Throat fuck


On squirting

I am a heavy and consistent squirter.
This has not always been the case, as even orgasms were rare during intercourse before I became a slave.
Now I can orgasm over and over, sometimes they follow up on each other and the squirting is beyond proportion.
Before I go into a scene I empty my bladder, I do drink a lot of fluids before and during so I don't get dehydrated.
When I squirt, which is usually during an intense orgasm, it does not feel like peeing.
Pee you can hold, these fluids are being pushed out of my body with big force and I have no control over it.
It intensifies my orgasm to a level I lose my mind.

I have tasted and drank my own squirt many times and found it differs considerably from urine.
It tastes a bit sweet, close to neutral, like water and it is clear.
It can contain urine at times and then it smells slightly like it.
It usually is mixed with my 'natural lube', which makes it a bit slippery.

Sometimes I try to control the amount of squirt, especially when I am in an environment where it is not convenient, like on the bed just before W/we are about to turn in.
Tired from the play I do not look forward to changing the bed sheets because Master decides to use me one more time (crawling to the bed always makes me wet and horny:-)
At best I can control the amount of fluids being pushed out of me, but I cannot stop squirting, leaving a wet spot on the floor and sometimes on the bed.

Even on evenings when I have squirted profoundly, I get up during the night because I have to pee, so obviously I haven't lost all my fluids.

Sometimes I go into a scene determined to control my heavy squirting, but usually I end up squirting even more.

Squirting is a wonderful thing to experience and I love the feeling of it, especially combined with an intense orgasm, but it can be messy !