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Where I need to be


Calming my cluttered and overheated mind and becoming centered and receptive to my own submission and the will of my Master, can be difficult.
Becoming centered in submission has a calming effect on me, leading me to a peaceful state of mind.

Achieving that level of serenity brings me a clear mind and an open heart.

I find that even just waiting for my Master in the position He desires, naked with closed eyes and thinking about nothing but Him, can put me in this place.

The combination of being exposed and vulnerable snaps my mind off daily life and draws it to the here and now.
As the minutes tick by, my mind will either calm into a place of serenity and acceptance or may begin a new race entirely, anticipating what my Master might have in store for me.

Serene and aroused,  focused on the here and now, full of anticipation and desire for Him.
I am there where I need to be.

He senses almost immediately when I am not yet in my place, and He knows I need to be.
And so He gives me; directions, time, space.
Gentle or forceful, He always seems to sense the right thing to do.
Sometimes He just talks to me in a soft, caring way. Other times it is the tracings of fingertips, a tender kiss, or a contented sigh.

When He is rougher, He might simply command me, or slap my face while I press my body against Him, or grab me by the hair and put Hisother hand on my throat, exercising His ownership over me.

Gentle or rough, He frees me of everything that is not important, allows me to come to Him by bringing me to myself.
Then I will be ready.
Ready to give myself to Him without reservation or hesitation.
Centered. Peaceful. Serene. Aroused.

"Are you in your place now, cunt?"
 "Yes Master"
And then there is only Him.

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