Me being ' Dommed'

Cunt's bound, tortured, squirting, paingasm


Things I notice but never say....

Masters do more, much more for their subs/slaves (well ... good Doms) then just use and abuse them for their own pleasure.
I admit that is really important to me and there's nothing more fulfilling for me then being of good use to my Master but there is more.
Little things that are really important to me and make me feel I'm being validated, wanted and needed.

Things like touching me other then in play, the kiss on the forehead, the holding each other before He steps out of the shower and makes me feel small, that hand casually running through my hair while we watch TV.
I crave His hands all over me, I love them no matter where they happen to land.
Just that one touch....It reminds me that I'm His.

He is proud of me and relishes in the fact that I am His—that I belong to Him and no one else.
It makes me want to be better for Him.

He lets me cry when I am sad or angry, pissed the hell off, or just a mess with mascara running down my cheeks.
He lets me be okay with not being okay once in a while.

He always forgives me.
Despite how hard I try, I have and will make mistakes, fuck things up, say the wrong thing, or just do something crazy.
Before I can forgive myself for doing something wrong and start fresh I need His forgiveness first.

I need to know that the slate has been wiped clean, all wrongdoings have been forgiven in order for me to move on.
He communicates.
I validate His efforts to talk things through and although I have a tendency to keep things to myself I do need it and found if we don’t discuss something, it will fester in my brain, eventually driving me crazy.
I admire His patience for getting it out of me and trying to solve whatever is bugging me.
He also has a great sense of where I am at and does not give up talking to me and get it out in the open to try to make me feel better.

The little things He says and does that mean so much....'Mine, good girl, the kitchen looks awesome!, how's my property?, giving me a shirt to stay warm and cozy, making me one of His famous smoothies.
He cares.

He deals with me, when I completely melt down. deals with my past, and when I don't feel myself.
He deals with me when I drive Him nuts.
He deals with my insecurities, my work schedule and how I do things my own way.
These things silently tells me that He’ll be by my side regardless of how nerdy, silly or utterly hopeless I can get.

He understands me even better then I understand myself, is never appalled by my perceptions, my kinks, my looks.
He encourages me to explore my kinks and fantasies and never addressed them in a negative way.
He makes me laugh, I simply love it.

Finally, the most important thing I get from Him that I'll never say out loud:
He is the most stable thing in my life.
He is stronger than me.
He is the one person in my world that won’t turn on me or walk away.
When life becomes scary and confusing, and I just need something solid to hold onto, He is my anchor. It’s because of Him that my awful days are easier to get through.
He doesn't need to be perfect but just to be there, that's all that really matters.

Mastering a slave isn't easy (especially when it is me) but having a Master like I have stimulates me to make the best effort possible to serve Him better then before.