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cunt wets her pants


Filthy whore


A little while ago one of O/our followers asked my Master if He would let me 'perform' for money and make me a whore.
W/we discussed the idea and performing a sexual act for money really turned me on.
W/we never thought the follower would actually sent the money but when the money came in the mail it became real.

I was to become a real whore.

The request was that the money should be stuffed in my ass and Master decided that I should masturbate and degrade myself while He watched.

I never had sex for money so this was an entire new experience for me.

I remember I giggled beforehand, it was so unreal, but when He tied my legs spread in the chair and shoved the $100 bill in my asshole, I became a bit unsettled.
Usually I get into the right mindset right away especially when I'm being tied up, but this was different.

When I have to 'entertain' my Master,  I am focused on Him and will do the very best I can to please Him, I can let go and enjoy whatever He asks of me.
Now I had to please somebody else for money, although not present, but mentally it definatelly made a difference.
I was whored out, used for the pleasure of somebody else then my Master, and I felt dirty and used, vulgarized and diminished to the lowest ever possible, but at the same time I loved it.

Off and on I would call myself a dirty whore, but from now on it is actually true.


Why Smart Women Make The Best Stupid Cunts

I wanted to add my own thoughts to the commentary surrounding degrading speech, and specifically the use and context of 'stupid cunt'.

'Stupid' is simply  not an epithet I ever found remotely sexy. Sure I knew it was degrading, but it's the kind of slur only morons and children would ever use. I knowingly prefer smart, older women as partners because they know themselves, who they are, and what they want. Smart women are dead fucking sexy. Stupid women are boring, and when they aren't its because they are emotionally immature. As preferences go, a woman of low intelligence is not so much a turn off, as a deal breaker. If you are an idiot, I'm just not wasting my time.

As a consequence it never dawned on me to degrade a woman by calling her stupid. Why would I want to be with someone stupid?

That isn't to say I wasn't used to talking dirty. I enjoyed the transgression of using openy sexual language (bitch, slut, cunt, etc.), I just wasn't really interested in mucking around in the deep waters of abusive language. It seemed not just pointless, but crass.

That is until I was training cunt.

One facet of slave training is to give slaves the space to explore their limits absent direct influence. A way I explored this with cunt was to create a simple command that required her to invent a self-degradation. Initially, this resulted in the expected 'I'm a wet fuckhole' response, but before very long, she was responding with novel variations like; 'I'm a sloppy twat', or the more complex, 'I'm just three holes for you to use and abuse, please destroy me'.

Initially, the command was a way of delving into what was immediately of interest to cunt. 'I'm an anal whore' is a pretty good indicator that of all the uses and abuses she might suffer that one is currently top of her mind. Similarly, 'Im a painslut', and 'I'm a filthy toilet' are less self degradations (though they are) as they are signals of her desire, and there is no better reinforcement for slavery than to have it satisfy her desires.

As we continued experimenting, along with this track of using more colourful language to degrade herself was the appearance of a markedly darker side. 'I'm a worthless piece of shit', is not something I ever expected to hear come from her mouth, as it did not reflect (at all) any language I had ever used with her. When I dominate a woman, it is NEVER about anger, and calling someone a 'worthless piece of shit' just isn't in the nature of what turns me on. So when she breathlessly told me she was a worthless piece of shit, I was surprised. But also because of her obvious enjoyment, excited. She was crossing a barrier, and enjoying it, and whatsmore, she was taking me with her. I was now in new territory, I had to decide - right then - whether it was a breach too far or not. Was it hurting her in the moment? No. Quite the opposite, she was clearly turned on. Was I going to be destroying her self esteem by saying this to her? Again, no. There were no negative emotions present for either of us. Was I comfortable crossing that line for myself? Yes. I was. I know cunt well enough to know that even if I did say something too far, she would be honest about the effects and tell me. So, we continued.

I should add as well that 'Stupid' had made an appearance when we began to explore faceslapping. After a few hard faceslaps, cunt gets outrageously wet (and will eventually orgasm), but she also gets 'stupid', letting go of conscious control and submitting at a deeper level. When she gets stupid she isn't avoiding the slaps even by instinct, rather, she is submitting to them at a very animal level and is passively welcoming them (and, as I said, eventually this abuse makes her gush). At heart, this is just a variation of 'sub space', but 'making her stupid', was an early existing artifact in our lexicon, albeit in an unrelated way.

Finally one day, I gave the command and she said, 'I'm just a supid cunt', followed by the obvious; gasps, shivers of excitement, and wet contractions, that indicated not just a lack of discomfort with saying it, but open enjoyment. Dumb. Worthless. Useless. Trash. All of them novel expressions from cunt we would subsequently add to her dictionary of degradation.

There are areas of verbal abuse we don't use or haven't bothered to fully explore. Comments about age and appearance don't have any part in our play, for the simple reason neither of us finds them sexy. I can count on one finger the number of times I have raised my voice to shout at her (a very early experiement, neither of us liked it and yelling isn't in my normal nature - it was dropped and never raised again). My only point here being that ultimately these things come down to matters of perverse taste.

Only a smart woman really knows who and what she is, and what she wants and needs. Given the space to explore her slavery with intelligence and creativity, the slave also trains the Master.


She knelt for Him,
her thighs spread,
her hands at her back.

She knelt for Him with her chest raised,
with her chin up,
offered and proud to be His.

She knelt for Him,
and she knew she was safe,
even with the fluttering of nerves in her belly.

She knelt for Him,
and she was beautiful.

Cock worship / ass fuck


Pussy torture

My Masters favorite video :P

Slavery and sex

Many times I have been asked why I wanted to be a slave and there seems to be a misunderstanding that  slaves are only used for sex.
For me, the question of ‘wanting to be’ a slave is irrelevant; I just am.
The same as being gay or straight, it’s not really a choice, it’s part of the essence of my being.
As for sex, obviously it’s important, particularly for both my Master and myself, because both O/our sexual needs are substantial and need to be sated daily.
The reality is that O/our behaviour towards each other in daily life does not stop inside the bedroom, it extends to the rest of O/our actions beyond.  (He is always assertive, superior and dominant towards me and I am always submissive, service-orientated and inferior to Him). W/we simply are who W/we are and fit each other perfectly.
My life as His slave is not based on just sex.
It’s based in the relationship between my Master and myself.
He conducts Himself as my Dominant  and I conduct myself as His submissive during our time spent together, in whatever we’re doing and this  often leads to arousal and desire to have sex with each other ; not the other way around.
I want (and need) to be with Him just as much as He wants (and needs) to be with me ; sex is very important, however, as in any relationship if sex was the only factor it would not work in the end.