House cunt

For the past six months I have also been serving my Master as His house cunt.
This explains why I have less time for myself  to write blog posts regularly.
The time I have left now between work and my children is almost completely being consumed by my Master, whether He is home or not.
House chores aren't my favorite but Master lets me do them naked, plugged (usually as in the picture) and of course I wear my collar.
I usually put on my favorite music and feel very much at ease cleaning, washing and cooking all by myself like this.
The chores turned out not to be chores anymore, they are means to service my Master, to make life easier for Him, so He can relax when He gets home from work and W/we can spend some quality time together.
I always make sure I am done when He gets home, waiting naked on my knees and ready to serve Him.
I also cook for Him when He is home and often He sneaks upon me in the kitchen, pushing me down on my knees and pours His piss into my greedy wide open mouth.
When He is done, I continue with a smile, thinking how great my life is right now.
My service doesn't stop with house chores, I also relax His sore muscles with my hands whether He is lying on the bed or sitting in front of me watching TV.
I especially enjoy touching Him this way while W/we watch our favorite series on TV and often I'm in front of Him on my knees, legs spread while my hands are behind my back stroking His cock and caressing His balls.

My hesitation to do certain chores and enjoy them is all gone.....my ongoing desire to serve appeared to be so much stronger and insatiable.

After all, I found it doesn't matter how and when I serve,  but that it pleases my Master and in that I find my reward.


'Look at me and cum for me '


All dressed up

Bishop's hood, with heavy chains from septum piercing to breasts.


Sometimes it can just crawl upon me....the realization that I feel inferior to Him.
I feel it deep inside me, it consumes me, it intoxicates me and it is so strong it paralyzes me.
Although the word has a negative sound to it, is doesn't for me, it is the ultimate feeling of submissiveness, I have given up all control, all free will and all power and I feel it to the deepest of my core.
All is in His hands and He can do with it as He pleases, He makes the decisions and it doesn't matter how I feel, while that is exactly how I like to feel.

It is the ultimate aphrodisiac, knowing I am in a position He can make me or break me and I would let Him, but at the same time I know He will only lift me up, make me grow, make me feel worthy even more of my slavery.

The whole thing makes me happy, feel safe, grateful and fulfilled.
It makes me want to please Him more, serve Him even better, let him do things to me I never allowed any other person do to me.

Yes, I am inferior to Him, I am part of a natural order, and it feels so comfortable to me.

Cunt torture