My Master is a man

My Master is a man. A strong personality, balanced, he exudes calm. He is cheerful, relaxed. Oh, but beneath that veneer of civilization. Beware. There lurks the beast. Wild, untamed and free. The animal that growls and bites. Rough, hard and fast. Dangerous, temperamental and always in control. His gaze touches you, unravels you . He knows you, looks straight into your soul.

My Master is a man. Friendly, courteous, gallant and caring. Easy going with a natural superiority. Everyone likes to listen to him, he is often right. Oh, but under the sheep's clothing. Beware. There lies the wolf. Possessive and arrogant. Hungry, impatient and domineering. Alpha. He hunts what he wants, does not give up until he has put his teeth into its prey. He consumes you, devours you and ravages you.

My Master is a man. Balanced and stable. He does not lose control. A rock in the surf, a guiding hand, a shoulder to lean on. Oh, but under which public appearance. Beware. There lurks a sharp edge. Passion, fire and gluttony. Black and red. Outside the box, the standard lines. His rules, his game, his pleasure.

My Master is a man. He seeks and finds the feminine in me . Irrevocably seduced by soft and sweet.  Attracted by His opposite, His slave. By rounded shapes and smooth skin. He is guided by intuition and sensation: smell, taste, sound and feel. He needs to dominate. He wants to possess all of me. Energy flows, comes to life, clenches together and explodes.