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On request, here the link to my Tumblr: 'Dutch Treat'


Enjoy !

More adventures !

During my search in finding what I really want, I have had some more threesomes with couples.
I simply love having four hands on my body, a cock in my mouth and a mouth on my pussy, getting fucked while the girl stimulates my clit and just the cuddles afterwards.

The next step in exploring threesomes is a MMF and I'm pretty excited about this.

At this time I'm only having FWB fun, meet people and re-explore my sexuality.
I've accepted a request from a kinky photographer for a photo shoot, so hopefully I will have lots of nice pictures soon to add here.

In order to explore polyamory more closely I've also accepted an invite from friends who have a poly-household to spend some time with them.
So I've taken some time off from work next month and I will be travelling to Vancouver.
I also will do some sightseeing with one of my friends there.

Interesting thing is that I've started to bring out the feminine in me.
I'm buying all new lingerie, shoes, boots and am in the process of having my tattoos redone/covered up.

It's ME time...and I'm enjoying it !


A threesome

A few days ago  hooked up with a lovely couple I met a while ago.
They were looking for a girl an after meeting the man in public to see if he wasn't a serial killer ,we decided to go for it.
We had an awesome connection and of course as seen above...lots of kinky fun !

Thank you both for having me over ! ....and for taking good care of me !