My body soaked from His piss and His spit.

Off to work !

Master had me wear the cunt straps Yesterday while I was at work.
I made this picture with my phone and posted it for Him :-)
The straps held me open and rubbing against my jeans, making me wet and horny all the time!


My hair was this long before I asked my Master permission to have it cut.
It is halfway down my shoulders now and gave me a chance to get used to not having long hair anymore.
In just a few months He will shave my head.

I've had many changes over the years I have been owned by Him and all of them I welcomed and enjoyed.
I've got marked, pierced,  my behavior is modified, I don't wear any jewelry except my piercings, but most of all my way of thinking changed.

I am no longer a woman who felt flattered when men made her compliments, chased her in the grocery store, asking her for dates.
I don't want to be shallow, being judged for how I look.
Shaving my head will enforce that.

I am a slave, I feel a slave, and soon, I will look like one.....

Tied wide open


Could one be more humiliated?
Spread wide open, run down make-up from all the previous usage?

Cunt's creed

I will always communicate with complete honesty, especially in regards to my needs, desires, limits, feelings and experience. I realize that failing to do so will not only prevent my Master and me from having the best experience possible, but can also lead to physical and emotional harm.

I will not try to manipulate my Master. I will not push to make a scene go the way I feel it should.

I will keep an open mind about trying things that I am not accustomed to or uncomfortable with and be receptive in expanding my limits.

I will continue to grow as a slave and as a human being.

I will keep on exploring in order to find out what pleases my Master, and will do my best to fulfill His wishes and desires.

I will be courteous and helpful to my fellow slaves. I will share my knowledge and experiences with others whenever they ask for it, in the hope that they will learn from where I have been. I will always be humble towards them.

I will be responsive to my Master, I will not try to hide what my mind and body are feeling so that I may assist Him in His responsibilities as my Authority. I know that He is not telepathic, and will not expect my Master to know thoughts or feelings which I do not share.

I will never think of myself a “better” slave because I choose to submit on a different level than another. I will not be boastful of experiences I have had as a slave.

I know that my actions reflect upon my Master, and my behavior should always be of such He can be proud of. I will not intentionally embarrass or displease my Master.

I will never cause others to think that being slave means to be weak or sub~human.

I will take pride in who and what I am, and will never show myself in a negative way.

Above all, I will wear my title of slave with honor, as well as the name He has chosen for me: 'cunt'.

I am a dumb whore

 I’m a dumb whore, I must always stay prepared, mouth open, waiting for my Master to  give me the pleasure of his cock fucking my face or use my other orifices.

I’m a dumb whore, I need Master’s cock so badly that my mouth is always drooling and my other holes are always wet.

I’m a dumb whore, this is all I’m good for, this is my entire purpose on Earth, three holes for my Master to rape and abuse anytime He wants them.

I’m a dumb whore, I need to be restrained, bound, hurt, slapped, choked, spit and pissed on. It’s what I’ve always wanted, it is what I need, to be put in my place.

I’m a dumb whore, while my cunt aches for fucking, it’s my ass that satisfies my Master the most, and therefore, it is my favorite hole for him to rape. It is always clean and ready for him.

I’m a dumb whore, I will take as many cocks and pussy's as Master allows me. Satisfying them with all of my whore holes, proving my utter worthlessness over and over, until each and every one has satisfied themselves on  me as many times as they desire.

I’m a dumb whore, I deserve the unending, brutal rape, the spit raining down upon me, the constant verbal abuse, the hard slaps, the piss in my face and mouth, the hands around my neck choking me out, the pain and ever-increasing discomfort from the rope and restraint, and especially all the cum shot in my stupid whore mouth to gargle and swallow with a smile. Yet, Master still graciously provides these things to me, even though I’m a stupid cunt and an inferior piece of fuck meat, and don’t deserve His kindness.

I’m a dumb whore and am grateful for Him calling me so and reminding me of this, every day, reinforced with a hard slap and spit to the face.

I’m a dumb whore, and I need and love to be treated as such.Without the constant abuse and suffering, I would be unsatisfied, in total sadness, unable to fulfill my place in life, at Master’s feet, at the end of his cock, at the end of his brutality, unable to truly orgasm in the way Master finally unlocked in me.

I, forever, will show my appreciation to Him for this, in whatever way He desires.

 I’m a dumb whore, and I’ve never been more happy in my entire life.


On display


Sometimes He pisses over my face, while I'm gagged.
Part of me doesn't like it, I crave to swallow every drop.
He knows that and sees me struggle to get a taste anyway.
I feel its warmth on my face, dripping down over my tits, my body, left there to dry.
I'm not sure what is worse.....having just enough in my mouth to taste Him, feeling deprived of drinking it all or feeling it cool off on my body thinking I wanted to drink it so badly.....or both....

Tied and degraded


My submission

Submission is beauty.
It is a beauty that comes from my very soul.
It is a breaking down of the walls built up in my lifetime, allowing the beautiful, sensual slave to come through.

Submission is about sensuality.
It is about trust, communication, vulnerability, caring and honesty.
It is about being a graceful, devoted and committed slave who serves her Master unconditionally.

Submission is about knowing who I am and what I want.
I am not a weak person but just the opposite.
I am strong.
I am strong in myself and in the knowledge of who I am.
I could never submit out of weakness or desperation.
I submit out of strength, love and trust.

Submission is freedom.
It is a letting go of myself, knowing that my Master is there to catch me if I falter.
It is about pushing to be the very best I can be, not only as a slave, but also as a woman.

Cage time


After the throat rape