There is some inner drive that compels me to kneel at the feet of my loving Master.
It constitutes an all-consuming urge.

Stronger then any force I am drawn to present myself to my Master seeking His protection, guidance, and acceptance, and in so doing it fulfills my own destiny and needs.

Far from exercising subversion or coercion, my Master welcomes and embraces this desire.
He does not force or command me to His feet.

And I am in my place, I am safe......... I am home.


It’s a small word, but it is no small thing.
It means I'm His property.
His and His alone.

It means He will use me as He wishes, my pleasure and my pain.
It means He will make me weep and moan, gasp and scream, laugh and sigh.
In all things He will make me useful to Him.

It makes me whole.
That one word makes me smile.

Such a simple word and yet so meaningful.



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