Pussy talk

My pussy makes noises.....I have no control over this.
Whenever Master asks me something and my brain sais no, my pussy speaks up.
He laughs about it every time it does that.
It feels like admitting to something that I'd rather would not.
I feel caught but it makes me even more horny and out of control.

It also makes noises when He drags me around by my leash or my hair, usually to the bedroom.
When He throws me on the bed He finds me soaking wet from being dragged so harshly.

By then that pussy of mine is throbbing and it never takes long before it explodes.....

Happy Holidays to all my followers

I haven't been posting much lately and appologize for that....
The hard-drive I keep most of my 'adventures' on crashed and I haven't been able to fix it.
I was able to save some pictures but all the video's are lost.
The good news is that most of the good stuff is posted on this blog.
We will have to make some new material so I can start posting again.
For now I will post some of the pictures and some writings.

Master and myself are doing great, between work and life in general W/we still make time for each other and explore O/our kinks :-)

May Y/you all have a great time this season and be happy :-)

....and have lots of cums, that doesn't hurt either !



My Master is a man

My Master is a man. A strong personality, balanced, he exudes calm. He is cheerful, relaxed. Oh, but beneath that veneer of civilization. Beware. There lurks the beast. Wild, untamed and free. The animal that growls and bites. Rough, hard and fast. Dangerous, temperamental and always in control. His gaze touches you, unravels you . He knows you, looks straight into your soul.

My Master is a man. Friendly, courteous, gallant and caring. Easy going with a natural superiority. Everyone likes to listen to him, he is often right. Oh, but under the sheep's clothing. Beware. There lies the wolf. Possessive and arrogant. Hungry, impatient and domineering. Alpha. He hunts what he wants, does not give up until he has put his teeth into its prey. He consumes you, devours you and ravages you.

My Master is a man. Balanced and stable. He does not lose control. A rock in the surf, a guiding hand, a shoulder to lean on. Oh, but under which public appearance. Beware. There lurks a sharp edge. Passion, fire and gluttony. Black and red. Outside the box, the standard lines. His rules, his game, his pleasure.

My Master is a man. He seeks and finds the feminine in me . Irrevocably seduced by soft and sweet.  Attracted by His opposite, His slave. By rounded shapes and smooth skin. He is guided by intuition and sensation: smell, taste, sound and feel. He needs to dominate. He wants to possess all of me. Energy flows, comes to life, clenches together and explodes.


A little cock sucking


A little tit torture



Part of the reason I want to be successful outside of the M/s relationship  is so that I can feel like I’m truly pathetic every time I drop to my knees, just for Him to push His cock into the back of my throat and hold me until I choke. 
The contrast makes me drip and my body ache.
 I can't think , other then ....more.... and more....always more.
There is no end to it.

The more I get used, the more I want........until I am a wasted, messy, sore piece of used fuck-meat.
I want to hear Him tell me too, what I am and what I am for.

I look in the mirror, my make-up all messed up, my hair....His spit dried on my skin, smelling like cheap sex.

I take a good look at the girl who is always so clean and neat about herself, takes showers or baths every day, keeps her pussy smooth and tries to look impeccable only to be destroyed by her Master.

I smile at the reflection.
I like the whore in me, the slut, the trashy one who opens her mouth freely to drink His piss or suck His cock.
I like the girl who smiles when He calls her the most filthiest names.

And when I lower myself on my knees before Him, I beg silently that He will give me more.


Clothes pins


Where I need to be


Calming my cluttered and overheated mind and becoming centered and receptive to my own submission and the will of my Master, can be difficult.
Becoming centered in submission has a calming effect on me, leading me to a peaceful state of mind.

Achieving that level of serenity brings me a clear mind and an open heart.

I find that even just waiting for my Master in the position He desires, naked with closed eyes and thinking about nothing but Him, can put me in this place.

The combination of being exposed and vulnerable snaps my mind off daily life and draws it to the here and now.
As the minutes tick by, my mind will either calm into a place of serenity and acceptance or may begin a new race entirely, anticipating what my Master might have in store for me.

Serene and aroused,  focused on the here and now, full of anticipation and desire for Him.
I am there where I need to be.

He senses almost immediately when I am not yet in my place, and He knows I need to be.
And so He gives me; directions, time, space.
Gentle or forceful, He always seems to sense the right thing to do.
Sometimes He just talks to me in a soft, caring way. Other times it is the tracings of fingertips, a tender kiss, or a contented sigh.

When He is rougher, He might simply command me, or slap my face while I press my body against Him, or grab me by the hair and put Hisother hand on my throat, exercising His ownership over me.

Gentle or rough, He frees me of everything that is not important, allows me to come to Him by bringing me to myself.
Then I will be ready.
Ready to give myself to Him without reservation or hesitation.
Centered. Peaceful. Serene. Aroused.

"Are you in your place now, cunt?"
 "Yes Master"
And then there is only Him.

Well used









Throat fuck


On squirting

I am a heavy and consistent squirter.
This has not always been the case, as even orgasms were rare during intercourse before I became a slave.
Now I can orgasm over and over, sometimes they follow up on each other and the squirting is beyond proportion.
Before I go into a scene I empty my bladder, I do drink a lot of fluids before and during so I don't get dehydrated.
When I squirt, which is usually during an intense orgasm, it does not feel like peeing.
Pee you can hold, these fluids are being pushed out of my body with big force and I have no control over it.
It intensifies my orgasm to a level I lose my mind.

I have tasted and drank my own squirt many times and found it differs considerably from urine.
It tastes a bit sweet, close to neutral, like water and it is clear.
It can contain urine at times and then it smells slightly like it.
It usually is mixed with my 'natural lube', which makes it a bit slippery.

Sometimes I try to control the amount of squirt, especially when I am in an environment where it is not convenient, like on the bed just before W/we are about to turn in.
Tired from the play I do not look forward to changing the bed sheets because Master decides to use me one more time (crawling to the bed always makes me wet and horny:-)
At best I can control the amount of fluids being pushed out of me, but I cannot stop squirting, leaving a wet spot on the floor and sometimes on the bed.

Even on evenings when I have squirted profoundly, I get up during the night because I have to pee, so obviously I haven't lost all my fluids.

Sometimes I go into a scene determined to control my heavy squirting, but usually I end up squirting even more.

Squirting is a wonderful thing to experience and I love the feeling of it, especially combined with an intense orgasm, but it can be messy !