On punishment

Usually I respond very well on punishments Master gives me for displeasing Him, but not this time.
I repeated a behavior I was punished for previously and although knowing I would be punished for it, it didn't kept me from doing so.
The misbehaving was of such that I wasn't afraid of any punishment, simply because if I succeeded He could not punish me anyway.
After the fact I turned around and realized I made a mistake again, especially after W/we've talked it over thoroughly after I did it the first time, but in the meantime I didn't follow up on it.
Of course punishment was to be expected, Master is thankfully very consistent about re-adjusting an unacceptable demeanor  and I begged for it, in order to find closure.
I already feel punished for it, before any punishment was decided by Master.
The disappointment I saw in His face and the knowledge I had displeased Him so bad weighs far more then any punishment He could give me.
But I need closure and what's more important, I need to realize that the rules He has put in place for this particular misbehavior should be repected by me and most of all I don't want to make the same mistake again.
I realize I had alternative options before I did what I did.
I know He would  understand if I asked for a 'time-out' , and even better just talked about it with Him.
I know He wants me to open up about things that bother me and would happily take time just to talk.
Although this month is hard on me every single year, it should never be an excuse for unwanted behavior or acting out.
He has always been available for talks and I should know by now He will always be there for me, in good times or bad.
I needed an honest deterrence for my behavior and He gave it to me.
I am at peace now.

Thank You, Master


Misunderstanding Mastery Part 2

"V, I am the "anon" that has apparently upset you, M, and and some followers. I seems I am also the "anon" who has caused you to prohibit comments from other anons on your tumblr. I have previously posted many comments on all three of your sites. You have posted many, thanked me for some, and ignored a few. Please understand, while this is a lifestyle for you, for me this is fantasy. It is experimental role-play actually, for my wife and I and I get many new ideas and become very turned on from your site, some of which we carry out. All that aside. I either went too far, or was misunderstood. But it doesn't matter which because if I have hurt or offended, I am sorry and I apologize most sincerely. Further, I promise I will not post again on any of your sites. I am sure you are a wonderful person, and I wish you much happiness."

I want to commend you on stepping up to the plate 'Anon'.

I've never explained this at any real length, but there is no person 'V'. The Roman numeral is just shorthand for 'the five', the slave training method I developed and used to train cunt and my previous slaves. cunt honours me by wearing it as my mark in the form of a tattoo I had placed on her ass for the one year anniversary of her slavery.

We are thrilled that you enjoy her tumblr, blog, and commenting on them. However;

We are as you note, real people doing real things, and not portraying a fantasy. For us, the blogs and tumblrs are exhibitionistic, we love knowing that people are turned on - and getting off hard to - the things we do (what this blog is about), and the images and fantasies we enjoy (our tumblrs). cunt is genuinely enjoying everything you see.  She is not being forced, coerced, or otherwise motivated by fear, or other negative emotions. I understand completely that her consent and enjoyment run counter to the prevailing BDSM fantasy of miserable captured and raped slaves. I don't judge those that have those fantasies (I am the absolute last person who should judge another person's fantasies), but they aren't what we are about. In the real world having a BDSM relationship requires a real connection, with real (often messy) emotions. In the real world being miserable sucks. As such, our real life is just not going to be like most BDSM fantasies.

Except for all the good parts that is, we keep those.

I am aware that other slaves, submissives, internet sluts, etc., enjoy reading abusive and aggressive messages from anonymous people on the internet. For us though, not so much. With the tumblrs, the blog, and our presence on FetLife, we get a ridiculously large amount of mail. The majority of what we receive is blocked or destroyed, the rest is read, a smaller portion published and an even tinier portion replied to. We have finite lives with a finite amount of time, and the less time we spend on reading anonymously authored spittle flecked screeds of power-fantasy abuse in lower-caps, the better.

For years I've made the effort to cull just the positive comments for publication, giving special favour to those that aren't anonymous. The result is a relatively small but very enthusiastic community of like-minded people we have come to regard with real affection.

You are still welcome here, if here is where you really want to be.


Misunderstanding Mastery

We recently recieved the following comment on cunt's piss drinking video;

"I just dug a bit deeper into your site and since I now understand that having the shit slapped out of her would turn her on, I need to amend my last comment: I hope you sent her to work with panties on and made her grow her cunt hair out for spilling your precious fluid. What an ungrateful slut. on Piss slut"

To which l left a reply, (in summary; cunt is very grateful, thanks), but the more I thought about it, the more the comment bothers me. 

First off, cunt is blindfolded, and at the end of a heavy session in which she had already been whipped and fucked repeatedly - so of course she missed some. Also, as should be clear from the video, I am not always aiming for her open mouth. Did I mention she is blindfolded? 

Which brings me to my philosophy on punishing slaves. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I don't punish my slave with things she likes (rough sex, beatings, degrading language, etc), I punish her with otherwise innocuous or anodyne things she doesn't like (wearing panties, having a hairy pussy, etc.). 

Whats more important though, is that I don't punish her capriciously or without purpose. Punishing my slave because she can't catch my piss while blindfolded (and barely conscious), wouldn't serve any purpose at all except to make me into a giant asshole (that said, sometimes a scene works when a Dom is deiberately being an asshole - but you have to know the difference between playing a douchebag in a scene under controlled circumstances, and being one in real life). Further, punishing her for things that are out of her control merely makes her resent her Master, which makes punishing her less effective as a result, and worse, undermines any future punishment she recieves for more legitimate infractions. 

What makes a punishment work is not that she fears it, or loathes it, but that she understands why it is required, and thus when the time comes that punishment is required, welcomes it, and (as in the case of cunt) begs for it. 

When a Master takes on the responsibility of training and disciplining a slave, it is one that is built on trust. If a Master punishes a slave for something the slave had no responsibility for, that key building block is eroded, and can be ruined permanently. Sure you've showed her 'who's boss', but you have also showed her you don't understand context, can't read the emotions of your slave, and have no sense of what your word is really worth to her. 

The slave is trusting that your guidance is worth following and that her Master's word is worth respecting, abuse that at your own peril. 

In short, if you want to be a good Dom, be a good Dom. 


The Head Shave

It's done, my head  is shaved now! The last part of my femininity has been stripped away.
I have felt like a slave on the inside for a long time, now I look like one on the outside.

I didn't realize just how much I wanted this until He grabbed a big chunk of my hair and chopped it off with the scissors.
He didn't hesitate at all, neither did I.
I realized, I was relieved. I had needed and wanted this for so long.
I was surprised with my calmness and acceptance.

I had been a mix of scared and excited for a few days prior. Scared how it may look and what people might think, excited because I was really looking forward to it, I wanted to look like a slave so badly.
I reasoned with myself and found it didn't matter to me what people would think or say.
I'm more then just hair or my looks.

I stopped acting like a housewife long time ago, it was time to stop looking like one.

Thanks to His razor, the last symbol of what I was is now gone.

Everything that is left is His.  


Owned completely

The other day Master had me blindfolded, ballgagged, and ordered me on all fours in front of Him.
He spit on my ass and then started to work with his hands on my pussy and before long I just knew He was going to fist me.
I love the feeling of being filled completely with His fist, and I was wet and eager.
He teased me with his fingers. He played with my rings. He tugged on my tags. He spanked me with His hand.

When He forced His whole fist in my fuck-hole all I could do was gasp and enjoy His total ownership of my pussy.
After pumping me, first slow and gentle, then faster and harder, He pulled back His hand, and was greeted with a hot wet gush, and the kind of sounds only gagged fuckpigs can make.

I was still shaking, when he started to work on my ass.
My ass is far more difficult to take His fist and it is not always completely successful, but even 'most' of his fist is incredible.
The pussy fisting had completely relaxed me and it made me really, really crave to be able to take His full fist in my ass.
He started pushing several fingers in at a time, pumping them in and and out, every few delicious minutes he would add another finger. After a while I felt His whole fist slide in and it felt so overwhelmingly tight, I loved it !
Once totally inside, He started to move His hand, fucking me with it. Destroying me with it.
All I could do was keep my ass up in the air, and moan.

When he finally pulled out, my body took almost a full second to recuperate and then the avalanche came.....a huge, rolling, orgasm. I thrashed around, gushing streams of cum.

When I am empty He makes me full. When I am full He makes me empty.