first slow, on my right cheek to the left, but soon enough they come faster and harder.

I try not to flinch, but it's hard.
I just sit there on my knees, desperately trying to endure the pain and control the fear.
I close my eyes and give in.
I feel the tears running down my cheeks but He keeps raining the blows on to my face.
Finally I smile and have forgotten all that was on my mind that doesn't matter at the moment.
He wins....as always.

'Are you in your place now, cunt ? He asks.
'Yes, Master' 

Cage time (video)


My ass still blue from the last beatings  

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

'I never feel my collar, except when it is not around my neck.'

The new tattoo

The tattoo on my right arm will soon be covered by a more appropriate one.
It will be a composition of a Phoenix (representing my changed life from housewife to slave), a roman X (representing the 'TEN'), a variation of the BDSM-symbol and most likely some chains.
In three weeks I will see a recommended tattoo-artist and show him the pictures I've collected.
He will then melt them together into a design that tells the story of a woman who found her true self through submission to her Master.
Covering up the old tattoo is part of my decision to live a far more fulfilling and happier life, as His property.

I'm beyond excited!