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anonymous said:
Cunt, are you able to explain how being degraded in a non sexual way, like being called a pig or stupid, etc is a turn on? Is a turn on for both you and Master? I get the connection between pain and arousal as well as degradation name calling degradation (slut, whore, fuck hole) connection to arousal, but am struggling with this one. Thank you for what you do, you are certainly a great cunt with nice set of fuck holes for us to see abused, I am just not sure you are stupid :)
interesting question…….When Master started to degrade me this way it were pure sexual comments and names at first but gradually He started to call me other names too  like ‘pig or stupid cunt’ even have me ‘oink’ instead of begging for permission to cum (I actually am allowed both, but rather ‘oink’ because it is so much more degrading), It was highly arousing for Him seeing my response (smiling, getting wet, squirming etc.) and when I feel His excitement, it has it’s effect on me too.It is a huge turn-on for me to be able to do/take something that is considered ‘difficult’ and feel His cock harden in my hands or holes because of it. Now He even tells me at times to call myself filthy degrading names as well, which took a while to get used to but  now I can do this without even thinking about it and it makes my cunt twitch :P
So yes, W/we love it both.
Of course I don’t ‘believe’ I am REALLY stupid, I am high functioning and intelligent :-) but simply love to be used as a stupid cunt and treated accordingly.
Hope that answers Your question


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Just a random day in cunt's life

M woke me up early today, He wanted to use me before He left the apartment.
At first He wanted me straight into the shower, but changed His mind when I told Him I had to remove my collar and ankle chain first.
We smoked a cigarette and I woke up a bit.
Then He snapped His fingers and I hurried in the pissing position.
Thirsty and as always greedy for His piss I opened my mouth and enclosed the tip of His cock with my lips, determined to swallow every drop.
It was lots like every morning and yet it always seems never enough.
I followed Him into the shower after taking the lock off my ankle chain.
There, where He enjoyed the hot water stream I stood before Him and He told me to put my hands on Him.
He was already erect and I started to caress Him gentle and slow.
After a little while He pushed me down and while on my knees I closed my mouth over His hard cock.
I shivered, it was chilly and all the warm water was aimed at His back.
My other hand found it's way underneath and I started to fuck Him slowly with my mouth.
By then the chill didn't bother me anymore, His cock felt nice and warm in my mouth and I enjoyed O/our special time in the shower.
With one hand stroking His shaft, the other caressing His balls and my mouth working simultaneously over His now rapidly hardened cock, I felt His orgasm was near.
The excitement had it's effect on me too, I love making Him rock hard and to fuck him with my mouth - so much I had an orgasm!
It made me suck Him even better and not long after He came deep inside my throat.
He stepped out of the shower to get ready to leave but before He did he peaked around the corner, telling me to sneak back into bed and sleep in.
When done showering I didn't felt sleepy at all and since I had an appointment that morning I decided to watch the second episode of 'Orange is the new black', the second series just came out and I am very anxious to see them all since I loved the first season so much.
I made myself some coffee, did some chores and settled naked on my usual place on the floor.
It would have been perfect, if He only was there too, doing His own stuff while I watched it.
W/we both love movies and have regular 'movie nights' together, where I curl up at His feet, usually after He used and fucked me thoroughly.
After a movie W/we are usually up to some more hot stuff and go to bed where I fall asleep happy as can be at His feet.
Another example is Monday night is 'Game of Throne night' when W/we watch a new episode every week.
When I finished the show, I tidied up a bit more while enjoying the subtle tangling of the tag He has put on my pussy rings.
At my own place I did some chores, fixed my hair and make-up and went out.
When I got home again I worked some in the garden, spend some time on my laptop, posted a video on the blog and then it was time for me to go to work.
The jeans I was wearing before kept the tag in place, but  now I was wearing looser pants and especially in the beginning they make me very aware of wearing it.
Eventually it usually slides into one of the pants legs and just gives me a nice touch of it's presence.
It's funny that when I pee I used to not look there and now I do.
The looks of my own pierced pussy lips AND the tag hanging down while peeing I find very appealing.
I'm glad the tag doesn't pinch or interferes with my clothes so I can continue to wear it 24/7.
The only down side is that it can make me very horny and dripping wet so at times I wonder off to the bathroom to check if it doesn't show, since I also don't wear undies.
I usually choose dark pants for work, which don't show any 'wet' spots easily.
Many times during my shift my thoughts wondered off to last night when He fucked me hard several times, on the chair and while on the floor on all fours and this morning when I tasted His piss and His cum in less then 20 minutes.
It was then during one of these flashbacks that I decided I should write a post of just a day as today, as it is more common then unusual for me to live daily life like this.
It starts with serving Him and it continues, whether I go to His place after work or stay at my own.
Tonight I worked late and didn't came home until after midnight, so I'm crashing at my own place, but sometimes I'm home at 10 PM, those nights I spend with Him.
Going to sleep is the same, I recite my Mantra, say 'Goodnight Master' and fall asleep as a content, happy and wet little cunt.......