A little cock sucking


A little tit torture



Part of the reason I want to be successful outside of the M/s relationship  is so that I can feel like I’m truly pathetic every time I drop to my knees, just for Him to push His cock into the back of my throat and hold me until I choke. 
The contrast makes me drip and my body ache.
 I can't think , other then ....more.... and more....always more.
There is no end to it.

The more I get used, the more I want........until I am a wasted, messy, sore piece of used fuck-meat.
I want to hear Him tell me too, what I am and what I am for.

I look in the mirror, my make-up all messed up, my hair....His spit dried on my skin, smelling like cheap sex.

I take a good look at the girl who is always so clean and neat about herself, takes showers or baths every day, keeps her pussy smooth and tries to look impeccable only to be destroyed by her Master.

I smile at the reflection.
I like the whore in me, the slut, the trashy one who opens her mouth freely to drink His piss or suck His cock.
I like the girl who smiles when He calls her the most filthiest names.

And when I lower myself on my knees before Him, I beg silently that He will give me more.