Ass beating


Same upload as the one on 6/4/14, but there seem to be a problem with the sound, hope this will work and Y/you can hear cunt scream !


Spread and spray


I look a little worried in this video, but I'm still having difficulties wearing the pig-nose, although i'm getting better at it....

Ready to be his toilet

Begging for more

I was getting face slapped and it felt so good, I wanted more.

My body language spoke for itself, but He didn't gave it to me.

Instead He started to torture my nipples.
I pushed them forward as to give Him full access.
He started to squeeze them and I loved it.

I felt myself climaxing and I craved for more pain.
My whole body was aching for more torment.

No shame, no holding back, embracing my nakedness and simply feel.
I needed Him to drive me over the edge.

'Harder please, Master' I begged Him over and over again.

A hard face-slap was his answer.
I begged again and His whole hand cupped my breast and started to squeeze it relentless.
Then the other one....

Then relief came, uninhibited, shameless and so powerful that it left me trembling.

Ass beating


New burns

It doesn't happen very often but Yesterday Master marked both cunt's tits.
Burns last much longer then marks and I really love that about them!