All the best to all my friends and followers in the New Year

2016 was a turbulent year for me.

Not only did  I explore lots of stuff I always wanted to do, which were held back in the past  by the ex, but I also met a wonderful man who is exactly on the same page as me.
We both like sex a lot and like to have it as much as possible with each other and other secure men or couples.
I still have my kinks and my man is a dominant in the bedroom, but I'm also happy as I could ever be to find we actually have a life together outside of it !

As I continue my adventure in life, kink and sexual exploration with him , I will post them on here hopefully with hot pics and video's !

This coming weekend we invited another sexy guy to join us for New Years Evening, so I will start 2017 with FIREWORKS !


Kiss B



In the near future I'm making this blog more private and only accessible to limited readers.
Of course I'd like to include my loyal followers, so if you want your email address on the list (this is not being published but you'll get access through it), please sent me a PM and I'll ensure you that you can still access this blog.

Thanks !


NB. If you comment on this post, this appears in my private email, where I can moderate them.
I will NOT posts these (unless you specifically ask me to) but just add your email address on my reader list.
So your email addresses will stay private.
Another option is to sent me a PM on my Tumblr:  http://masters-cunt.tumblr.com/


My new tattoos


This morning finally, after months of planning and some cancellations , I had the tattoo on my butt covered up.
I also had a little flower done in my ear, which will be decorated with a small diamond stud in the heart of it as soon as it is healed.
The 'V' is no more and I am celebrating with a day off and my favourite cake.
I think my tattoo artist did an excellent job and there is absolutely no trace left of the mark I was wearing for so many years.
The little flower in my ear is just a little treat for myself :-)

I have an euphoric sense of freedom now and am glad that I can look at myself in the mirror again without having negative feelings.

Next to find out how it would look after a nice spanking :P


The perfect D/s

My dashboard on Tumblr , http://masters-cunt.tumblr.com,  is full of beautiful women kneeling peacefully, perfectly composed men seemingly in total power and proclamations of the true things Doms/Masters do.

We see fantasies lived out, but this is not true D/s and far from perfect.
Most pictures portrait the sexual and serving parts of D/s and not real life.
What we see are scenes.

Once I thought I was living the perfect and true D/s.
But I was deceived.

True and real D/s is living the dynamic with all it's flaws, where both Dom and sub are as one, allowing themselves to be sick, tired, not in the mood, cranky, defiant, disagreeable, defensive , or even disappoint each other.
Real D/s has depth, it has problems, it has bad days.
They actually share a life together, go out, meet friends and family together, go to see the occasional movie  and don't hide in the dark.
They are proud of each other and the life they have chosen.

Real and true D/s does not stop at the front door or when a scene ends.
It is a commitment like any other, to each other.
You become part of each others life.

Anything less then this is just play, fake or deceit.


The Sex Goddess project

I was approached by photographer Ricardo Scipio.a photographer with 30 years of experience, including 14 gallery shows and five books, to participate in his latest project called 'the Sex Goddess project'
Since I could always use new pictures for this blog and I liked the whole idea behind the project I decided to do a shoot.
Ricardo is a very open-minded, sensual, handsome tall man and I had fun with him in front of his camera.
He also has a dominant streak to him, which was a real turn on for me :-) and even gave me a nice spanking.
Maybe when I can find time in my busy schedule we will have another session and more pics.


The mark

By next week the mark will be gone from my lovely ass.
I've decided to have it covered up by a pretty design and my tattoo artist is going to erase the last of what reminds me of what has been.
Part of me is sad about it, for a long time this was my connection to the one I thought was for real.
Despite I'm very excited  and wanted to share this last picture of it with you all.
Of course I will show the result as soon as it's done !


After the gang-bang

The fun didn't end with the gang-bang... I went to the hotel with my friend for the night and had a shower.
While I was in there my Bull arrived and I invited him in the shower.
I washed him slowly, sensually touching him everywhere and when I went down on my knees I slowly started to wash his by now erect cock, first with my hands, then with my mouth, while my other friend was laying on the bed listening to his moaning.
I sucked him slowly until I felt he couldn't hold it anymore and then increased depth and speed.
He came with a bang deep inside my throat and it tasted delicious !.
After he left I laid down on the bed and let my fuck buddy take full advantage of me.
My pussy was still sensitive from all the cocks I had taken before and it made the fucks even better.
The perfect ending of a great adventure !

Soon both my Bull and the British couple are going to come over here for a night over in my Dungeon.
The bull does some excellent rope work, so that should be fun :-)


The gang bang

The gang-bang was a huge success, not only I had tons of fun, also the other participants were having a blast.
Unfortunately, but understandable, no pictures or video takings were allowed, to ensure members anonymity.
The picture is of my 'bull-dog's' cock and I can assure my followers, it is as yummy as it looks !

After our entree to the club we had a drink, before heading upstairs where the playrooms were.
I played and fucked a bit with my bull-dog and things really got going after he made me squirt excessively.
I saw men dropping their pants in no time, already having rock hard cocks.
The fucking started and I had one after another cock in my pussy and mouth.
The more cock I got , the more I squirted and I even hit several innocent bystanders with fountains of my sweet fluids, who were warned upfront by my bull, but obviously didn't expected me to squirt the distance...
Some of them even never had seen or experienced a squirter before.

I fucked non-stop for several hours, I felt insatiable and could not get enough.
Every cock I got only made me want more and every orgasm they gave me increased in intensity.
My bull kept me well hydrated, asked repetitively how I was doing and had a hell of a job replacing the towels underneath me, to find them soaked again within minutes, meantime making sure everyone was following the rules and were wearing condoms.
Unfortunately we had the odd guy who thought he could stick his dick in me without a condom, but he was caught by my bull before he had the chance.

I also had sex with two lovely girls and I remember that at one point I felt cocks, tongues and hands on me of at least 5 or more persons.
It was delightful !

There is no official count because both my bull and myself lost count in the heat of the moment, but I took at least 20 cocks.
My first gang-bang is a fact :-)


Another PA

On Saturday I met another man with a PA piercing.
Because it was only done a week ago we could not really play, but that didn't mean we didn't have fun :-)
He was incredibly hot and I had to control myself not to put my mouth on his delicious cock.
He made me cum multiple times and seemingly enjoyed making me cum over and over again while squirting.
I also loved it when he spanked my pussy and my ass.
At a certain point he even let me drink his piss and Oh My...did he tasted good !
I'm looking forward to the day he is fully healed with great anticipation and I can finally feel him slide inside of me.
Hopefully he will make more of these awesome pics.

To be continued....


A PA and a GB

For my upcoming gang-bang at a club in Calgary I was introduced to a man with a PA-piercing.
He is going to be my 'bull-dog' at the GB and will make sure my safety is assured, everybody is wearing the proper protection, like condoms and dental dam's , that nobody ejaculates on my body and that nothing is being done to me that I don't want to happen.
He is going to warm me up before the other men get to fuck me, so we decided to see each other beforehand to get comfortable.
We had talked a lot upfront and we really hit it off.
He is a very outgoing, sexually free guy and so far we are on the same page.
We met yesterday and I felt as I've known him for years.
I was very curious about having sex with a man with such a piercing and the thought of it had turned me on.

As soon as we hit my bedroom, he undressed me quickly, since he was curious about my pussy piercings.
He gave me amazing oral and also made me cum multiple times with his hand while squirting before I took his cock in my mouth.
It felt amazing and I played with it a bit, running my pierced tongue along his shaft and exploring that hot ring.
Both ready to fuck, I climbed on top of him and took it in one movement.
The piercing felt amazing inside me and I bounced up and down uncontrollably.
The big ring was hitting my G-spot with every thrust and I could feel an enormous orgasm building up.
The explosion came as soon as I felt he was ready as well and I gushed fluids out of me while still having him inside me.
I simply LOVED the whole experience and can't wait until he gets me ready for the gang-bang :-)


The exciting weekend continues.....

My Dom came over Sunday afternoon and we decided to play in my Dungeon.
The space was still showing the signs of the hot scenes the day before and it had it's effect on us.
Within seconds we were half naked and I was on my knees sucking his nice hard cock.
We practised some deep throat fucking and he took it easy on me since he is quite big.
I gagged a few times on him but managed to take him fairly well.

He ordered me on the couch, ass up and started fucking my pussy really nice.
He felt rock hard and I couldn't wait until he pulled it out and filled my ass.
By now he knew I was very capable of taking him hard there and I loved it when he increased the pace and started to fuck me hard and deep.

We decided to stimulate my pussy with the big vibe and I rubbed my clit with it turned on high speed.
When I slipped in into my pussy it made both my holes cum in one huge explosion.

We wanted to do some piss play and he had asked me before if he could piss in my ass.
He pulled his cock out a bit so just the tip was in and started to unload.
When he asked me if I was willing to try this before I never would have guessed this was super-hot, especially when he pushed his cock in deeper and I could literally feel his fluid pulse into me.
It felt amazing and I just lost it in one of the best anal orgasms I ever had.
Seemingly even more turned on by me loosing my marbles big time, he started to fuck me even rougher then before and I just enjoyed the ride after such an amazing orgasm while both his and my fluids were pushed out of me with every thrust.

Afterwards we cuddled on the couch for a bit before we started to play again and he finally allowed himself to cum.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon :-)

A very exciting weekend

Last Saturday I had another photo-shoot.
This time he wanted to shoot me while squirting, which was a challenge since I had to be stimulated by him to do so while he also had to take the pictures at the right time.
I feel very comfortable with him and got aroused fast when he tied me up between the posts.
That way my legs were spread and he could catch that moment when I squirt profoundly.
To warm me up he grabbed the flogger and started to work my ass and between my legs.
It was heaven, being tied and touched by the leather.....
When he saw I was getting close, he moved into position and grabbed the Hitachi and pressed it against my clit, while his other hand was on the remote trigger for the camera.
I found the situation hilarious, because I had to tell him when I was about to orgasm so he could take the shot, while my body and mind just wanted to let go.
I managed to mumble just before I exploded and saw flashes go off...

I'm multi-orgasmic and he knows that, so again he pushed the Hitachi firm against my now very sensitive clit.
It didn't take long and even more powerful then before I came, shooting out juices all across the room.
After he tied me down, he held me for a while and I love those moments when he does that.
He is a hugger, he does it often especially after an intense moment and I simply love that about him.
Then suddenly he pushed me on my knees and before I knew what was happening I had his rock hard cock in my mouth.
I pleasured him for a bit, but he didn't wanted to cum just yet, so we went out for lunch first.
The plan was to do more serious shoots when we came back, but we both were too sexually loaded.

We both knew we just needed to fuck....hard.

The sling was hanged in between the posts and as soon as I was in it he started to fuck me deep and slow.
When he grabbed my hair and started to fuck me more aggressive I almost lost my mind.
Now the beast was loose in both of us....

He grabbed both my tits and started to use them as tools to fuck his cock.
He pushed and pulled them in the pace he wanted so my whole body was moved back and forth, , rough and deep his cock went and I had no control,
It was one of the hottest things I had ever experienced.

He made me cum that way three times in a row before he untied me and mounted me on the bench and unloaded himself deep inside me.

We didn't make some of the pictures he had in mind, but there's always a next time :-)


Photo shoot

Yesterday I had the photo shoot.
The photographer is a wonderful man which I had met through the internet after he had read this blog.
He liked the pictures, although not of the best quality and volunteered to do a session.
I love adding pictures to my stories here , so I accepted gratefully.

We had talked some through email over the past few weeks and he seemed to be a respectful, down-to-earth, attractive man.
I wasn't disappointed.

I got up bright and early, got myself ready for it and we started shooting as soon as he had set  up all the equipment.
He made a series of me on the couch, while spreading my cunt, some with me in my red dress with the 'over-the knee-high heel-boots' and some 'collar' shots with different backgrounds.
After each shoot, we hugged and cuddled, which I enjoyed very much.
He was awesome in giving directions as a true Dom and I was pleased and eager to follow up on them.
Setting up a scene included making my cunt soaking wet and my nipple hard and erect, so he played with them, fingered my greedy, throbbing cunt, pulled my nipples and gave me some nice spankings.
He even made me cum a few times while squirting profoundly and intense.

He did not shoot nearly enough as he had planned, but we also went out for lunch, where we talked mostly about our common love for Holland, where I was born and lived until I came here ten years ago.
He had been there quite a few times and had made the most wonderful pictures while there.

After lunch he made some more pictures but throughout the whole shoot we both became more and more sexually loaded.
I had asked him if making all those sexy pictures of me turned him on.
After that he couldn't really focus any more on the job and said he would do the other shoots he had in mind at a later time.

I don't even remember seeing him undress himself......but I do remember the first taste of his cock and the feel of it in my mouth.....heaven.
I have been fantasising about tasting his cock during the session and was grateful he finally allowed me to please him.
We fucked on the bench and on the couch, allowing me to suck him some more in between fucks.
He felt amazing inside me and made me squirt excessively,
He had told me before I was only allowed to cum while he was inside me, which wasn't easy since the squirting pushed his cock out and concentrating on keeping him inside made my orgasm harder to achieve.
However when I managed to cum and keep him inside of me the orgasm was mind-blowing.
I do need some extra training to get better at this :P

When he finally unloaded himself deep inside my cunt  I could feel him pulse over and over and I felt as if he couldn't have made me feel more useful and rewarded, especially when he said 'you are a good girl.......'


My Tumblr

On request, here the link to my Tumblr: 'Dutch Treat'


Enjoy !

More adventures !

During my search in finding what I really want, I have had some more threesomes with couples.
I simply love having four hands on my body, a cock in my mouth and a mouth on my pussy, getting fucked while the girl stimulates my clit and just the cuddles afterwards.

The next step in exploring threesomes is a MMF and I'm pretty excited about this.

At this time I'm only having FWB fun, meet people and re-explore my sexuality.
I've accepted a request from a kinky photographer for a photo shoot, so hopefully I will have lots of nice pictures soon to add here.

In order to explore polyamory more closely I've also accepted an invite from friends who have a poly-household to spend some time with them.
So I've taken some time off from work next month and I will be travelling to Vancouver.
I also will do some sightseeing with one of my friends there.

Interesting thing is that I've started to bring out the feminine in me.
I'm buying all new lingerie, shoes, boots and am in the process of having my tattoos redone/covered up.

It's ME time...and I'm enjoying it !


A threesome

A few days ago  hooked up with a lovely couple I met a while ago.
They were looking for a girl an after meeting the man in public to see if he wasn't a serial killer ,we decided to go for it.
We had an awesome connection and of course as seen above...lots of kinky fun !

Thank you both for having me over ! ....and for taking good care of me !